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COMPARE PRICESThe EpisodesThe Yamada of the title is a high-school girl who has yet to lose her virginity, and with the opening of the show has embarked on a mission to do just that. Actually, her real stated goal is to have sex with one hundred different boys, and to make things simpler, she settles on the handsome if mild-mannered Kosuda as an opening act.With a set-up such as this, this anime series could have gone in a number of directions.
Psychological shock experienced by Han Tae Hee and it makes him suffering broken heart syndrome. They could have gone for the “sincere realism” route along the lines of Kimi ni Todoke, and taken a good hard look at the way peer pressure and unrealistic expectations tend to contribute to young people making all the wrong decisions regarding sex.
Yamada conjures up some plan, sometimes far-fetched, sometimes well within the realm of the possible, to get Kosuda in the sack. Or they could have kept the wackiness (a la Arakawa Under the Bridge) but separated it a bit from the sexual content, so that the former doesn’t step all over the latter. Some are straightforward (drag the poor guy to the pool and wear a revealing bathing suit) while some are a little more elaborate (i.e.

To get back the woman he loves, he changed a Sa Geum Ran who has overweight and absolutely not interesting to be a beautiful girl Sara.
In every case, the end result is embarrassment for both of them with Yamada realizing that she’s in over her head and Kosuda wondering what the heck to do now.The parts that do work get laughs, sometimes big ones.
There’s a sly running gag involving the way Kosuda’s libido is anthropomorphized for the viewer, for instance, and some of the slapstick that happens when Kosuda and Yamada try to get in the sack (both literally and figuratively) is inventive and inspired.
But it’s all only funny for those that also find the basic premise amusing in the first place.
If raunchy humor isn’t your thing, you’re going to be wincing, not laughing.What’s also somewhat novel is that the main character is female—that it’s ostensibly about a girl turning the tables and flipping the script, etc. That said, Yamada doesn’t come off as being a free spirit in the same vein as the female leads of shows like Princess Jellyfish or Ouran High School Host Club (or the aforementioned Kimi ni Todoke or Arakawa). Even if her obsession with sex, and how she backs away from it, however incrementally, is the whole point, it still all feels too much like pandering to the darkest part of the anime fandom.The ending is also infuriating.

Those who laughed at Superbad or American Pie will find a similar sense of humor here but for most viewers, this is an anime series that has a very niche target audience, and one that should probably be exposed to more nuanced, intelligent writing.Did You Know?The Japanese anime production team actually received death threats from fans who were unhappy with the way the series was being presented. The threats were reported to police but no one was arrested.OverallThis sex comedy follows in the same vein as many of its live-action cousins, with slapstick and outlandish situations that push good taste to its limits. Whether it's funny or not will depend on how tolerant the viewer is of raunchy humor and sexualization of cartoon characters.
COMPARE PRICESEdited by Brad StephensonDisclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher.

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