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As Scott said What a girl Wants is a sugary ball of fluff aimed at twelve year old girls with princess fantasies, as vapid in content as it is innocuous in spirit, but oh so pretty to look at. This movie is as completely predictable and sugary sweet as both Scott and Patrick have said.
Every gag is so obviously set up that all you can do is sit back and let them wash over you. Diabetics be forewarned, What a Girl Wants is so saccharin sweet that it makes Pretty Woman seem cutting edge and adult by comparison.

Her skeet shooting scene and few lines of dialogue are the rare bright spots in this movie. At the same time if you enjoy this sort of no-brainer, pretty on the eyes, soft-focus, swelling music movie experience, then get ready for a cinematic treat.
It steals heavily from better Disney movies like Cinderella, The Parent Trap, and The Princess Diaries. In all fairness this isn't a role that calls for anything other than those two qualities.

At the end of the movie Daphne is, sadly, back in New York at yet another wedding reception where her mom is performing.

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