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Webster is an American situation comedy that aired on ABC from September 16, 1983 until May 8, 1987, and in first-run syndication from September 21, 1987 until March 10, 1989.
The show stars Emmanuel Lewis in the title role as a young boy who, after losing his parents, is adopted by his NFL-pro godfather, portrayed by Alex Karras, and his new socialite wife, played by Susan Clark. Like NBC's earlier hit Diff'rent Strokes, Webster featured a young African-American boy adopted by a white family. George is so obsessed with Webster winning a derby, that he builds the car without Webster.
For a fundraiser, Katherine decides to run a 6-mile marathon, but a can of tomato juice falls on her foot and she can't run, so Webster takes the 6 mile challenge himself. Webster discovers that a woman who is said to be a witch, is not a real broom-riding witch, but a woman who is lonely and who needs to care for her.
Webster talks about his late dad when the school is looking to name the school after a famous sportshero. Suppose to be Santa Clause for a Christmas parade, he loses his part and is upset about it.

George gets angry after finding out that his new station manager's son is bullying Webster around. When children are making fun of Papa Papadopolis at the comminuty center, Webster gets fed up.
Webster and Jerry both invite the Four Tops to perform at George and Katherine's anniversary party. Webster writes an essay praising and appreciating the love and leadership that George and Katherine has given him throughout the years.
Filne cu calitate HD pentru toate filmele noi gratis serialele noi in romana sau subtitrate in romana. The focus was largely on how this impulsively married couple had to adjust to their new lives and sudden parenthood, but it was the congenial Webster himself who drove much of the plot.
After George and Katherine get work about it, they try to stop him and the two end up being friends. Webster's feelings get hurt especially when he originally wanted them to build the thing together.

To try and ease the tension from this new problem they just discovered, George and Katherine enroll him into a class, after manipulation and persuasion. Webster wants to pitch and after he is given the chance to pitch, it's back to the old right field for Webster. George wants to take him to a professioal wrestling match and Katherine wants to take him to an opera.
The information then puts Katherine's teaching job at risk because Webster got the information by overhearing her gossiping about them. Va rugam sa vizionati filmeonline-noi si sa reveniti cat mai des, filme noi si seriale romanaesti si straine on-line.
The series was produced by Georgian Bay Ltd., Emmanuel Lewis Entertainment Enterprises, Inc.

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