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The year ahead is going to be filled with drama and excitement for those born under Sagittarius so make sure you read this carefully in order to properly understand the true meaning. However, if you are like the typical immature Sagittarius and commitments tend to scare you, January 2015 can be quite scary because the deep emotional intensity that you will find in your existing relationships as well as your romantic opportunities can give you cold feet. You have to remember, of all the horoscope signs, the Sagittarius people are the most easy to get along with.
This is why it’s very easy for you to meet different people from all sorts of backgrounds and with all sorts of perspectives. Key days in January for Sagittarius’ love horoscope are January 4th, January 7th, and January 29th 2015. In February 2015, the Sagittarius love horoscope is really going to be all about adventure. It can be as simple as just visiting your local park more often or it can be as simple as basically just getting into your car and going to the gym more often. In February this can be a great thing when it comes to meeting new people if you’re not already in a relationship. Key days in February for Sagittarius’ love horoscope are February 2nd, February 19th and February 27th 2015.
March 2015 is going to be a very fun month because there’s a lot of adventure in many different levels. All these really add up to a very exciting and fulfilling life in terms of a fulfilling romantic life. Key days in March for Sagittarius’ love horoscope are March 5th, March 7th and March 13th 2015.
In the month of April 2015, the Sagittarius love horoscope is really all about the indoors.
If you want your current relationship to be a little bit spicier and more fun, think of indoor games.
This can lead to something very interesting later because the volume of book that you may possibly read in April 2015 can be quite high.
Key days in April for Sagittarius’ love horoscope are April 1st, April 17th, and April 28th 2015. As much as meeting new people, talking to interesting people is no problem to a typical Sagittarius, you can burn out, and come May 2015, you find yourself tongue-tied. If you are in a relationship, all those smooth romantic moments when you sneak up on your partner and just surprise him or her, leave your imagination. May 2015 is kind of a dry period when it comes to romantic imagination, romantic spontaneity, and romantic energy.
It’s very important that you pay attention to that thing because it can easily blow up and harm you either at the later part of this year or next year.
Key days in May for Sagittarius’ love horoscope are May 1st, May 25th, and May 30th 2015. The ironic thing about this is that Sagittarius people are one of the most lighthearted of all horoscope signs. Well, there are many different levels of humor and one of the most important parts of your personality, at least as far as you are concerned, is you ability to make light of situations or crack jokes. Keys days in June for Sagittarius’ love horoscope are June 17th, June 27th and June 28th 2015. If there is any one feature of the Sagittarius that many people love, it’s your ability to forgive. Other horoscope signs can actually be destroyed by emotional forces that you just brush off your back. This is one of the reasons why you are able to develop such meaningful relationships because you have a strong ability to forgive and move on. Key days in July for Sagittarius’ love horoscope are July 7th, July 25th and July 30th 2015. You are the type of person that truly believes that no news is good news so August 2015 is going to be quite a great month for you. August is a great time to emotionally rest and gather your energy for the fun times up ahead. Key days in August for the Sagittarius’ love horoscope are August 8th, August 12th and August 15th 2015. In the month of September 2015, the Sagittarius love forecast is all about taking care of yourself. In many cases, you might even be dating somebody that is just ripping you off by sucking all this money from you. Instead, September 2015 will be all about you becoming more communicative and emotionally authentic with your partner. The good news is that you’re already so diplomatic and so great with people that, nine times out of ten, there would be no unnecessary drama. If you are, on the other hand, not in a relationship and you’re pretty much dating around, you would stand your ground when it comes to certain people that you often go out with. The crucial days in September to keep in mind when it comes to Sagittarius’ love horoscope are September 7th, September 17th, and September 18th 2015.
On the other hand, if you are looking for love and you want some emotional satisfaction in your life, a lot of your time is going to be taken up by your work. You have to really work on finding a perfect balance between career and your emotional life.
One of the biggest challenges that many Sagittarius have is they basically love to talk so much and talk with other people, check their email, hang out in social media and social networks that at the end of the day all their work time is gone and they haven’t really accomplished all that much. Well, October is going to be all about finally handling that bull In the horn and taking care of your business.

Whatever solutions you come up with in October is actually going to influence your work performance, your work and love life balance come 2016. The key days in October for Sagittarius love horoscope are October 1st, October 8th, and October 22nd 2015.
By reunions, I’m not talking about you just sitting down for Thanksgiving turkey with your family members. The most suspects when it comes to this kind of influence are of course your parents, past lovers, or even past teachers or friends. Regardless, there will be some sort of reunion with one or more of these people and you would be given an opportunity to finally resolve issues that get in the way of you fully developing meaningful relationships in the here and now. Keys days in November for Sagittarius love horoscope are November 1st , November 2nd, and November 19th 2015. By the time December 2015 rolls around, the typical Sagittarius when it comes to Sagittarius love horoscope is basically exhausted. Well, don’t feel too bad because other horoscope signs are actually facing much more demanding times than you.
Well, the good news is that you will have plenty of opportunity to relax come December 2015. You’re at the end of the year, enjoy yourself, and prepare yourself for more blessing next year.
The key days for Sagittarius love horoscope are December 17th, December 22nd and December 30th 2015.
I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others. This was a quote once said by Ibn Gabriol, and the saying couldn’t be truer to the personality and life of a Sagittarius man. If you have been looking for a little bit more depth and meaning in your relationship, you’re definitely going to be given a lot of opportunities to achieve precisely that come January 2015. Restricting yourself to one partner seems a little bit constricting, and this is why you tend to get scared of long term commitments. If you are already in a relationship, the tendency to want to go out can actually bring a lot more excitement and a lot more fun in your relationship especially if you’re in a relationship that has basically hit a plateau and you can’t seem to progress past that point. You might not think that you are some sort of genius but guess what, a lot of people don’t really like to read.
Whether you’re in a relationship or single, just enjoy the sense of possibility, the sense of discovery. All those smooth and charming words that you normally wouldn’t have any problem saying to strangers basically dry up. There is going to be some sort of message, some of revelation, some sort of development that will divert a lot of your energies. You have to challenge yourself to find new materials and really look for the best angle in everything that happens in your life. Life can often get quite difficult and challenging and oftentimes, the best way to get through those rough times is to have a great sense of humor and just laugh at the situation.
Virgos and Scorpios can be emotionally damaged by many of the things that regularly happen to you.
There is something that happened in the past that will come up again and there might be some small explosions in your love life that would demand you resolve that problem once and for all. This is definitely welcome news because as I’ve mentioned earlier, July and earlier months can pack a few surprises that can really emotionally damage you if you let them. Many times in your relationships or in your dating life, you basically let others get the best of you. If your partner is doing certain things that you feel aren’t really all that fair when it comes to your relationship, you will find the courage and the energy to say so come September 2015. In many cases, you might finally step and cut those people out if they don’t change the way they treat you.
This can be a serious issue because if you’re in a relationship, you have to spend time with the person you are in a relationship with. Otherwise, you would feel that your back is against the wall and you have to make a choice. This is very fitting because after all, November is the month of Thanksgiving in the United States.
By reunions, I’m talking about people that have influenced your love life In the past.
There are certain situations where people from your past had such a massive impact on you that it changed the way you look at people of the opposite sex.
It doesn’t have to be exotic like going to a safari in Africa or going to Southeast Asia to try to some exotic food and visit temples. Regardless of your particular situation, buy a new pair of sneakers and just enjoy going out there. They don’t really like art all that much and when you talk to them about these things, they lied up. This can actually be a great skill to have because guess what, life isn’t always a bowl of roses. These people aren’t necessarily lovers but these people definitely exerted a huge amount of influence on you.
In many cases, this can be quite negative or at the very least, lead to problematic relationships.
They are attracted by your open-mindedness, your curiosity, and your seeming ability to live life to the fullest. But the fact that you’re able to just brush yourself up, get back up, and keep moving forward is admirable.

He is a lover of all things wisdom and is always seeking answers in life, whether it comes to relationships, religion, mythology, or some other interesting aspect of life.
This genuine curiosity and adventurous attitude creates an enthralling man that is both highly intellectual and charming, something that every man looks for in a friend and what every woman wants in a man.The Type of Woman Sagittarius NeedsThe Sagittarius man needs a special type of woman. He needs a strong, secure, and confident lady who won’t mind giving him the independence he needs on a regular basis. A lady who can handle herself in all situations and doesn’t require a good deal of time. Needless to say, a needy and demanding woman would never work with a Sagittarius man.He also craves an intellectually stimulating gal- someone he can sit down with and have an in depth conversation about life for hours on end. She should be ready for simple trips to the beach as well as fascinating journeys to other countries for exploration and adventure.Sagittarius in a RelationshipThere are two sides of a Sagittarius man. On the other hand, he can be a very shy and internal man who hides his feelings a great deal. His constant need for adventure and travel means he will gladly take his woman to other realms in a heartbeat, and therefore having a woman with a lust for travel is an essential trait. You can expect the Sagittarius boyfriend to want to take you on an exploration to a nearby park one day, and the next day have a journey to Italy to discover the county’s immense history.
Advertisement Aside from excitement day after day, a woman involved with a Sagittarius man can also expect to learn a lot.
As this type of man is always seeking out new and enticing information, he will want to relay his new found knowledge onto his lover. This shows him that she is a daring individual who may be able to keep up with him between the sheets. This type of carelessness is obviously a problem in day to day life, especially when it comes to a relationship in which the woman doesn’t feel cared enough for. The two of you will be able to keep up with each others active lifestyle and enjoy every moment of it.
The two of you will engage perfectly not only in conversation but other aspects of life as well. He always wants to learn and investigate the deeper things in life, which leads to him enthralling trips to enchanting places where he can learn.
He loves to be taught and to teach what he’s learned about life to others, therefore making him a charming and intellectual man who can certainly keep you engaged in conversation for quite some time. He needs a smart woman who can keep up with his intellectual level while also being an avid travel lover, just like him.
If he can find this special lady, he will definitely take her on all of his amazing excavations and have her by his side through the journey of life. Either his feelings change, he met someone else or he just decided that that a long distance relationship was not right for him. Whatever the case, it does not seem like you will be able to be with him anytime in the near future.
Then one day I grabbed him and took him to my bedroom and it was intoxicating…amazing sex. Us Leos have bad tempers and can be controlling at times and he picked up on it from me one day and he started acting distant and eventually cut the whole thing off. We go through the basic catching up and he meets me and takes me home from work one morning and we spend hours in his car literally just talking. He went through all the work of finding you again, getting you to fall for him and trying to date you, but now he has backed away. Perhaps his fantasy did not match up with reality, or he could be busy or he could be trying to decide what he wants.
If being controlling and jealous in the past pushed him away, you will have to tame your inner Leo and wait for him to come around. He may decide that this is not the relationship that he is looking for, but the only way you will find out what could be possible is by taking a step back and waiting to see what ends up happening.
Anyways, I was leaving and I went outside to get my weapons and the Sag is sitting by the fire, drinking and messing around with his sword.
I went over to say goodbye to him and the next thing I know he’s grabbed me by the front of my dress and is making out with me.
I told him I had to go and he said there’s no need to go now and pulled me to sit on his lap.
I kissed him (honestly this man is so aggressive when he kisses it literally sends chills through me) but his back-forth behavior and excuse making just made me infuriated. When he walked me out to his car he tried to make the excuses and then when he kissed me goodbye he tried copping a serious feel but I shoved his hand away and said that I’m not looking for sex for one night or sex for a hookup, that I want to have sex for love. Honestly I was a bit rude and frank to him, but only because he was making me so angry.Maybe this is how Leo women have to deal with Sagittarius men.
Until he stops being so indecisive and decides what he wants, we will continue on the way we have been. Kudos on having the guts to tell him how you really feel and calling him on his manipulations! He may or may not ever come to you, but at least you will not waste time in a dead end relationship or a fling that never goes anywhere.

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