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This template can be easily customized, turning it into an email contact list, an address list or simple phone list.
You can add as many columns as you want, so you can use this list for keeping track of birthdays, anniversaries, and even mark which addresses to include on your Christmas card list. The references listed below can help you set up your list for mail merge or importing into other contact list software (like Outlook and Gmail). Use this template with Microsoft Word's mail merge feature to print form letters and envelopes. Simply save the Contact List Template as a CSV file to get started importing your contacts into other software such as Outlook and Gmail Contacts.
Family Tree Template - If you like to keep track of addresses for your family, what about important dates? If you are the center of the universe to your man and he treats you like you are his world and his one and only love than that means he wants to marry you. This is the most visible sign that he wants to marry you, if he plans a future with you or refers to something in the future keeping you in mind then obviously he is foreseeing a happy future with you. Men sometimes get jealous when they find their beau talking to another guy, but when it comes to the guy who wants to marry you, he will not be jealous. Giving a birth is the most noble gift on Earth, and carrying a baby is considered a real miracle. ONE DAY I DECIDED TO QUIT I quit my job, my relationship , my spirituality… I wanted to quit my life.
Never beg someone to love or be with you, because when you do, you give them the power to use and walk all over you. Ita€™s no secret, women have strong intuition and we can usually sense what our partner is thinking.
If he is doing any of these 10 things, you might be closer to walking down the aisle than you think. These 10 signs can help you navigate where you stand in his mind, even without him telling you. If he asks for your opinion when making big purchases, it is a good sign he sees you both enjoying his new purchases together. When a guy goes the extra mile to try to improve communication and maybe suggests couples therapy, this is a sign he wants to make it work.
When a man, simply put, starts acting like a man and less like a child, ita€™s definitely on purpose. It might be time to break open the champagne and call Aunt Mindy pretty soon (shea€™s the one you never talk to, but feel compelled to call just to tell her youa€™re getting married). If he keeps choosing to hang out with you over his friends, he might be ready to take the plunge. Youa€™ll pick up on how hea€™s behaved in the past; maybe youa€™re the first one he has introduced to everyone. If he had cold feet about meeting your parents and suddenly warmed up to the idea like it was no big deal, this mana€™s mind has changed. If youa€™ve never been married before, you might not even realize what youa€™re walking into when a man gets serious about the relationship. Now, if youa€™re shopping, and he takes a turn into the kid section, you can almost guarantee his mind is scheming. Maybe he dropped a bad habit, cleaned up his diet, started an exercise plan or made an effort to get a better paying job.
Remember to be sensitive to him as he opens up, so he doesna€™t feel like youa€™re going to attack him if he does let his guard down. When a man starts being a gentleman and stops being a boyfriend, hea€™s thinking seriously about something. What if you never asked and you spent years with someone just trying to a€?read the signsa€™ and not wanting to scare him off. If you know someone who could benefit from this article, do them a favor and pass it along.
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He emphasizes the relationship – When your man makes your relationship a priority above all other issues, then there is a very good chance he is in love and wants to get engaged. Became more responsible – If your man acted more responsible and frugal on spending, it is a sign that he is saving for something big. Is he ready to meet your family – If your man has started to look to meet your family and friends, he is making it clear that he intends to move the relationship to another level of commitment.

Ready to go to places of commitments – If your man has suddenly become interested in attending the weddings of friends or cousin or an invitation to the wedding of his friends, he is inadvertently showing that marriage is on his mind and that he wants to make your relationship more permanent. Discussions about children – When you and your man have discussions bordering on children, observe his reaction.
Marie Smalling on 7 Ways to React when a Man is Playing Mind Gamessuzan on 7 Ways to React when a Man is Playing Mind Gamesconstance on 17 Signs He is Seeing Someone ElseJonathan Bird on 17 Signs He is Seeing Someone Elsemichael on How do I know if my ex still has feelings for me? The guy you love takes care of you, makes you smile, does what you want, and fulfil yours needs. In order to make a marriage successful, it is important that both partners share the same interests. You feel comfortable in talking to him about anything and everything, going out with him for a movie, for dinner dates, for shopping etc.
Nothing can come in between you two till the time your man is loyal to you.  Loyalty is the most important part of a relationship and especially a girl needs to be sure about the loyalty of her guy. Besides there, there are many more signs through which you can come to know whether he is the one you should marry or no. Whether trying to keep track of all your contacts or putting together a phone or address list for a specific occasion, Vertex42's free customizable Contact List Template can help you get organized.
He cares for you, shows concern for your issues, gives you advice, treats you like his wife, and talks about having children together, are some signs that he is definitely going to marry you. If you have been dying to know if hea€™ll take the plunge but dona€™t want to make him feel pressured, just look for signs he wants to marry you.
If he is doing these things you can be pretty sure hea€™s taking the relationship seriously. If he has got you a really nice piece of jewelry lately, he might be testing the waters so to speak in order to see your response. I mean dona€™t freak him out, but give him signs that youa€™re ready so he can feel more comfortable. If hea€™s planning vacations with you and his family or closest friends, hea€™s taking you pretty seriously. Have you noticed if he has been more frugal lately, is he saving up to buy you a ring maybe? If he is making an effort to see your perspective or has curtailed some of the behaviors that get under your skin, maybe he is growing up and planning your future as a happy couple. A man cannot act without motivation and if hea€™s been looking in the mirror recently and getting in touch with his inner truth, youa€™ll know something is up. If he is showering you with compliments and seems really happy, this man is most likely very satisfied with you and thinking about that big decision.
Some of them will bring their parents on their first date (yes Ia€™ve seen this happen), some guys will introduce you to their parents within the first week of dating, and some guys are more protective and wait for a while. If he keeps bringing up how he wants to be a dad or what a great mom you would make, his mind is in the future and he sees you guys starting a family. If he has suddenly begun to share embarrassing moments, feelings, and other sensitive things, he might really have serious plans with you.
Try not to judge him, and see him as a fellow human that is learning life lessons and doing the best he can. If he is remembering what you say, listening intently and cancelling fantasy football with his buddies so you can have a movie night, this man has a ring on his mind.
I would love to hear feedback from you amazing women, and I thank you for being a part of the YouQueen community.
She writes practical advice for health and gives real world insights to empower women emotionally. I was browsing and ran across it and thought that maybe this could be helpful in my situation. My boyfriend and I have been together for a few weeks and he has shown all of these signs in one form or another. We have the ultimate guide to best skin care products for all skin types that will teach you how to love your skin and achieve that amazing complexion. If he puts in more hours at work and tries his best to save as much money as he can, then it’s probably because he wants to settle down. If you have a guy in your life whom you love, then you will definitely think about marrying him. Besides love, there are many other things that you need to consider like his behavior, his stability, and his care towards you that are necessary for you to be sure of marrying him. If your boyfriend talks to you about your future and says that he wants to be with you forever or indirectly talks about the future plans with you, then he means he wants have a life with you in the future.
He is so kind, so well mannered, so caring and loving towards you that can’t stay away from him at all. Couples who do not share same interests may start having fights and arguments after a while in the marriage. If your guy has introduced you to his family, it means you surely hold a special place in his heart. Great for clubs, organizations, families or your own personal needs, the Contact List Template will help you get off to a quick start.

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Sometimes ita€™s hard to tell what men are thinking though, especially when it comes to commitment. If he is starting to look to the future when your finances will be joined, chances are hea€™s not going to think twice about making investments that will benefit your future life together. Remember, guys dona€™t want to be rejected when they pour their heart out and their entire life is on the line with the power of your one word: a€?yesa€™ or a€?noa€™. As you do the pre engagement dance, you will start to change as you think about what your life together will be like and what you want it to be like. Even if ita€™s just the two of you but you can tell he is really trying to impress you, get to know you and get closer, ita€™s a pretty big sign my friend.
If he has made an effort to be nice to your friends that you know he doesna€™t like that much, he is probably trying to impress you.
If youa€™re reading this article and things are ringing a bell, congratulations, he might be about to change your whole life.
Whatever the case may be, if hea€™s introduced you to his parents, this is a sign that hea€™s serious about you.
Is he asking what your parents like, trying to get to know them and get on their good side?
A man will not embrace a womana€™s family unless hea€™s thinking they are going to become his family.
If you have noticed him commenting on babies or talking about frienda€™s kids, this mana€™s primal instincts are kicking in; hea€™s looking long term. When men are thinking about becoming fathers, they often try to better themselves and prepare.
Dona€™t pressure him by saying something like a€?when do you want to get married?a€™ but see if ita€™s something hea€™s considering. It is therefore very important that you are able to recognize and understand these signs that shows he is getting ready for commitment , and this will make you know if your man is interested in getting married or not. If his friends call him for a night out while you are together, will he go with them or does he prefer to stay with you? By indicating an interest in meeting your family, he is exhibiting one of the signs that he wants to commit to you and is getting ready for the big day.
Caring men are hard to find who takes care of all the small things that bring a smile on your face. Sharing same interests leads you leading a better and simpler life by doing same activities having same opinions and beliefs.
Guys always fear commitment, doesn’t let the girl meet him family, if your guy is doing all this for you, then he surely the one you should marry. The template allows you to easily sort and filter by any heading, and it is ready for printing.
When you begin planning, he will also begin to pick up on the signs, so thata€™s a good thing.
If hea€™s not ashamed of your relationship and hea€™s making sure everyone knows you guys are an item, chances are youa€™ve got yourself a committed man that will be on his knee in not too long. For that matter, when they are getting ready for marriage, they will often do that as well. Maybe hea€™s stopped leaving a mess in the living room or made sure to put down the toilet seat.
If you do want to marry this man, you want to be able to be open about your feelings anyway, right? If he was made one of the following things, it clearly says that he is really in love with you. A marriage can only be possible when both the partner agree on getting married and when you are sure that he is the one for you. But if a man is doing all the above given things and have these qualities in him, then you should not let go of him.
If youa€™ve been together for a while, at least six months, chances are hea€™s thinking about it, even if he hasna€™t mentioned it.
If you sense that your guy is trying to see if your goals line up, this guy is sizing up wife material. In fact, you may be thinking and waiting for the time to come when he should be proposing to you. But why waste time, you can also make this move.  Instead, you make a plan and propose to him before time runs out because there are many other girls out there looking for a complete man like him to become their life partner.

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