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When it comes to matches between the Cancer woman and Gemini man you need to understand that the Cancer woman is very easy to read. All of sudden certain changes and pressures take place and it feels almost like they’re dealing with a completely different person.
The Gemini can be very quirky, granted, but really, if you are good friends with the Gemini or you are an honest lover of the Gemini you would seek to know that person completely. They are looking for emotional and personal validation but on the other hand they don’t like showing their hands. Unfortunately, Gemini people especially Gemini men missed the memo on this and immature Gemini men often play this game: if you really know me, you will know all my faces. This is where the trouble comes in in terms of Cancer woman and Gemini man love compatibility.
Keep in mind that just like with most signs of the horoscope, hitting it off is almost not a problem. When they come across a Cancer woman that gives them this cover of authority, strength, power, and ambition, it makes them feel good and it makes them look good in the eyes of other people.
On this point alone, Cancer woman and Gemini man love compatibility seems like a very natural thing. In terms of first impressions, once again, Cancer woman and Gemini man love compatibility doesn’t seem to be problematic.

However, things start becoming a little bit more complicated once we go past first impressions. The Gemini personality is actually quite stable when things are proceeding according to plan.
The issue here is that the Gemini can be very immature and this is the challenge in Cancer woman and Gemini man love compatibility. You cannot manage your relationship expecting your partner to do all the emotional heavy lifting.
So what do you get when you have a partner that is basically behaving and acting like a little boy and a female partner who is stubborn in her ways?
As you can probably tell, a match between a stubborn Cancer woman and an emotionally immature Gemini man can lead to a very bad place emotionally.
This is one key red flag of Cancer woman and Gemini man love compatibility that both partners need to be on the lookout for.
If you’re a Cancer woman and you have a Gemini man in your life, make sure that he is emotionally mature. I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others. They’re playing this constant game that if you truly love me, you will figure me out.

It’s not uncommon for the Cancer woman in the relationship to always feel betrayed and emotionally played by the Gemini man. In addition to the Cancer woman looking naturally beautiful, this seems like a complete package in the eyes of Gemini men.
You have to man up and mature because the world rewards action, responsibility, and maturity. It’s not uncommon for friends and relatives of Gemini‚Äôs to think that they know the Gemini completely.
The problem is that the Gemini personality is so richly textured that it’s very easy to just focus on one aspect or face of the Gemini and neglect the whole picture. Unfortunately, people are often surprised with the changes in Gemini personality because it seems so dramatic. So the Gemini basically plays emotional guerilla warfare with the Cancer woman in his life.
If you are a Gemini man on the other hand you need to stop playing emotional games and understand that the world doesn’t revolve around you.

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