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There have been quite a few celebrities with braces either as adults or during their childhood. So we bravely suspended all our pre-conceived notions about what's appropriate in the office and called up Lauren A. 59 percent of respondents said they consider this inappropriate in the workplace, according to a survey from Adecco .
Some we can mention who wore braces as adults are the professional golfer Stuart Cink, TV journalist Barbara Walters, actress and producer Whoopie Goldberg and actor and producer Tom Cruise. But the rules of workplace grooming, from self-tanner and concealer to nail art and shaving, are a little tougher to decipher. Rothman, author of the new book "Style Bible: What to Wear to Work" (and one of our favorite HuffPost Style bloggers).

While every office environment is different and no list of rules is "one size fits all," Lauren has 12 helpful basic guidelines that women in traditional workplaces should be following. May 9, 2010, 8:12 am ok, what's super weird is that looks like my handwriting, my name is nick, and that's something I would do.
Many of your favorite celebrities, from actors to musicians to athletes to TV personalities, have used braces to improve their smile. If you've got dark circles, it will make you look sleepy, committing a major workplace sin. Whether it's a lip gloss or a subtle lip stain or more saturated lipstick, Lauren recommends a tint on your pout. For example, Katy Perry wore braces in her video “Last Friday Night” and actress Cindy Crawford wore braces in a Pepsi ad and on the Muppets show.

Plus, everyone has different scent preferences -- you don't want to be associated with a bad one. A bronzing oil, which is a little more foolproof, is preferable if you really need that extra glow. Chelsea Clinton and Prince Harry also wore braces, and they were never out of the public eye! Either way, Lauren said, "Get to at least a neutral face." Before leaving the house, stand five feet away from the mirror.

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