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One of my more successful posts in this history of this blog was a slightly terrifying look into the ridiculous things people permanently tattoo on their bodies. Anyway, the guy with the above tattoo had probably consumed a few BEERS of his own when he made the very informed decision to do that.
Other than the obvious misspelling, that's some dumb shit to get tattooed in a really dumb way.
So really, the only people who will have the pleasure of seeing this tattoo are people she changes in front of, and people she bangs. Plus, who wants who they were in high school to dictate what they are for the rest of their lives? A step-by-step takedown of "yellow fever," or the desire to date Asian women often accompanied by bizarre, offensive attempts to do so, could start the healing. But in reality, courting women who are three-dimensional and real when what you want is a paper-thin cutout of a character from an anime you half-watched isn't "yellow fever" -- it's a character flaw.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article had misinformation about the disease yellow fever, which, according to World Health Organization estimates, affects 200,000 people a year. Inspirational, positive, sometimes funny, quotes and short stories or articles by Doe Zantamata. Have you ever known a couple where you really like to spend time with them individually, but you really can't stand to be around them when they are together? Often, we think that as long as we love someone, we should keep on trying to make it work, to be with them. While it's a lot easier to break up with someone with whom you've just lost interest, it is often necessary to end relationships that do have love but also have a lot of pain and frustration. And honestly, if they're already banging you, they probably don't care you were prome queen back in high school.
Give it a try, give it a real try, with counseling and everything to see if it's just an issue of not being able to communicate or something that can be fixed.

Break ups don't have to be without love, and break ups don't have to be done in anger or extreme sadness. Sometimes counseling helps, or it was just a stressful time because of outside influences, but other times, no matter what they do, the relationship just doesn't work.
Recognizing that you're either just too different, or that you just can't get along, the demonstration of more love and selflessness would be to let them go.
We can be happy for those we love, even if we're not going to be seeing as much of them anymore. Letting them go allows them for a chance at happiness, either alone, or with someone else who brings out the best in them.

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