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Since 2004, the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty has continually raised the bar in terms of positive representations of women in advertising. The 3-minute-long video follows the process as seven real women, hidden behind a screen, describe their facial features for a veteran FBI forensic artist. Then, the same artist interviews a stranger who recently spent time getting acquainted with the pictured women.
In all of the examples shown, the women described themselves as wholly less attractive than they really were. Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin divorce confirmed by Kail in new videoAfter months of speculation, Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry confirms in a new video interview that she and Javi Marroquin are getting a divorce! PHOTOS Kourtney Kardashian looks AMAZING in black leather at Jewel nightclub openingKeeping Up With The Kardashians star Kourtney Kardashian looked as though she walked right off the set of the new Tomb Raider movie and onto the red carpet at the grand opening of the Jewel nightclub at the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas last night! In case you hadna€™t noticed, Chinese women have become quite a force to be reckoned with in recent years. In fact, so undeniable is the rise of women in China that there is even a phrase for their sudden blossoming: yin sheng, yang shuai, which means the female (yin) is on the up, while the male (yang) is on the way down. Unfortunately for Chinaa€™s women their new-found confidence has incited a backlash from men, the government and even their own families. Touching an expensive-looking bangle on her wrist, she goes on, 'I think my parents understand a bit more a€“ they just want me to be happy a€“ but my aunties always say things like, a€?Oh, do you remember that girl you went to school with? Women born under Chinaa€™s one-child policy, introduced in 1979, face enormous pressures to succeed academically from parents whose own aspirations were thwarted under the Mao regime. Meanwhile, their grandparents a€“ many of whom can still remember mass famine a€“ are piling on the expectations, too. It doesna€™t help that educated young women are barely given a chance to find a husband until ita€™s supposedly too late. The author and social commentator Zhang Lijia knows exactly what she thinks about the term shengnu.
There are currently 118 men to every 100 women in China a€“ thata€™s an excess of more than 30 million.
Within 48 hours of posting their video on Youku a€“ Chinaa€™s version of YouTube a€“ their song had been viewed 1.5 million times, and garnered tens of thousands of negative comments.

This is something that Gong Haiyan, the female founder of the countrya€™s biggest dating website, knows only too well.
Taking matters into her own hands, she set up the matchmaking site Jiayuan ('Beautiful Destinya€™) to help women like her, and within three months had met her husband via the site.
By contrast, says Gong, womena€™s requirements are multiplying all the time, but thata€™s not necessarily a good thing.
Hong Fincher suggests that this may be what is stirring many women, especially in the cities, to action. Jennie Kang, 25, an assistant marketing director for an American fast-food chain, says this is exactly why she wona€™t compromise on finding a husband who appreciates her for who she is.
Asked if she thinks her high standards have become a barrier to her happiness, Yang Ziyang explains, 'Some of my friends tease me about my requirements being too high, but I want equality from a marriage and ita€™s hard to find Chinese men who offer that. The latest video, which was shared on YouTube on April 14, has already been viewed more than 1.2 million times. Another describes her face at fat and rounder. Only able to work off the descriptions the women provide of themselves, the forensic artist sketches pictures of their faces. That stranger describes the original women and the completed pictures are placed side-by-side. It impacts the choices and the friends that we make, the jobs we apply for and the way we treat our children.
Keep reading for lots of photos and even some party videos shared by Kourtney herself on Snapchat. According to Forbes magazine, 11 of the 20 richest self-made women in the world are Chinese, and now 19 per cent of Chinese women in management positions are CEOs, the second highest percentage worldwide (after Thailanda€™s 30 per cent).
But therea€™s one thing thata€™s holding them back a€“ and even making them ditch their careers altogether a€“ and thata€™s the fear of being single. The popular Chinese label shengnu (leftover women), regularly perpetuated in state-controlled media and on internet message boards, refers to women who are smart, successful and moneyed but still not married by the age of 28. They are keen not only to see their granddaughters marry well (traditionally the only route to financial security) but also, mindful that the country has no social safety net, to have a large family to look after them in old age. Her research suggests that ita€™s the constant pestering from families that is causing successful women in their late twenties to make major sacrifices.

Internet chatter about shengnu came to a head last March when a young woman called Long Si Yu and 15 of her friends posted an online music video admonishing men for not having their own house or car. But Yu was arguing that the actual reason Chinese men cana€™t find girlfriends is their laziness, and the fact that they are looking for a breed of subservient woman that no longer exists.
In 2003 Gong was 27, single and dissatisfied with the online dating services available at the time. With more than 58 million registered users, the site has given her a clear picture of what constitutes 'the ideal womana€™ in the eyes of a Chinese male.
When couples divorce, the marital property now belongs solely to whomever took out the mortgage.
Smart, eloquent and striking, she says she cana€™t see herself being a housewife, like her mothera€™s generation. Thata€™s right: in China, if you're 30, female and single, youa€™re considered well and truly on the shelf. I told her that I wasna€™t going to rush into marrying just anyone, that my happiness doesna€™t only come from my relationships but from my work. In many instances parents will hand over their life savings to their son because they see it as crucial to buy him a home a€“ but the parents are not doing that for their daughters. There are many countries where men dona€™t like strong women,a€™ she points out, 'but Chinese men particularly so.
This means that even if a woman makes substantial contributions towards the purchase of a house and its mortgage she could be left with nothing on divorcing. If a Chinese man is successful he will be looking for a woman who is young and beautiful, not someone who is well educated.a€™ She pauses before laughing heartily.

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