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Humans of New York"Too many questions."Brandon Stanton is the photographer behind Humans of New York, the wildly popular photography blog that currently has more likes on Facebook than the entire population of New York City itself. Stanton's method involves high-quality portraits of people he meets on the street paired with illuminating quotes from them. With that in mind, we thought we’d help you cope with family craziness by providing some examples of how it could be much worse. I really shouldn’t even include the Pritchetts in this, because I think that if the show only focused on Claire, Mitchell and Jay, it would be pretty chill. Sure, they have lots of money and fame, but would you really want Kris Jenner as your mother?

They started the series as the perfect happy family hiding dark secrets, and then eventually they just let their mess show and broke apart.
Sure, your mom gets on your nerves about helping with the dishes and your sister takes your clothes without asking, but have you met these guys? Stanton was recently tapped by the United Nations to go on a nearly 2-month-long "world tour" to bring his signature style to various countries around the globe. The blog has been documenting people in and around New York City (and various other select cities) since 2010, and was the subject of a best-selling bookA┬áreleased last year. If you’re still recovering from the same old arguments and embarrassments or preparing to deal with it in the coming weeks, it might be helpful to put things into perspective.

While those families might be a barrel of fun to watch from the comfort of your couch, you probably wouldn’t want to actually live with them in real life. The trip was created to build awareness for the UN's Millennium Development Goals project, by attaching human faces to the project's written objectives. Sometimes all it takes to feel better about your own family situation is to press play on a TV series.

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