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Women born during the period from the 22nd of December to the 20th of January belong to this zodiac sign. Experts in astrology suggest that the Capricorn woman can be the right person for the position of a manager.
If a Capricorn woman practices physical exercise to keep herself fit, she makes sure she is disciplined and does so with determination. Their ability to think clearly, combined with a firm positive attitude helps them to climb the ladder of success.The aforementioned characteristics should probably help you in understanding a woman born under this zodiac sign in a better way.

Whatever she is on the outside, the truth is that all she looks for is security, recognition, respect and position. Age is not an obstacle when it comes to making friends, as they are quite popular with people of different age groups. This woman will readily share responsibilities with you as a partner if she feels like the two of you are equal.
Also, keep in mind there is the Chinese sign as well that gives it a kick to our Western sign.

This, coupled with a go-getter attitude is probably what gives the Capricorn woman more success at work.

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