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This is something that I heard my mom say time and time again when I was younger, but never quite understood what she was complaining about until I was on my own and had to support my own self-care wants and needs. One Glamour video took it upon themselves to test out the theory of it being expensive to be a woman. While I feel like the video was pretty accurate, I took it upon myself to test this theory and push it to the limit. That’s overwhelming and doesn’t even include getting my hair done or mani-pedi’s or eyebrow waxing. I took the initiative of asking a few more of my male and females friends about their spending habits on self-care products, just to fully test out this theory. We took a look at income equality by highlighting how much more (time and money) it costs to be a woman vs.
Do you too feel that you spend a ridiculous amount of money on self-care and beauty products as a woman?
I was talking to a GenX journalist friend, in the midst of a divorce, about marriage, divorce, etc., and we acknowledged that, unlike Boomers and Millennials, GenX men can be a bit confused about the massive change in gender roles and what women are looking for in a partner. A recent study seems to indicate that we are stuck in a time warp when it comes to gender and money — we can’t get past the idea that a husband should make more money than his wife, and that is impacting whom we marry, how much a wife works, and even if a couple stays married. Is it truly because we’re hardwired, as my friend believes, or is something else going on? Dating coach Evan Marc Katz pondered the same question: “[I]f you can support yourself as well as any man can support himself, what DIFFERENCE does it make what he earns? While he and I have agreed and disagreed in the past, I have the same question for my sisters as he does — if you are both able to support yourselves, what difference does it make? But the 24 percent of men who seem to be seeking the same flexibility women want may have a much harder time finding a partner who wants that for him, too. All of which makes me think what a man earns does make a difference when women are looking for a partner, even if he makes enough to support himself. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest EmailSince when did looking like ourselves start being considered a hot mess? Of course people had negative things to say, but it was amazing to see the support of other women and celebrities encouraging Keke’s look. Tweet Keke Palmer and tell her you appreciate her and her gift,anything else just shows your hate 4 yourself. It’s soo powerful to see other women stand up for one another instead of tearing each other down! Teen star Zendaya did the same when she rushed to the defense of a Youtube star last year who posted a before and after makeup picture of herself after a Twitter troll took jabs at the girl.
Keri Hilson also touched on something similar a while back after posting a photo of herself in high school. So I just really wanted to remind all of you girls, especially if you are younger, you don’t need to wear makeup. There is set of rules we agree to in exchange for the freedom to dive, and they aren’t so different if you want freedom in life. Being mindful aids in crash avoidance, delays, and an all-around less reactive, stressful drive. As a person who enjoys learning throughout life, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks along the way.
Decide and Commit: When you want to execute a maneuver that you think might be scary like merging, changing lanes, or passing, decide and commit.
Turn On Your Lights In Bad Weather: Even if you don’t need headlights to see where you’re going, the idea is that you want your giant metal roadblock to be visible to other drivers. There’s a reason that not following many of these driving practices are finable offences, punishable by law.

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The Five Stages of MasculinityThe Good Men Project recently spoke to Joseph Gelfer who has created a new model for understanding masculinity called The Five Stages of Masculinity. Are We Asking Too Much From Government?Is it possible that no entity is capable of sufficiently fulfilling the demands we’ve placed on the US government?
Masculine Expressions of Providing CareAs men choose to demonstrate their care and commitment in non-traditional ways, their access to resources can determine what they are able to actually do. To no surprise, the results confirmed that yes, being a woman can take a nice little chunk out of your bank account on an annual basis.
This breakdown includes my staple items that I use regularly and I opted to exclude tools (brushes, blow dryers, etc.). Now either Shawn is super low maintenance or being a woman is actually very expensive compared to being a man.
Even the most high maintenance man that I know was no contender to most of his female counterparts.
MIKA) is the self proclaimed "chatty patty with class", a beauty & self-help book enthusiast, hip-hop connoisseur and lover of all things wo-man.
As we continued our free-rambling conversation, I asked her why we women still want men to make as much if not more than we do.
So many women continue to write in, asking if they should stay with a man who is marginally employed. Read The New I Do: Reshaping Marriage for Skeptics, Realists and Rebels (Seal Press), order it on Amazon, and follow on Twitter and on Facebook. So it was no shock to see people weigh in on Keke Palmer’s choice of not wearing makeup after posting this image to her SnapChat. Zendaya’s classy 140 character clapback included a photo of herself sans makeup as she gave the commenter a side eye. So before the meetings, I had no time to get ready like I usually would and I found myself texting the people I was having a meeting with, who are also my friends like ‘Hey, just a heads up, I look like a mess. And then I yelled at myself like- since when do I have to apologize for looking like myself?
Many times when people are perceived as rude or not their best self, there is something going on with them that has absolutely nothing to do with you; their vitriol comes out directed at you nonetheless. Gather data to make sure your decision is sound (check blind spot, ensure there’s enough room, and rev the engine for good measure) decide what the window of opportunity looks like, and then make it happen. Far too many people try to control other people, or even situations, that aren’t controllable. When you don’t signal and then turn anyway, you create unpredictability that doesn’t allow others the opportunity to accommodate you.
While the stakes are not usually as high, being distracted (being buried in your phone while walking, for example) doesn’t allow you to experience life. In a heavy downpour, it’s hard to see a car in front of you, which invites all manner of accident. They’re designed to promote communication, safety, and are finable instead of having the consequence of auto repair, or on the far end of the scale, death.
He, his 2 daughters, and a resident couch-warmer whippet reside in the Detroit suburbs where they create cookies, chaos and sporadically play with LEGOs. I Think My Partner Is a Narcissist!In an abusive relationship, some labels matter, and some labels don’t.

Of course it took into account a few of my unnecessary trips to CVS and Target but I know for a fact that I spend a pretty penny yearly on self-care products alone.
I’m sure if I included my splurge items and tools, I’d cry and stop writing this article to reflect on life and my crazy spending habits. Of course, I and many other women, could take the route of buying extremely cheap products to get us through but there’s absolutely no fun in that and plus we can’t help that we like what we like. We want to be able to work full time, part time or not at all, especially if we become moms. A recent Gallup poll indicates a huge proportion of men — 76 percent — would chose to work out of the home than “stay at home and take care of the house and family” while just 51 percent of women said the same.
The 26-year-old (who has a whopping 5 million followers on YouTube and 2 million followers on Instagram) admitted that although she loves makeup, there is nothing wrong with going a day or two without it and in the event that we do- we should offer up zero apologies. What ends up happening is people get confused, traffic stops (or accidents) ensue, and everyone struggles to regain footing. Controlling traffic isn’t your job.
It reduces assumptions, conveys intentions, and allows others the opportunity to make accommodations for you. I’m talking about driving while one hand’s holding a phone, and the other is gesticulating wildly to emphasize their 50mph conversation (true story). Turning on your lights tells the people in back of you where you are, and if you’re a truck, car or motorcycle.
I also took the liberty of asking one of my guy friends to provide me his own personal self-care expense report. And, if we’re going to have a partner, he needs to make enough so we are able to do so. Because if we truly want egalitarian partnerships and we truly want flexibility, we’re going to have to embrace that some men may want the same. And, coincidentally enough while driving, I found that many of these tips and tricks can be traced back to being mindful in life. If you only go halfway and then stop disaster will ensue as no one will know what you’re trying to do. If you make a decision and change your mind right away, people will not know where you stand or what you’re doing. In other words, everything runs smoother, and there are less accidents and misunderstandings. But a few hours after my meetings when I calmed down a a little bit and gathered my thoughts, it really hit me that I actually apologized to people for looking like a mess and not wearing makeup.
I love makeup and I love the way it makes me feel and when I go out, I enjoy putting on makeup and it does give me a sense of confidence but since when do I have to feel bad when I don’t wear makeup?
I’ve driven precious cargo, elderly parents clutching handles for dear life, a pregnant wife (twice), and in the worst possible driving conditions (winding mountain at night during pouring rain with my whole family onboard).
Suffice to say that piloting a 3500+ pound chunk of free-wheeling steel at 50mph takes at the very least some concentration. I try to be a really nice person and really kind to people and just humble and honest and that’s what makes me pretty. I love driving, and I never see it as a chore or something I don’t call dibs on right away.
Better to make a decision, even a wrong one, and fail spectacularly, than not make any decision at all.

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