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That woman na the highest height of foolishness mtchew what the heck does she think she is ? B4 una begin crucify d girl, did they kn each for long and has he seen affection in her eyes for him b4 proposing. Dating a typical Nigerian lady can be a topsy-turvy experience especially for a man who is just wetting his feet in the dating game.
The average man with his chauvinistic African mindset or perception does not understand this and expect this type of woman to accept him hook, line and sinker.
Didi, Shooku, and Patewo are traditional hairstyles in Nigeria but young women prefer the Brazilian hair, the deft Ghana weaving, and attachment because it makes them appear sophisticated. If she is a woman you desire as a life partner, you must respect her parents when you eventually visit them.

Little does he know that the days of parents marrying wives for their kids is old skool and that most women know what they want. They rarely wear their natural hair, adorning these foreign hairstyles cost money and time and she expects her man to foot the bill for her hair. A typical Nigerian lady will always scheme for ways to invite you to her church especially if she really likes you. For example, if she is from a Yoruba home, you will be swimming in the waters of respect because the Yorubas from south-west Nigeria value respect. Sooner or later she will quit the relationship if the relationship is aimless and does not have any direction. In other cases, if you notice she is wearing a new hairstyle, it will not kill you to compliment her and perhaps pay for it.

It is an opportunity for her to show you off especially if you are smooth and suave, to her family, friends and even her pastor whom she relies on for spiritual guidance.
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