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While at the event that is taking place the Chicago Auto Show, Leo called in to Radio Disney and spoke with Hallie.
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Cancer Zodiac SignCancer zodiac sign cusps is one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, it governs all home and domestic affairs in which the feelings play a prominent part.
Leo Zodiac SignLeo zodiac sign cusps are forceful and highly magnetic, and possessing an abundance of vitality, they carry with them an aura that is beneficial to all.
They are genuinely kind, warm-hearted and loving, but usually like to express their love in action, their emotional nature being deep and of the heart.
I'm a stay-at-home mom that enjoys cooking, crafting and cheering on my favorite hockey, football, baseball and basketball teams! This means that individuals born on this cusp will often be solicitous of other peoples feelings and exhibit charity and care for others. They are best described by the crab, whose tenacity is proverbial; this creature moves forward by going backward, and it has come to be looked upon as a sign of retrogression.
Mocha Can Play The Guitar With Her Owner… Yup!This Video Of A Duckling Snoring Is Even More Adorable Than It Sounds!This Adorable Rescued Baby Wolf And Baby Chimp Playing Together Is Just Too Sweet! Leo is a very family oriented sign and, when coupled to emotional Cancer, can become quite dedicated to family and home. Both these signs tend to treat the world as something that has already been figured out, if not by them then at least by some respected authority. My believe is that they represent each dimension, and that big glowy machine academia has uses the bracelets power. Not only will such a sign display hospitality to strangers, but can be quite dedicated in caring for siblings and other relatives. This contrast can result in an individual who seems rather reserved and yet is often the first to demonstrate emotion or voice an opinion.

So, don't expect a Cancer-Leo cusp to jump on some experimental bandwagon or be all that adventurous when it comes to the different aspects of life. The Cancer individual has the most remarkable memory of any given by the twelve signs, and it is no difficulty for them to recall minute incidents of the past. They are usually very practical with regard to their ideals, as they prefer to live them rather than talk of them.
This makes them somewhat antiquated, as they love to dwell on past events, or to go over in their memory through past occurrences, and through this they often become somewhat limited and hindered, particularly where attachment to family is prominent in the life. While the Aries nature usually spins wonderful ideals in thought and ever seems to be straining after the unattainable, the Leo types are silently and quietly seeking to make them realities. So, you can expect a rather conservative approach to life and a strong interest in and respect for ancestors.
You can expect mood swings from any water sign, but these are particularly pronounced in Cancer.
This can sometimes be confusing to those who have relationships with people in this transition. They are philanthropic and always obey the impulses of the heart where sympathy is concerned.
Combine physicality and emotion and you have a recipe for lovemaking that can be deeply fulfilling.
Remember that he was the CEO of Leo Corp before he awol’d over to the Fusion Dimension. He had to have established a pretty powerful company and Duel School before he skeddaled, something that had undoubtedly taken quite a bit of time. Jean brought it with him from wherever he came from, and it didn’t really become prevalant in Standard until Yuusho came along, presumably both happening within about a ten year span.Could Leo, Jean, and Yuusho be dimensional counterparts, if not natives to the dimensions they are currently in or used to reside in? Could Jean be a Fusion native instead, which is why he’s so interested in Serena, and how he so easily got a hold of a Fusion card? Keep in mind that, before Fusion D invaded, Heartland was a peaceful place, that had dueled for fun just like Standard, so Yuusho could have fit in naturally with either dimension.
Something for a later plot thread, perhaps?Okay, enough of the meta, back to the girls!If Leo had been taking the girls to make their home dimensions weaker and unstable, he was already a bit late to the party.

It wasn’t all that long between Rin being kidnapped and Yuugo being transported to Heartland, so…How long was Yuugo in Heartland, anyway?
There wasn’t a Bracelet Girl there anywhere to transport him anywhere, and where would Clear Wing transport him next, if it did?
And I could see Yuugo getting into a few fights accidentally because he previously had no idea what the hell was going on. Ruri would have been a lot harder to find than Rin was, so her’s probably took a little more time.
So, given that Yuugo had been transported only a few moments after Rin was gone, Yuugo had likely spent a few days in Heartland, a week or two at most, before meeting up with Yuuto.Of course, that also takes into consideration that Yuuri took Rin to the Fusion Dimension and then left immediately again to go find Ruri. Could they possibly go insane if they are not in their own home world for long periods and without their Queens? Is that Leo’s goal?Or could he be taking the Kingdom Hearts approach, and collecting the Girls like the Princesses of Heart because they make up a bigger entity that could unlock the way to another world?
Like, once all the girls are together, could they be the key to opening a previously inaccessable dimension, one that connects the previous four all together? Just imagine if Serena and Yuzu were added into that mix, who are likely equal, if not more powerful than the other two!Then again, in reality, it is just presumably two regular teenage girls. All of those lights belong to the people massacred in Heartland, possibly others from other summoning methods dimensions, if there were indeed more than the current four and Academia had already taken them down.Still, if that were the case, why does he need the girls?Well, using the Kingdom Hearts reference again, I still think it might have to do with opening up a pathway to a previously inaccessible dimension, one that connects all four together, somehow, and he could use his super weapon on this new dimension, to bend it to his will, or destroy it if he so pleases. This might also give credence to the darker entity inside of Yuuya mentioned way back when. Maybe it was sealed inside of Yuuya a la Naruto, only becoming stronger the more Yuu-baes it absorbs. Maybe it’s just waiting patiencely for Leo to open this portal and push him out of the way last minute and take over the dimensions and destroy them himself.

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