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Every girl at least once during her dating life asks herself what is it that guys like in a girl? Figure out if you are doomed to be stuck in a dating rut because you are either, short, tall, smart, or all of the above Every so often I have to sit down on my cushy seat and ask myself what is it that every guy wants to find in a girl he likes. Dating can be a tiring activity, most of all if you are not sure what you are doing or how to act in a way that would attract boys. Does it matter if you are tall or short, big or small, or just got the smarts to do whatever it is you want to do?
Although they might say they prefer short women, the truth is that they can have just as much fun with the tall ones.
In order to make the life easier for you and dating a fun hobby we have selected a few ideas to help you be cute and shy and in that way irresistible to men. Maybe you have not had the best of luck because of one of above characteristics that work their way into what guys like in girls, their type.

As a matter of fact, there are men who would never consider having a relationship with a short woman. Instead of focusing on your problems, do your best to put emphasis on your positive features and you will forget all about the negative parts. Although you might be worried about your size, you may find that men do like girls shorter than them. So, here you can find those things which turn men off, so that you can avoid doing what guys don’t like. Smart girls How to tell if you are stepping out of your league based on what guys like in girls - Will he like you even if you are short, tall, big, or smart? When we meet someone, their physical appearance and body language is what forms our first impression about someone.
Even though physical appearance is what attracted us to someone in the first place, it is not what an actual relationship is all about.

Guys like a girl who is communicative, because in that way they have someone to lead the conversation if they are a bit shy, or if they are not, they have someone they could talk to. They also like girls who are well-behaved and make them feel comfortable wherever they are, and who are also not pushy. Remember that guys like when a girl behaves in a way that deserves respect, and don't let yourself be with a guy who disrespects you. Be aware of your good and bad sides, respect others', and be sure that eventually you will find a guy who will like you.

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