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View PhotosThe other day, I was walking down the street and my male friend beside me, glared at the woman who was walking past us. There is no question that you look better with your hair and makeup done than you do without it.
In any case, although cosmetics give you an undeniable advantage when it comes to controlling your appearance, they come with the burden of deciding when and where their use is appropriate.
If this seems unfair, remember the analogy between confidence and beauty: you taking a break from being beautiful for him is like him taking a break from being strong and confident for you. Until her hair grows back Nicole has been wearing a lace front wig which her barber warned her not to do, because they’re known to cause forehead cancer in African American women. In case you needed even more proof that Barbie is shaped nothing like a real woman, check out these 3D models of what she would look like standing next to an average 19 year-old.
According to Lamm, Barbie would have a 9-inch neck circumference compared to the average 19 year-old's 15-inch neck.
Looking back at him, I realized what he was looking at and inquired as to what was so fascinating!
The following points explain what men think about seeing you done up or in your natural state, so that you can better choose between the two when that decision proves difficult.

He is going to see you without makeup eventually, so don’t make inordinate attempts to avoid being seen bare-faced after the first few dates. She takes great pleasure in adorning herself and amplifying her internal beauty via her external beauty. By inordinate I mean things like canceling a date because you won’t have time to do your hair perfectly, or completely avoiding a hike with him because full makeup and hair would be inappropriate. There is a misconception among some women that as a relationship develops, a man becomes either (a) less turned on by seeing you done up, or (b) more turned on by seeing you in your natural state. Men understand that you aren’t going to be as beautiful without your makeup on and hair done.
The attractiveness of your confidence is much more important than whatever advantage you sacrifice by occasionally being seen without makeup.
While there is a certain attraction to being n0ked with a woman who bares her whole self to you, most of the time a man wants to be sleeping with the hottest woman he can. Initial experiences leave an impression on the mind much deeper than most of those that follow; this is simply the way the human brain works. Spending time to make yourself look your best is normal, not inordinate; so err on the side of doing this more frequently rather than less.

Again, remember the analogy between confidence and beauty, and consider how you’d feel if your normally confident man man turned into a weak pushover in the sack. Don’t use this as an excuse to ignore point #3, but allow it to help you if you struggle with point #5. Yes, there are some women who get more benefit from makeup than others, and it is possible for a man to be surprised by how much less attractive a girl looks without it.
Just beware that there is an upper limit to the benefit of added effort, since he will see you without makeup eventually. Guys cannot stand a woman with a lot of make up and when it comes to short skirts and tight jeans, some guys find it hot and a handful of them find it absurd!
So, the next time you find guys looking in your direction, you will know the reason why!Therefore, these are the main things what guys look at in the woman at first glance!

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