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Before we explore this new concept lets firstly take a brief look at The Lean Startup and the concepts it encompasses. We’re big believers in The Lean Startup methodology and try to use the theories and concepts taught as much as we can in our own startup. Lean Website Optimization is basically a highly efficient way to optimize your website to achieve your goals. It’s difficult to approach a conversion test with the attitude that we are wrong 80% of the time. We have created a simple methodology for lean website optimization that allows you to understand your visitors better and learn how to increase conversions on your website. Take the hypothesis above and create a variation of your web page that includes or emphasizes it. By using multi-armed bandit theory, the risk of losing conversions and revenue during the experiment is minimized. By keeping website optimization lean you are able to develop a deep understanding of your market. The lean website optimization methodology allows changes to take place that are the result of user driven data and scientifically proven hypotheses.
As website business owners, we all know that we should be constantly looking for ways to improve our website, thus we need a continuous process in place to empower us to do so. Lean website optimization, if used correctly can be very effective and provide your business with a huge competitive advantage. Alaister Low Alaister Low is a co-founder of Growth Giant which is a tool that uses the Multi-Armed Bandit Algorithm to continuously test landing pages. Link building simply refers to spreading a word about the business you own among the web users, because the popularity you gain on the web will have direct influence on your success. Building links in order to increase page rank is one part of SEO and it is a crucial factor for success. Remember that every business is unique which means that promotion methods are also different, so you have to be aware of the fact that even though something has worked for your associates or friends, it doesn’t mean that it will work for you too. Internet contains lots of spam and there is even the information that more than half of the web’s pages are spam, so in order to weed out this irrelevant content, search engines use systems for measuring trust. Considering your expertise you likely have an understanding of the importance of optimization, and your resume is no exception. LinkedIn accounts ranked highly in search, especially for names.  In addition, there is also lots of internal searched conducted within LinkedIn itself. Given your skillset it can be tempting to dress up your resume a great deal, but be careful not to over-design to the point that it becomes busy and difficult to read. Search engines treat the top of your page with utmost importance, so don’t let that space go to waste. While your design may look exceptional in your browser, understand that even today many CVs are still printed out and distributed to hiring managers. It’s commonplace to list a college degree as your education, but these days, many talented developers did not attend conventional school.
With a passion for Knowledge, Smashinghub has been created to explore things like Free Resources For Designers, Photographers, Web Developers and Inspiration. The concept of The Lean Startup is to employ continuous innovation to achieve a successful business. This relies on user driven scientific data that can be fed into a feedback loop to create meaningful direction for website owners.

Watch for variations that are getting phased out of the test due to poor performance and for pages that are getting the majority of the traffic due to high conversions.
You will have scientifically proven data on their needs, wants, behaviour and purchasing habits.
You are able to add new variations (each with a different hypothesis) to the experiment at any time and our tool will work out the conversion rate and send more traffic to higher converting pages. It automatically directs traffic to your better performing pages to ensure you get the maximum conversion rate. In order to become popular on the World Wide Web, you will have to make use of different strategies.
There is manual and automated link building and even though automated is faster, manual link building always gives better results, but it takes time.
Talk with the professionals who will provide link building service to you and find out which strategy will best suit your business. Most of them are based on the link graph, so of you do link building yourself work on gaining links from trusted domains, because that can have positive effects on boosting scoring metric. Know that while you are searching for jobs, potential employers are searching for great employees.
StackOverflow is one such avenue where you can show your knowledge through active participation.
Most competitions attract lots of eyeballs so getting your name in there is one way to maintaining your visibility among potential employees. To take advantage of all these traffic, you will probably need a linkedin account that is well updated to attract potential inquires about your availability for a job. Create a paragraph that captures your capabilities using keywords and phrases that are attractive to prospective clients.
List this experience if you have it but list other forms of schooling as well, such as conferences, training programs, or any other type of education you paid for.
It’s based on flexibility, efficiency, adaptability and reacting quickly to what customers want.
Let’s delve into this new way of thinking and discover how it can help you improve your website. The process employs multi-armed bandit theory to achieve maximum conversions as learnings taking place.
Most of the time website owners are completely wrong about what they think their visitors want to see and what will increase conversions. Incorrect results may cause bad ideas to be deployed or good ideas to be incorrectly ruled out.
Perhaps you want to add a section on your landing page that includes logos of businesses who use your service. More traffic is sent to better performing pages while poorly performing pages receive less traffic and are eventually phased out of the test. All tests run continuously, encouraging you to keep testing new ideas to optimize your site.
Compare the two variations and try to come up with conclusions as to why this is happening.
This is very valuable for developing new features and products as well as improving customer satisfaction. Your site will address customers’ exact concerns and issues as well as provide them with the solution they are looking for.

The number of links that you create through link building on the web will enable search engines to give your site higher rankings, so link building service is one of the components of search engine optimization service that one can use for popularizing their business on the web. That’s why many companies choose to hire professionals who will do this part of the work for them.
If you are concerned about which domains are trusted, some examples are universities, government websites and non-profit organizations because they represent high-trust domains. It is important not only to earn links to your website, but also to continue to earn additional links over time. How can you ensure your resume will be visible to both companies and technology recruiters alike? High tech recruiters may have several different ways of typing keywords into search engines, and you want to be sure your resume is returned in as many results as possible. This is can be done via some of the stuff we talked about such as having a blog, a linkedin account etc.
Showcase your design skills in a way that accentuates the content of your resume instead of overshadowing it. Many companies enlist an executive search firm to perform a retained search to find the best candidates, and you want to appeal to these firms as well. It involves creating an initial Minimal Viable Product (MVP) to prove a hypothesis to see if people want to buy your product. Due to the continuous nature of this methodology and the powerful feedback loop, it means your site will continually improve as your customers and market change and adapt. This allows you to spend more time analyzing the behaviour, needs and wants of your visitors so that you can come up with effective web page variation ideas to test and improve your conversions further. All these social sites draw a lot of traffic so you never know who will be looking at your contributions on these places.
Other ways to have more presence in Google result page is to more social media accounts such as twitter, Google+ and some of the other sites we mentioned in #2. Don’t just fill your CV with buzzwords; create a compelling summary that will make employers or technology recruiters want to know more about you.
It revolves around learning customer behavior, their needs and wants, and iterating quickly. This will provide an element of trust as your website visitors can see that real businesses and people are using your product.
Most small business owners believe that this method should be done on your own as it has an important role in the success of your website and business. This provides valuable information that can be fed back into step 1 to formulate another hypothesis.
The manual link building brings benefits for such businesses that actually do not do business on the internet, but they have to be present.
There are various strategies which can be implemented and before implementing your link building strategy make sure to analyze your competition.

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