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Riku, the most basic and common nicknames I use online is pretty much my username, minus the unconventional parts. This is a reference to my Akashi obsession (who belongs to the basket ball team 'Rakuzan' in Kuroko no Basket). Aye~ Self proclaimed titled FTW XD But at this point when I thought of this one, I was like "Homura is the clan of which I belong in.
This title was born for the fact that every time someone in an RP needed something organized, may it be dorms, classes, format, etc, Id jump to the opportunity cause I found it fun and everything XD That and I also handled a lot of planning of RPs for insufficient ones and all sorts of things. Lucifer part was due to me thinking about how many characters I have made with mild inspiration from him or the Sin he represents 'Pride' and all.
This is a title that is shared between me and Wanta as we both together make up The Ambidextrous Duo. Whenever I see or hear the name Riku, we have now reached a stage where I think of you instead of KH Riku. It is important to be aware of these data the moment you start designing your next figure for your research publication.
So, when choosing a color scheme for your scientific figures, it helps to know which shades are difficult to distinguish for your color blind readers. If you want to signal emotions with color (red = bad, green = good), consider adding another symbol or graphical element with the same meaning (might be even text). It helps to be aware of these tips that can make your figures more readable for color blind people, but it is certainly not a surefire way for optimal figures.
However, if you’ll need more artistic freedom I advise you to use simulations to make your color choices. If you use Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator you can simulate color blindness by creating a proof. One question that mainly cell biologists have when discussing this matter is what to do with colored fluorescent images. Hope these tips and advice will stimulate you to take action and optimize your future figures also for your color blind readers.
I've overheard someone say "Don't say something is retarded, its not cool to make fun of retards. Once I was taking a poop at a restaurant and a kid crept underneath the door into my stall.
Yes, Defender, I put the dove on my penis and enjoyed the feeling of a scared, diseased, cliff-dwelling scavenger dig into my groin-flesh. I remember seeing on Animal Planet how there are more than 8,000 skunks kept in the home as pets in the United States. I'm surprised this hasn't turned into a Slaaneshi hentai army featuring Space Marines beng tentacle raped. We have them here as well, which is odd because this is about as far away from the coast as you can get in Britain. Anyway, I've never nursed a bird back to life by allowing it to suckle from my man-teats or anything, but I did bury a dead Blue Tit once. The later missions in Winter Assault at least were basically specifically designed so you could not do that, but that's generally what happens in any RTS when the difficulty is set too low.
I bought a bottle of Vallejo Brilliant Yellow (or something to do with the sun) and all the pigment was all hard on the inside.
20 June 2014 Guys, I think our families want Mark of Athena out more than we do.
JAMES RODAY: Unlike, I think, the majority of shows on television right now we actually have a frighteningly high amount of say in what we do with the dialog. DULE HILL: And the names that we come up with most of the time it has to do with somebody that we know, somebody in the cast knows or somebody that one of the writers knows or a producer, something like that. TRACI GRANT [THE STAR SCOOP]: If people haven’t started watching Psych yet why should they tune in now? JAMES RODAY: And there are so few rules that we have to follow in terms of making this show.
Well, first of all I just want to thank you for reminding me that I did in fact appear in Fear Itself; I often forget that. Basically, this is for both of you; the show is known a lot for its kind of fast-paced banter between your characters Shawn and Gus. I guess for myself it’s not any real I guess template that I came in to with a preconceived notion about like in terms of a previous detective team.
I just want to say the premise of the premiere episode made me smile, because I’m in Vancouver.
Yes, it was an opportunity to finally not worry about everything that was in the background of all of our shots. I guess for myself if I could have been a Cosby kid…If I could have been on Cosby that would have been great for me. I think I might have to just really roll up my sleeves and investigate Monica Bellucci and just make sure that she’s living her life along the straight and narrow, she’s not cutting any corners in life, in her work; just really get in there and make sure that she’s on the up and up. My question is do you guys have a favorite episode to film or that you think is the best episode you guys have done so far? I like different ones for so many different reasons, but I can say that for me personally, just as an actor, I think the most fun I’ve ever had on our show was an episode called Life’s Camera Homicidio when my character got thrust into the world of a Spanish telenovela and I got to improvise in both English and Spanish.
Well I guess for that episode I guess Roday to be able to improvise in Spanish he was getting in touch with his roots so he was really excited about that. I was going to ask you if you had any things that you could tell us about this upcoming season, whatever you feel free to share either overall or specifics about what we can expect this season. Yes, we’re paying tribute to the Exorcist with our exorcism episode featuring the aforementioned Ray Wise, who is just fantastic in the episode I have to say.
That’s right, a little love letter to American Werewolf in London and werewolf movies in general featuring David Naughton, obviously, and Josh Malina.
I don’t know what Roday thinks, but from my side I don’t think it really changes that much. My question is just this year they released two books for Psych and your characters and everything, and I was wondering if you were to ever read those yourselves and you could come up with your own kind of merchandise what would you like to see? I have to say I think the idea of a talking bobblehead was pretty solid, and someone actually came up with already and did it. I might give you Ichiro Suzuki bobblehead just so that you can add it and it would be a quartet. Now look I was wondering if you, James, had visited any actual psychics in order to watch and observe them in action? And for me I visited a couple psychics back before we shot the pilot just because I was sort of interested to hear their back stories and sort of how the power manifests itself. After coming back from Comic Con and all the questions that have already been asked before me, I’m kind of out.
Which one of you is the most like your character on the series or are you completely different? But actually going back to someone’s previous question about useless information I would say that Roday is more like Gus in that area, especially with film trivia, ‘80s trivia. I think if there was going to be something that caused him to say that it would have happened already.
I think there’s a danger in comedy when you go across a number of seasons that you could become predictable or stale. It’s a good question, and I think part of the answer is that all of us, from producers to writers to actors and everybody, is sort of hyper aware of what you just said. I came up with a little trickier question, because your show’s Twitter feed said they were tired of hearing the same questions over and over again. And then just for myself is one I don’t I guess get too cerebral with my character, so I don’t really think about it like that too often. When I talked to James a little while ago you kind of gave me the may or may not be a werewolf episode.
Well there may or may not be a continuation of the story that capped off our season last year, An Evening With Mr. I would say first Shawn would probably try to do some kind of psychic intervention to lead them on a place for much better food. I think there would be a diatribe about how dark meat is far worse for you than white mean, which Shawn of course would take and run with until he realizes that they’re doing a pretty good sales job on white meat and now everybody is just looking at him. You said what your favorite episode was, but you guys have done so many great things together on the show what has been your favorite like moment on the show? Well since we’ve already sort of thrown out the Duos thing a couple of times I’ll try to name one that doesn’t involve us dressing up and singing at the end of that episode.
There are so many good ones, but I think back at some of the early ones just because they were the moments that sort of helped set the tone and define the series. So my question is at Comic Con you guys mentioned something about a musical episode and also there was a mention of a possible porn spoof. You can ask for help with your account, report a problem, or ask some other question to us here. For roleplayers who want to write longer detailed posts using advanced language and grammar. Naturally its what almost everyone assumes to call me and is generally my favorite one to be called.
That plus the fact I love to make hell jokes that make me look like some kind of Satanist (cause apparently people get that from me just cause I enjoy learning demonology) and figured it sounded cool. So taking this, there is a queen character in said story named Aderis and long story short, its a reference to Aderis, the queen of Periit Memoria et Phantaesia. XD Well basically there was this Owari no Seraph Crack I was watching and you know the "Romeo and Juliet Sassy Gay Friend" on youtube..? I stole Zeppie's Kookies and began to continuously kill her by making her fangirl and laugh. Like honestly, I confuse people when I start talking in third person about Kingdom Hearts cause in my head when Im typing Riku is not Riku. The aim should always be to make the information we present as accessible as possible for our readers.
In this article I’ll go over some tips and tricks that will help you to make your graphics accessible for your color blind peers. There is only a very small portion of the population that sees everything in black and white (monochromatic vision). Most commonly reds and greens give problems, as shown in the picture below, but also blues and yellows might be difficult to distinguish for some people.
There is a substantial risk that your figures will not look very harmonic and balanced anymore when you apply these principle on the fly. There are many tools that can tell you how your design would look like to a color blind eye.
It applies a full screen color filter, so you can see in real time how a color blind person would see your design.
Red-green color coding is very widespread in the life sciences field, but far from optimal for effective communication. If you happen to be color blind and you find it difficult to understand a figure due to bad color choices this might be useful: Visolve. This section of our newsletter is especially meant for publishing authors, PhD students, postdoc and research scientists. I let out a big fart and then he threw up all over the floor in front of me and I just stared at him. I will call them the AMAFHV Guards, sort for the Anime, Manga, Anime Figures, Hentai and Video Games Guard. A lot of times it comes in great and all we have to do is say it, but any time we sort of recognize an opportunity to throw something in or add something or if we have a better name for Gus than the one that came in we just pull the trigger.We’re pretty good at monitoring ourselves so that we only do it if we’re making it better, and it’s very rare that we find out later that the people down in LA were disappointed because we changed something.
I would say pretty much eight times to ten there is some relation to the crazy name that Gus is being called.

I think anyone who comes and watches this show definitely laughs out loud at least once, so if you’re looking to just step away from all the stress for a second then I would say check out Psych.
I don’t think there are a lot of other shows out there where one week you’re wearing chaps and spurs and riding a horse and the next week you’re running from a potato sack headed killer chasing you into the woods with a machete, and yet you’re still laughing both times. After doing seven years of drama on West Wing to be able to come and work with Roday and the rest of the cast has been a blast. And so what I want to know is how much sort of say do you guys get in what goes on in the dialog, particularly between the humorous segments and something like the nicknames that Shawn makes up for Gus? A lot of times it comes in great and all we have to do is say it, but any time we sort of recognize an opportunity to something in or add something or if we have a better name for Gus than the one that came in we just pull the trigger. It was Michael Caine and Ben Kingsley, and the idea behind the movie was that Watson was the brains of the operation and Holmes was just this very theatrical sort of charlatan that diverted people’s attention and got all the ladies. I just wanted to know what was behind the decision to actually feature Van city in the episode? We actually could play the locations for the actual locations, and make believe stickers and Canadian flags all those things were good. I would have given anything to be on Twin Peaks, and if we last another season we will be doing a Twin Peaks episode. I actually thought it was really funny the jokes that you made about The Mentalist in the premiere. To kind of follow-up on some previous questions, how many of the pop culture references come from you, including the Chad Michael Murray reference? Maybe if there’s something in the ‘70s that might be something that I came with, but most of the ‘80s references I have no idea what I’m talking about. I love video games anyway, so a Psych video game somehow that I could play on Xbox or Wii would be great. So when I get my Psych bobbleheads it will be Shaun, Gus, and President Barack Obama bobbleheads sitting on my counter.
And if you, Dule, being an encyclopedia of useless knowledge that oddly becomes useful every week, is it anything like the way your brain works in real life?
And of course you never know if they’re legit or not, but there were some interesting stories in terms of like physicalizing the gift.
It would be just a reoccurring cycle just would keep going around, because then my response would be the question you just asked me if you would ask me the question again.
From the time we first got together there was a good vibe there, and we’ve had a cast that continued to grow with it. I just have to say right quick Life’s Camera Homicidio was on repeat at my house for the longest—love that episode. I do think there is something that Jeff Wachtel and Bonnie Hammer could do–if they say the show is over they maybe might see Gus say no more. You couldn’t have a group that was sort of more acutely aware of not getting complacent, of recognizing how important it is to not become predictable and to not get stale, because it happens to so many other shows.
I think, as Roday was saying, we keep challenging ourselves to keep raising the bar, to keep staying engaged, and even as the actors on the set to keep staying connected and staying alive each time we do it.
First of all, just the fact that Roday and Tim Curry went into a little back and forth saying, “No.” You couldn’t really beat that. It was just one of those things where all the pieces came together and you just sort of sat back and pinched yourself a little bit, because you’re like I can’t believe this is A, happening, and B, like episode one of season two. Both of you play characters who are more complicated than they first appear, like it would be easy to play Shawn as just this grifting slacker but there’s more to him than that. For me I would say the most challenging thing about playing Shawn is the tight wire act between slacker and man child, and then also somebody that you really do want to invest in emotionally and like every week. I guess when a question comes up it makes me think about it, but in my day-to-day action on the set I don’t really process it I just do it.
I was wondering if at this point there are any may or may not things you would tell us about what’s going to happen.
If Shawn and Gus went camping and they ran into a clan of hungry, angry cannibals what would the plan be to fight them off? And then Gus would come in and talk about the nutritional principals of the food they were going to get instead of the make-up of eating Shawn and Gus together. At which point Gus would have to create a diversion, and you would end up with us running as fast as our legs would carry us and probably screaming bloody murder.
I think it was a lot harder to come by moments like that in the early episodes, as opposed to now when we’ve been doing it so long. And so I wanted to let you guys know if you did do the porn spoof I have a lot of volunteers. If we can last a little bit longer you’ll definitely get a musical episode before all is said and done.
Anyone can create a topic here, but joining these RPs is by application-only so that RP owners can control the literacy level they're comfortable with. With a slim build, she has a mostly flat, toned stomach built for fighting, along with slightly muscular arms due to training. Its what Ive been called since I was new on Fanpop and may even be recognized more as my name than my actual name at this point. You can probably guess its the first two letters of my username repeated in a cute fashion. Its also a reference to the sheer pride that I tend to carry around and how it is pretty easily hands down my largest of all the sins that I commit. I believe it was a reference to the "Im so nice and I wanna help and I wanna be you friend and Im so fluf- *smirk* Did you just do that..?
Or Bill Clinton, or Keanu Reeves, or… Color vision deficiencies are very common and affect a substantial portion of the population.
It is a no-brainer that many of your readers will be color blind, the statistics don’t lie.
An alternative approach is to define a color scheme upfront, one that certainly will work for color blind people too.
You know we’re like kids in a candy store, and it kind of brings people back to a time in their youth when people just dared to do anything, and that’s what we do on Psych. It’s something different, especially working with Roday where he likes to improv a lot it challenges me to work on different muscles that I haven’t used before. It’s weird the way that worked out, because when I came out of theater school I took myself way too seriously, so it’s kind of ironic that I ended up sort of going down the comedy path.
I would say pretty much eight times to of ten there is some relation to the crazy name that Gus is being called. I want to say that would be the equivalence that I could think of, but besides that there’s not really anything that I’ve thought about before to say yes, this is what the template is.
No one takes themselves too seriously; we all come to work and we are pretty much getting paid to laugh all day. When that show started were you guys like going, “Hmm, that sounds familiar,” and was it sort of fun to sort of point that out on screen?
I just can’t help it, I just loved dressing up as Michael Jackson and being able to do a moonwalk, have John Landis direct me while I’m dressed up as Michael Jackson in Thriller. I have to say I think we’re kind of storming out of our gates this year with some really good stuff. Chad Michael Murray became the target of some early jabbing for us after I saw some interview where it was like a behind the scenes of House of Wax and he was wearing a wife beater.
Maybe say from Roday’s side he may write a few more episodes, but he was already writing episodes anyway. Because none of our producers are up in Vancouver with us it was just sort of a necessary thing that we take on a little more responsibility to help the show sort of run smoothly. I was interested to hear like does it ever take over your body, does your body heat rise, stuff like that; anything that I could steal. What’s the one question that you both wish someone would ask you that no one has ever asked you? I think that’s one of the things that is really cool about our show is that we have as much fun as we do, A, and B, we get to play characters that are pretty different from our real life personas.
And just finished seeing the premiere a couple of nights ago, and I couldn’t help but wonder while I was watching is there anything, in your guys’ opinions, that would cause Gus to say no more? And so when we go to break stories and we’re on set it sort of pushes us, quite frankly, to not settle for stuff that feels like it could be better and that’s sort of the way we’ve been treating the show from the beginning. And then also I think certain things we try to make sure we don’t run certain things to the ground, like Gus is not going to run screaming out every episode. You’re working with a comic genius, a great actor, along with Gina Gershon too, it was great. What do each of you think is your character’s most difficult trait to capture and what moment in the show has allowed that character element to shine?
I would say I guess for me it would be that Gus to not make him too nerdy but not make him too cool, because he is a nerd.
Because eating the two of us together wouldn’t be good, but eating what we’re going to go and get would be that much better. So I’ll say the scene in Forgive Me Not where we were pretending to be doctors from other countries and spoke in the ticktock language to the zoo doctor.
It wasn’t planned to go as far as it did, and Bob Dansky just let us run with it and it turned into that where we just were– I don’t even know how we were communicating, but we were doing some kind of language to each other that kept on going. You guys are awesome!________________________________________________________________________________They kept us hidden, suppressed. The gills on both sides of her neck are slightly gray tinted and permanent, though not always in use.
As many as 8% of men and 0.5% of women are affected with the common form of red-green color blindness. But even before your manuscript reaches your public, the chance that it is reviewed by a color blind expert is substantial.
But I think what makes this role special compared to some of the other stuff that I’ve done is just the fact that I’ve had the opportunity to live with it so long and sort of watch it sort of grow and nurture it, not unlike you nurture a plant. But I love the fact that it was sort of rooted in the idea that these two guys absolutely, positively were dependent on one another to solve a crime, because Holmes was sort of the face of the franchise but Watson was the guy that sort of kept their feet on the ground and did a lot of the thinking.
But I really enjoy the pop culture references that you make in the series, and I just wondered if you could be in any television show of the past which would it be? That was us teasing with the hoax that if some of our executives were in the audience it was like a hint, hint listen to how bad everybody wants this. As long as they have a sense of humor over there I would think that they would be sort of flattered and get a kick out of it. I think last year we stormed in our heads, but we were actually like trotting at a casual pace, and this year I actually think we’re storming out of the gates for real.
It was just a real serious interview, and I got such a kick out of it that we had to have some fun at his expense. From my side I would think it’s more of a title; it hasn’t really changed the actual working dynamic that much. Of course I did not tell them while visiting that I was going to be playing a fake psychic nor did they figure it out on their own, so maybe that tells you everything you need to know about the people that I met with. I love talking about my fellow cast mates, because I think they’re all geniuses and I think they’re all so talented. The cast as a whole we like hanging out with each, making each other laugh, going out having dinner, playing poker, playing mafia. Is there anything that Shawn could do that would just drive Gus over the edge and Gus would just have to take a stand and say no, I’m just not going to do that?
And while it may get more and more challenging the longer that we last the truth is we don’t ever want to be considered one of those shows that dropped off after season blank and then was just sort of on autopilot until the end. After you find yourself doing certain things for a while you kind of say okay, let’s go someplace else with it to keep the characters alive.
And then having John Landis direct, as I said before, for myself it was one of the all time great moments for me on Psych.

And sort of walking that line and always knowing when to stop is sort of the most challenging on a day-to-day basis.In terms of like a single event that sort of helped me with that I would say probably when we brought Shawn’s mother onto the show, first episode of season three. But at the same time you want him to be cool also, and I think too far in either direction would change the dynamic of the show. He had given his character a lot of thought, and that was sort of enough for us, I think, just seeing an actor of that caliber come in and be definitely sort of concerned and tuned in as he was. Most likely wearing a pair of simple cargo pants or skinny jeans and a shirt along with a pair of converse high tops, and if she's ever around people who don't know about her special attributes, she wears a scarf to cover her gills.
So together if you put the Right Hand with the Left Hand, both working amazingly together, you get The Ambidextrous Duo.
Think about it, in a country like the United States, this means more than 13 million people (4.25% of the entire population), most of whom are male. And working with a great group and an unbelievable cast and sort of having the freedom to do what we do on the show sort of sets it apart from any role that I’ve played, comedy or drama. That’s not exactly what the dynamic is on Psych, but the sort of ying yang element of it of there’s no way that either of these guys could work on their own and there’s no way that they could accomplish what they were doing without the other one is definitely sort of a big element of what we do on Psych.
One day if you get a chance you come up there and we’ll have them sing you Happy Birthday just for no reason in particular. Obviously, it’s not malicious in any, but it’s what we do on our show and if you’re going to go make a bigger show that’s kind of like our show and get four times as many viewers and Emmy nominations then you should expect to hear about it when our show airs. And I have to say, for the record, my favorite line from Without A Clue is after Michael Caine pokes a dead body with a stick and announces to everyone, “It is my opinion that this man is dead.” So there you go. So anything that allows me the opportunity to go off ranting about them and watching them work and what a joy it is for me to sort of sit back if I’m writing or directing and sort of watch them do their thing is a great question that I feel like I don’t get asked enough. It’s just us up there in Vancouver, so if we didn’t get along then I think it would show itself on screen. I think a major part of Gus really enjoys going along on the journeys that Shawn takes him, but just doesn’t want to come out of his face and actually admit.
And I don’t think anyone will ever sort of break in that regard; we’ll always continue to challenge each other and make sure that everybody is working as hard as they possibly can. Kind of we peeled back a layer that I think by tapping into it has allowed that sort of tight wire act to get a little easier just because you sort of saw a side of him that was way vulnerable that he didn’t have complete control over. So it’s always trying to find that balance of cool nerdiness or nerdy coolness or something like that. I mean don’t get me wrong; we had a great time with him and he was a blast to work with, but we didn’t rib him too much. We’re their secret project, the soldiers for if something happened that made this stupid war worse. And I was going to do a reference to Anna from K and be "Homura Princess" but I didnt like the sound of "Princess" and since I dont mind being masculinated and "Prince" sounded better, I went for "Homura Prince".
It’s a promise; it’s definitely a promise that if there’s a season five Twin Peaks will definitely happen. He always wants to say this is wrong and we shouldn’t be doing this, but I think he would go pretty much wherever Shawn leads him, and I don’t think Shawn would lead him to far off the ledge. And once we sort of put that out there I think it made things a little bit easier in terms of the balancing act. They were the ones who turned us into freaks of nature with powers; they made us half human, half animal wrecks.
This project centered around the highly controversial, newly developed drug called Nemex, which was supposed to make normal humans into something extraordinary.Due to the controversy and possible dangers, they couldn’t do much with the drug with their limited volunteers.
Desperate enough to take the search for test subjects into their own hands.A draft for such a dangerous serum would have make tensions worse, and it would have turned the media against their own country. In order to find subjects, to perfect their weapon, and to be able to pull that last card from their sleeve, they decided to take ten orphaned children, who didn’t have anyone that would miss them.This option was attractive to the government due not only to the availability but also from the fact that children are more prone to grow and adapt than adults are.
As such, the prime candidates to be picked up and tested on were all between the ages of nine and thirteen, around the age children hit puberty.These ten children were kept in an underground bunker for five years, where they were given constant doses of Nemex, as well as a place to live, stay, and learn. The decision to choose children instead of adults ended up being a smart choice in the end, for the project was a complete success, giving all the kids strange abilities and a new form to match.All of the children, now in their teen years, are just starting their initial training before they enter, and hopefully win, this seemingly never-ending war. Sadly, until practice, she will only be able to make them think about the option, not do it. Not many people notice her since at first glance she looks kind of weak and pathetic, not very approachable.
Deep under she is a very unique girl, thinking of fun things to do and looking at things differently then others. He has the facial structure, fur, and claws of a cougar, and past his knees, his legs are thinner and end in paws, yet his bones are still strong enough to hold up his weight.As stated before, Chase’s face looks more like a cougar’s than a human’s. His ears sit at the top of his head, both of them being large and pronounced.Tawny colored fur covers Chase’s body from head to foot, with dark brown fur on his ears. She is quite confident in herself beside the fact it's hard to talk to others without having a nervous break down. From his lower jaw to his waist line, there’s an area of light colored, almost off-white fur. He has a bit of that same fur over his eyes and on his top jaw.Chase’s hands and feet are more paw like, but he still retains the ability to grab things, as he still has thumbs. If she could she would trade lives with someone who has had a hard time, just so they are happy and she is miserable. A long, skinny tail comes out of his lower back, also a tawny color.As for clothing, Chase prefers to wear a white tank top with a black leather jacket over it. He doesn’t like to fight and prefers to hang around in the background, watching everyone else. He kept to himself instead of playing with the others, and didn’t make many friends because of it. At the age of 14 a man came to their house, arresting her father and taking joy off to this project.
Unfortunately they weren't able to get her father for much since neither joy or her mother spoke up. May be corrupted or overwhelmed by his own intelligence making the user to be arrogant or underestimate the opponent.Luck- Most users have literally no control over this power, so what happens is just random. Over reliance may lead to overconfidence and eventually defeat.Soul Reading- May have to be physical. May be painful.Hell-Fire Manipulation- The flames created can be difficult to control, and may cause lethal backfire if not handled properly.
User must be careful when using the flames around comrades, to prevent causing unintended casualties. User may not be able to manipulate normal fire, and cannot use the flames for normal day purposes (i.e. Low level users may not have actual manipulation of the flames, and instead can only produce it and let it run wild afterwards.Earth Manipulation- May be unable to create earth, being limited to manipulating only from already existing sources. His fur is a dark brown with some black patches, his ears sitting atop his head and his nose being a black or dark brown color. He is usually a solitary person with very controlled emotions.Just like everyone else, Arron has his quirks. He compulsively counts things, is prone to loss of appetite, and is prone to hair-twiddling when nervous. As for weaknesses and flaws, he is judgmental, self-important, socially awkward, dangerously obsessive, and moody. User's imagination, less creative usually means they can only make simplified constructs, such as geometric shapes and stick figures. Can be broken if the amount of force that is applied is greater than the amount the user's imagination can produce.
If the construct takes too much damage it may be difficult to maintain and can break, especially if the user has problems with maintaining focus.Aura Manipulation - Users must be in control of their moods. May be able to use only one aura at a time.Holographic Projection - May not look realistic (static or scan lines).
She usually wears an extravagant medium-length dress and a pair of high boots, over which she wears a white lab coat. Typically she is ambitious and curious, while also being generally self-controlled, nurturing, and trusting. She is never romantic or sympathetic.Christin, like all other humans, has flaws and weaknesses. She is prone to spacing out when nervous, she often tries to figure out how things could be run more effectively, and she is annoyed by people prone to foot-tapping.Just like other humans, Christin also has her own interests.
Some of the others swear she's lying about her age due to this, although she knows otherwise. However, when it gets closer it gets to winter, she finds her hair starting to grow in white and thicker, much like a regular arctic fox.Her hands themselves are a bit curled inwards. Her nails are longer than the average person's, and find themselves to be almost in a point, without being sharp. When she does wear hoodies, she wears them oversized so that she can slip her hands into the sleeves. She refuses to admit that she’s wrong, even when she is, and she’s too hardheaded to apologize for any mistakes she makes. She’s not necessarily book smart, and she is a bit awkward, but she does have ways to get what she wants from people.If Kenna were to see a kid alone on the street, she would sympathize with him or her, but she wouldn’t necessarily do more than maybe spare a coin or two.
She doesn’t like being yelled at, and she prefers to work independently rather than with a group or team. She doubts she would ever be able to be a leader herself, or that she would ever be able to handle caring exclusively for herself without anyone’s guidance.
She has some self-worth issues, viewing herself as “just another cog in this war machine.” She’s good at talking to people that she knows she won’t be talking to often or seeing again, but the second she’s around someone she’ll have to meet and see frequently, she gets really shy and afraid of being judged by them. Will Get;Hallucikinesis - The power to manipulate illusionsMagic - The ability to use magical forces to varying degrees. May be unable to create ice, being limited to manipulating only from already existing sources. Creation of ice may depend on the amount of moisture available, dry areas could make this difficult or impossible.
Vibrations are difficult (if not impossible) to freeze, as they cause the ice to shatter, making sound-based abilities a perfect counter.Frigokinesis - Distance, mass, precision, etc. May be unable to create snow, being limited to manipulating only from already existing sources. Creation of snow may depend on the amount of moisture available, dry areas could make this harder or impossible.
Some targets may be immune, mainly those who either have this ability as well or other mental ability. User may be unable to create accurate illusions, such as making things that don't exist or situations that would never happen in a million years.
One common mistake is misplacing a feature on a person, or forgetting to add shadows to their forms. People with Danger Sense may be able to distinguish a fake illusion by telling which one is really a threat.Magic - There is always a price.
The price can range from something as insignificant as the magical energy required to activate your magic, a part of your sanity, or even something devastating, like your own life, or worse.
Results range from amusing to annoying, but mendable, to destructive to lethal, to Catastrophic to Apocalyptic.
Without the knowledge or proper skill, the intended use of a spell can create unpredictable or potentially dangerous results.

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