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This is an infographic explaining 10 of the most common reasons why men see fat or obese women as unappealing or unattractive. To do a decline cable fly, wrap the center of a cable around a pole or post, such as a bed post or vertical bar on a window or stairway. To do a cable chest press, begin in the same position as the incline chest press except hold your arms bent at right angles instead of straight at shoulder level.
To do an incline cable fly, start in the same position as theA declineA cable fly but lower your arms to abdomen level. The decline chest fly, cable chest press, and decline cable fly combine to give you a total chestA workout.

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We just need a little creative thinking, some basic equipment and about 20 minutes’ worth of time. The chest fly is a classic pec exercise typically performed with dumbbells or on a pec fly machine, but the easiest way to do cable flye during an in-home workout is using an exercise cable, which is basically an elastic band with handles. The cable chest press is easy to do in home with the same set up as the incline cable fly, and is much more convenient than using a barbell andA exerciseA bench. Working the upper chest adds that extra bit of definition on the top of the pecs that really adds to the overall look.

There are few chest exercises that really work the lower part of the pectorals, and few ways to do them comfortably.
Press forward until your arms are straight and your hands come together in front of your chest.

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