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Chris, received the guitar in tip top shape.A  Very beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!A  Another fantastic instrument.
A I finally got around to recording it the other night, and it was really easy to get a decent sound on tape (well, digital tape). Chris, I just wanted to let you know some compliments I received on your work this past weekend. It's been great having a guitar that you don't have to amplify except if you are in a loud club environment playing with other electric instruments, and you don't have to force sound to get volume when you don't have amplification.
The sound is superb and, of course,it's a beautiful piece of work that I will treasure for years. I could go on all day about how pleased I am, but for starters, the sound is soooooo complex. A (I honestly don't know that much about luthiery, but I like finding out good things aobut my guitar!). Man, sometimes it feels like I could physically pull sound out of this guitar when I play it. Email to Chris Kachian after a concert in Twin cities chris outstanding concert on saturday!A  thanks so much for letting me know about it.
Dallas TX The guitar is great.A  I have one other that has almost as good a sound but the extra harmonic overtones, vibrations, etc. This guitar is the sweetest thing I've put my hands on in a long time (aside from my one-year old daughter).
As I sit in my favorite chair listening to Christopher Parkening playing Chaconne by Bach, I can't help but take a few glances over at my brand new Spruce and Brazillian Chris Carrington guitar and dream of greatness.A  A new guitar doesn't make one great, but it sure is a wonderful catylist for motivation and inspiration. But spending a four-figure amount on anything requires microscope-esque examination, so I talked Chris into letting me take #164 to the Christopher Parkening master class in Montana.A  It soon got praise from not only the students, but was given a real christening in my heart after Mr.
Chris not only helped me in finding this guitar, but he also has spent care and time explaining how he crafts the nuances of the instrument and how things work in his shop, which I appreciate.A  He obviously loves his work and I am proud to now own my Chris Carrington Spruce guitar and will enjoy breaking it in in the years to come. I purchased a flamenco guitar with cypress body and a cedar top from Chris in March 1999.A  I have enjoyed it since. I think it is remarkable that Chris is able to make an instrument so well suited and adjusted to the rather specialized world of flamenco.A  I hope to enjoy mine for many years. Chris, thanks so much for enhancing my life with the richness of whatever you touch.A  The very best to you, your beautiful wife Diane and your boys.
Dominic Frasca, New York City Chris Carrington is one of the most open minded and creative guitar makers on the planet, he understand what a player wants and needs from a guitar becuase he is a player , and a bad ass one at that.A  His guitars represent the future of classical guitar. Sometimes the emphasis is on preserving the aroma, other times perhaps protection from dampness, oxygen or light, and last but not least, it should protect the contents from physical damage.  Only the best is good enough.
I performed with it last night at a coffee shop in Denton and received so many compliments on it.
This guitar has the sweetest sound that I have ever heard and I will put it up against any of the top guitar makers. I frequently play an outdoor patio at a restaurant where I usually would play amplified using an Ovation. It works in all contexts (I've used it for gigs, chamber music as well concertos.) and through any system.
The joints are carefully fit, the neck is a dream, the details are carefully done, the wood is nice, it looks good. I couldn't let you know any sooner how much I like the guitar because I didn't want to set it down long enough to write to you. Carrington proved to be a clean and lively guitarist whose playing was A refreshingly free of extranaeous squeaks.
She projects as well as any guitar I've ever played and has that dark and sweet sound I was looking for -- reminds me of a good cognac. Also, I used the electronics in a chamber rehearsal and the flute player said that he could hear my part very clearly.
I originally bought it to use as an electric classical guitar for chamber music, my group Ufonia and concerti.
I have big palms, and the shoulder helps me with my thumb position automatically.A  No pain radiating up my neck. Yesterday I received #102, or my new guitar as I like to call it.A  It is beautiful and sounds the same.
I wanted to buy a world-class concert guitar and I'd decided on an instrumentA  from one of the big-name luthiers.A  I figured it was the only way to get a guitar with really spectacular sound. And we maintain the state-of-the-art by cold grinding method with fully automated plant in conjugation with traditional methods of high quality standard of our products which will therefore provide the key to freshness of our products. From the founder's Desk (Late B.
In fact, a boy, Adam I think was his name, about 12 years old and a pretty good player was very interested and I gave him all of your information. I performed an art opening at a large gallery here in Raleigh this past weekend and received many compliments on the volume and sound of the instrument. It plays evenly throughout its entire range, has a very punchy top range, a delightfully sonorous middle range, and the loudest bass response I've heard from any guitar. I finally have an instrument that is well balanced across the strings and up and down the neck, as well as having a rich and complex tone. Finally a string broke, so I decided, before I rushed to change it, that I'd finally e-mail you to tell you how great the guitar is and how much I love it.
A Performing on an instrument he made himself, he achieved an excellent balance with his colleagues, the guiitar being audible at all times. I like the fact that she's not too moody; it takes about 2 minutes to warm her up each day and then she sings like a Roman siren.

I did not get much time playing (too much travelling this week) but I cant wait to go back home and play it.
The sound is simply amassing, particularly for a new guitar.A  What a beautiful sound and it is also sounds somewhere between flamenco and classic Thank you very much for the guitar, I'll treat it right I hope ot see you soon, please give me call when you can make it to Michigan. I was overjoyed to find it was a wonderful concert instrument at an extremely affordable price. Alongside the expert craftsmanship, it sounds so very balanced, sonorous, bass expressive and sweet. With each tour, he'd bring a newly finished guitar fit with electronics that he would play in my shows.
A When you hear it, you going to think that I'm an even bigger asshole than you previously thought. It works in all a€?contexts (I've used it for gigs, chamber music as well concertos.) and a€?through any system. Thanks for your advice on the setup and materials, it is the easiest to play classical guitar I've tried. She's also very well balanced in the upper and lower range, bringing my bass notes out much more clearly with less effort. First, the absolute concertA  quality of the guitar, plugged or unplugged.A  The intonation is perfect.
You could say that he learned his craft through constant testing and retesting of his designs while actually in concert.
It plays evenly throughout its entire range, has a very a€?punchy top range, a delightfully sonorous middle range, and the loudest bass a€?response I've heard from any guitar.
I have played for hours going through all my old songs that I learned just to hear the big sound it makes. I had problems with technique on my last guitar (which I haven't played since I bought this one) that have disappeared now, so the time we spent measuring for my hands paid off. I base this on the fact that I traded in my 1979 Kohno for it, and had no idea I would be doing so when I walked into the store.
Second, I was stunned by the high fidelity produced by the electronics.A  Absolutely incredible! The true wonder of all this though, is a€?that all those qualities translate into the amplified application. It seems like it will be a very versatile instrument to use for playing A different venues.
And when I added the chorus and reverb I found aA  beautiful tone that I intend to use in the upcoming recording project.A  So, all of this is a tribute to you, an extremely gifted luthier and guitarist.
Zoom in on your subject using a view-finder so that edges go off at least one side of your page.2. I'm amazed that a guitar with such a good acoustic quality sounds so natural when amplified. It has a wonderful tone as a straight acoustic that I know will open up beautifully with some playing and the RMC is really going to change the way I use the Roland synth and how I compose. Your combination of talent is extremely rare, and I feel very lucky to haveA  stumbled upon you as I did!
One was a cutaway with MIDI accessability, and the other two were traditional concert guitars. Choudhary, who has years ofexperience and expertise in spice trading, begin as a farmer from small town and was engaged in the farming of spices. A reporter that was covering the event asked me at length about where I got the guitar - he obviously was a player and took down your web address.
I've been playing in public frequently lately and have never heard a richer sound come from an amplified classical guitar. I was truly amazed to see guitars with electronics sound comparable to much more expensive concert guitars.
His ultimate goal was to provide quality and hygienic spices and therefore he become a manufacturer. My students have purchased several of Chris's guitars, and I own a spruce top with a MIDI pickup. As the brand ‘Rochak’ became a house hold name, he started manufacturing Cereals, processed food, Pickles, Snacks and preserved foods.
I may have to raise the action a bit if I play classical gigs or get used to playing closer to the bridge when playing rest stroke passages.A  Do you recommend tying knots at the end of the string rather than looping it over the bridge as I noticed you had done that.
His first works were painted in black and white and later introduced color.In 1988, Close suffered a collapsed spinal artery, which left him almost completely paralyzed. Thorough experience in spice trading prompted the company to manufacture and deliver pure and authentic spices, cereals and other food products to millions of kitchens in India. A brace on his hand, a wheelchair, and other aids allowed him to paint again.In the 1990s his work became freer and more lively. The company is manufacturing and packing its products under brand name of "ROCHAK" and "ROCHAK 24 CARAT". Each square onhis grid in closeup resembled tiny abstract paintings, but at a distance were monumentalportraits.From the 1970s to the present, Close has used a wide variety of media to create multiple images such as mezzotint, aquatint, linoleum cut, woodcut, screen print, paper pulp, and daguerreotype.
With finest products in its pure form and blends, Rochak has found a pride place in the millions of Kitchens in a short span.                               From the Chairman's Desk (Mrs. She is the only personality who help and give him all her mental touch to her husband in the conversation from trading to manufacturing. Score- making the surface rough in order to join clay pieces togetherStages of Ceramic Clay:1.

As she herself is a housewife and take cares of kitchen perfectly, she knows the spices, whether its general spice or mix spice and their qualities very well.
Leather-hard: The first stage of clay when it still has moisture in it, but can hold its form2. Apart from that, she also helps in quality testing, presentations and recipe to name a few. Apart from all these activities, she also takes care of Interior, exterior and cleanliness of factory and office premises. Suman Choudhary)  She is mainly house wife and Spend the necessary time into her family but though she belong to business family so, her second interest is to take part in the discussions, to share the problems of the workers mainly Ladies worker and staff. She personally discussed the problems of our factory workers and not only that she also want to share her time with them.
Her earlier (before marriage) life was also passed with business family so she have easily convert her mind in the field of business.
Her ideal is her grand mother (in current age she use to share the problems with their family).
Ghanshyam Choudhary in the area of current technology and development and a hard labour of our Managing Authority with full support of every people of his family. The Award which has been given to us in the field of QUALITY.                             From the Desk of Managing Authority (Mr. Ghanshyam Choudhary) Hind Spectron Manufacturers (P) Ltd a promising and fast growing manufacturing company has stormed into Indian Spice and Food Processing field with a vision to deliver authentic Indian spices & other related food products to the million of kitchens in our soil, keeping in mind the diverse culinary palate of India, under the able leadership of Mr.
For example, an artist may stylize a model's face and body by eliminating all specifics of personality and character. Manufacturing has been a traditional secret, transferred from a generation to another generation.
Recently, the concept of printmaking has been expanded to include processes such as photography, photocopying, and other non-traditional processes.Original Prints vs.
The word Rochak itself means delicious which has been vigorously supported by our best quality food products finest spices in its purest form and blends and proudly selected by millions as their ULTIMATE CHOICE in a short span.As you all are well aware about the fact that we have been awarded by the Govt of India for Quality food product.
Reproduction Prints- An original print is one made by an artist that is designed to be a print.
We are happy and glad to share our views with you about the moment that also came in the history of our Organisation.
The artist chooses a specific printmaking medium because of the qualities it will give the print. We have convey our views about the production of Spices, production capacity of Nation, Production Purety of our Nation. The original painting, drawing, etc., is photographed and then a reproduction print is made of the original. Monoprint- (also called monotype) a method of printmaking in which the artist draws an image on a flat inked surface and presses paper against the surface to make a print. He has a ability to read, to understand the demand of  users (Consumer).                                                                                                   From the Desk Of Factory Manager (Mr. Any area that is cut away from the flat surface of the block will be white in the print because the cut-away area will receive no ink. Intaglio- A print made by inking the area of a metal or plastic plate that has been cut, scratched or etched into the plate.
The artist engraves (cuts) or scratches lines into the plate (drypoint) or uses acid to etch lines into the plate. The ink that is on the surface of the plate is then wiped away leaving only the ink that has been caught in the lines of the plate.
Intaglio processes require the use of a printing press because of the great pressure needed to press the paper into the small lines of the plate.
Aquatint is an etching process that gives artists the ability to create value areas from watery grays to dense blacks.
Money is printed by engraving the image on soft steel which is then printed using the intaglio process.
Artist's Proof print- Usually the final proof print(s) before the artist prints an edition of the image. In making art prints, all the prints are alike, but each is considered to be an original work of art. Each print is an original because the print is designed to be an image that takes advantage of the qualities of the printmaking process to help get the artist's ideas across in the finished image. They were not concerned the perfection of the subject, they just wanted to observe the subject as closely as possible to represent it as realistically as possible. This group of artists were the first to breakthe rules of academic painting which was very formal, realistic and posed. Other characteristics include using short quick brush strokes, bright colors, a focus on light and it changing qualities, and mixing paint right on the canvas.
For example, an artist may stylize a model's face and body by eliminating all specifics of personality and character. Artist's Proof print- Usually the final proof print(s) before the artist prints an edition of the image. Each print is an original because the print is designed to be an image that takes advantage of the qualities of the printmaking process to help get the artist's ideas across in the finished image.

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