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In WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN, the strength of marriage is put to the test when Alice and Michael Green (Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia) confront Alice's alcohol problem. WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN turns out to be too predictable, a trifle too pat, too unrealistic. The film covers an important subject but is not entirely convincing although Ryan and Garcia turn in fairly credible acting performances, and the film does accurately portray the tremendous heartache, particularly the frustration and sadness for children that alcoholism produces. The story revolves around a happily married couple, Alice and Michael Green (Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia) and their two young daughters, Casey and Jess. Alice's drinking problem becomes apparent in the opening scenes of the film when she runs from the house, climbs on a car and smashes eggs on the top and windshield.

Alice's loss of self-control increases because of drinking, and since Michael is a pilot, he is not there to help. She call you and text you all day when you are away from her because she wants to be part of every single thing you do. Michael also contradicts Alice when she tells Jess to do things, all of which adds to Alice's frustration.
She will be jealous of other women around you because she wants all your attention focused on her. One night when Michael is gone, Alice takes a shower, passes out and crashes through the glass door.

She would like to meet you every day because she would love to spend quality time with you.
The incident brings Michael home, and he realizes she needs help, so Alice enters an alcoholic rehabilitation center.

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