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These T-Shirts are shorter than a Men's Shirts, so it they will cover your midriff, and settle down around your hips (NOT over your hips and almost down to your knees!). We think it is just the right thickness for a nice quality ladies t-shirts that is simply the perfect blank canvas for us to bling and adorn before wear!!
Delicately ruched chiffon over luxurious tulle gives this short prom dress a flattering slim fitted strapless bodice adorned with sparkling jeweled accents that create a festive vibe. With men fighting in the war, the female role changed and women were directed into war work.
As women got used to wearing trousers at work, slacks and pioneer pants became popular as well as the military inspired trench coat.
Tea dresses were also a popular clothing choice, which we regularly associate with the 40s. Wearing patriotic colours of red, white and blue became popular in both Britain and America, with names such as air-force blue, army tan, flag red and cadet blue making the wearer feel they were helping the war effort. My client loves the image you have used can you tell me from where you sourced it, we would like to use it? I owned a pair of these back when I was in high school and I loved them so much I wore them down to the cork and then some. I greatly admire the quality and craftsmanship of German products and Birkenstocks are certainly well made. To make these stay on my feet, I had to pull the straps as tight as they would go, which hurt the top of my foot, so had to return them.

If you hover your mouse over or click on the Euro sizes the corresponding US shoe sizes will appear.
However, this dress just makes you look like a rectangle and does not hug your body at all.
I called customer service about sizing and the lady I spoke with was VERY nice and informative. Materials like silk and wool were needed for the war effort, and many clothes in the 1940s were made from manmade fabrics such as rayon and synthetic jersey. Fashion took on a conservative and military style as women wore utilitarian clothes with stiff tailoring and uniformity. To dress up eveningwear, women made use of sequins and beads, which were not rationed by the war and covered up with the Bolero jacket. Red was often used to dress up the drab blues, browns, greens and black that became the uniform of the decade. It's hard to go wrong in Birkenstock's Arizona sandals, especially when they feel like they were made just for your very own feet! Recently my boyfriend mentioned that he wanted to purchase a pair because he tried on his brother's birks and found them to be really comfortable. It is a little big in the bust but I think if I had gone down a size it would have been too small. By 1941, clothing rationing came in and the government utility scheme forbade the use of trimmings and certain materials as fashion become subject to government decree.

Female curves were hidden once again, as the nipped in waist and narrow skirts produced a slim shape. They made use of prints and patterns and gave women colour and originality during a period of drab wartime clothing. The leather straps on the Birkenstocks are soft and do not stand up by themselves so I have to bend down and pull the straps up to put them on. We both ordered a pair online and we love them so much that we even where them inside the house. According to the Birkenstock website, narrow is a North American equivalent of normal so if your width is normal order the narrow. It's absolutey true to color (mint green can sometimes be tricky) and is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Very happy with my first experience with PromGirl, will most likely order all my dresses here from now on! They appear to be identical to my old pair but that little layer of foam in the footbed makes a wonderful difference. If I have a choice of traditional footbed or soft footbed I will always pick the soft footbed when I puchase any pair of Birks from now on !

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