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So try the quiz now to see if your a Joe Jonas King or Queen or just a Joe Jonas Fan wanna be! So recently my friend had shared a link to an Exo Quiz with me and its called "Who is your Exo Husband?" -- I thought I should share it here as well! The Misfits came out in 1961, and it was the last completed movie that Gable and Monroe ever made.
Born Edythe Marrenner on June 30, 1917, Hayward was nurtured in “poverty and bred to insecurity,” writes Beverly Linet in her 1980 biography of the star, Susan Hayward: Portrait of a Survivor. Throughout her life, the famously Brooklyn-born, red-headed 5-foot-3 actress had “to battle for happiness.  For over three decades, she dazzled audiences and critics with portrayals of tragic, stormy women – a gallery of winners, losers, fighters and survivors – and she knew then well, because they were all her,” Linet writes in fevered prose style. A while ago, we published familiar (to hardcore Sinatra fans) mug shots that were taken when Frank Sinatra was a young man, just starting his career. With the exception of that fellow pictured above, we have written extensively about these stars, and have duly noted their home towns.
Whatever you thought of his merits as an actor (disclosure: Frank is a lot less enthusiastic than Joe), Martin was one cool dude.
Hey pallies, likes what a totally totally provocative Dino-quire and stunnin’ Dino-reflection! Peter Graves, the younger brother of “Gunsmoke’s” James Arness, was also in the picture, playing one Captain Rodney Stimson, and given to delivering such lines as “Take it easy, Yancy. We’ve spent the last few weeks discussing the novel and film “From Here to Eternity,” so we thought we’d bring you up to date on how the film fared when the Academy Awards were given out.
Joe Morella and Frank Segers, your Classic Movie guys, her to cap a series of articles about one of our favorite films written by our Books2Movie maven Larry Michie. In fact in 1953, the film was nominated in 12 categories with two for Best Actor (Burt Lancaster and Montgomery Clift) making the total 13 nominations. The film provided Sinatra a career comeback.  He had lobbied hard to get the part in the movie (it was originally given to Eli Wallach, who turned it down to return to Broadway). That tied the existing record held by “Gone With the Wind.” Maybe, sometimes, hit books make hit films. As you may know, our Books 2 Movie maven Larry Michie has been looking with considerable care into the differences between the 1951 James Jones novel (considered one of the best of the 20th Century) and the 1953 Fred Zinnemann movie version, which we regard as a Hollywood classic. Now, however, I recognize the novel as a towering achievement for its time, a very real portrait of the U.S. From a movie point of view, I’m astonished how the creators of the film managed to pack virtually every relevant aspect of the novel into the length of a film.
I just finished watching the DVD of the movie, and now I see at last that it was a spectacular triumph.
More to the point, the novel goes on at length about a foray by Maggio (Sinatra) and Prew (Montgomery Clift) to an area in town where homosexual hook-ups are taken for granted, and a chapter of the novel depicts the two soldiers in a well-appointed apartment with two men who are quite clear about their status.
James Jones, however, made everything perfectly clear, if you’re willing to read between the lines. So we asked our Books 2 Movies maven Larry Michie to dig in, and compare the novel to the film to see if our hunch is correct.

We like the movie so much that we are devoting a series of blogs covering Larry’s revelations about the original James Jones book as compared with the Fred Zinnemann movie. The novel is brimming over with challenging and sometimes shocking depictions of army life just before the famous Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Bear in mind, however, that many of the army’s enlisted men signed up during the Great Depression because there were few or no jobs available to working-class men. All that is in part a way of warning readers of the book that the men stationed in Hawaii were not always decent and polite. James Jones was not an elegant writer, and the prose of the novel is as rough-hewn as the enlisted men who are portrayed. Joe Morella and Frank Segers, your classic movie guys, here to discuss one of the easiest ways to determine whether an actor is or was a star. 10, we asked you to identify not only the stars pictured (the easy part) but also the titles of the last pictures they made.
Although she looks absolutely smashing in those poolside photos shot during the ill-fated production, her erratic behavior got her fired from the picture and then rehired. She fell ill during filming, and the crew and cast, assuming she would recover in due course, continued the production.
What puzzled us initially was that the singer’s Hoboken, New Jersey birthplace is located in Hudson County. Never was, never will be anyone as cool as the King of Cool…oh, to return to the days when Dino walked the earth! As any fan of the Oscar knows it was the win by Frank Sinatra for Best Supporting Actor  which garnered almost all of the publicity. She had stiff competition in the Best Supporting Actress category, notably Thelma Ritter who had received her fourth straight nomination.
Now, 60 years later, a digital version of the novel is being prepared by the Jones estate (he died in 1977) that will restore the excised material. I’m not sure what that entails, but this is certain: Throughout the original James Jones novel there are references to homosexual activity, including a non-commissioned officer who had his own group of boys. 7, 1941 attack, always struck us as a tough and sexy, but nowhere near as raw and real as its source material.
And despite a title borrowed from Kipling’s Gentlemen-rankers out on a spree, Damned from Here to Eternity, the ranks of real gentlemen in the novel are few indeed. Lee Prewitt (Montgomery Clift) was from impoverished coal mining country, namely Harlan County, Kentucky, and Maggio (Frank Sinatra) had a menial job at a Manhattan department store. But if you get hooked on the huge, hard-edged depiction of a rough and rugged time in the life of our country, you’ll know that you’ve been given a realistic ride through times that were challenging indeed. He will sing to you at your wedding and you will feel like the worlda€™s most special girl in the world. He might be the maknae in the group, but he has a lot of potential and he will treat you just like how he treats his hyungs. They are, however, included in a huge roundup by MPs of soldiers hanging out in the neighborhood.

The essence of the James Jones novel was captured perfectly by director Fred Zinnemann, and the famous scene of Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr in passionate embrace on the beach (see photo above) has long since been established as a Hollywood icon. By the way, Prewitt was raped at age twelve after he climbed into a boxcar in an attempt to flee poverty. One man in the company had served in World War One, and a few had been involved in the Philippines.
You, being the shy person that you are, will tell him that you are waiting for somebody, but he won't hear it. Milt Warden  (Lancaster in the movie) was a lifer, a highly efficient manager who kept his company humming. Norman Maine is outside at the barbecue preparing a luau (lomi salmon and kalua pig are her specialties). Well life just got a whole lot better for you, because you've found what we all look for - A cute doctor!And he is not just a doctor - he is a pediatrician!
You might not know it yet, but you are gonna meet your future husband very soon, and he is royalty! You are a very adventurous and curious person, so you always like to visit new places and meet new people. At first you won't know that he is in fact a prince (you'll just think he's rich), but after a visit from his mother, the Queen, you will know the truth.
XD Reply Anonymous Why aren't any of the romantic lovers on there white? You might haven'r figured that out yet, but your best friend is also your perfect romantic partner. He loves you a great deal, always there for you whenever you call and he always looks dashing! He has found a great job, started saving up some money and soon he will find you!You are a very curious, adventurous and caring person, so you won't care about his past, only his future. XD Reply Opinion Owner haha thanks xD i feel better about ending up with an ex con now :P Reply Asker Lol, no prob. You have trapped him in the "Friend-Zone" for a long time, but very soon you will see that the love of your life has always been there right under your nose. Tell us in the comments!I would like my husband to be also my friend, but not literally XD I don't think I would marry my best friend, once you're in the friendzone, you never get out of it!!!
Well life just got a whole lot better for you, because you've found what we all look for - A cute doctor!And he is not just a doctor - he is a pediatrician!
How exciting is that?You will meet a nice, smart and funny guy, who just, by the way, runs a Billion Dollar company. He won't tell you about his money at first, and will let you know the real him.After things get a little more serious, he will bring out the big secret, but you wouldn't really care, you'll love him just the same!Do you like your result?

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