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I want to make a huge poster full of things that motivate me, like quotes, pictures, my goals, etc. I pledge to be binge free for the rest of July, and the WHOLE of August :) Reblog if you pledge to do the same. That’s great for you, and I truly do envy you for being able to love yourself regardless of your size. When I go to the gym, I always see these women and girls who run on treadmills in sports bras and tight sweatpants. Attraction is a physical thing, and I believe that most if not all relationships begin on a semi-physical level. When I go on vacations, I usually meet new people and make friends, and the girls are always skinnier than me, and they always get guys. Okay, but being skinny will make me happier if my body is at least 80% of the reason I feel so fucking down sometimes.

I respect your opinions, I respect your wonderful self-confidence, and I wish I shared your views.
Losing weight doesn’t change that you have to care about other aspects of your appearance. I don’t want to feel like I wear baggy sweats because I think those shorts or that tunic just accentuate how fat I am. However, again, it’s one of my reasons and not yours, and I feel like my body is keeping me from loving myself. Regardless of size, if you’re living with another person, you should wear clothes that cover the important bits plus some. So I’d say losing weight is pretty important for me if I want to like going to the beach. I want to feel like I look pretty even when I don’t try, because at the moment I feel like I look decent only when my hair looks really good.

Without my friend unintentionally diverting his attention just because she’s physically more beautiful (skinnier, in my eyes) than I am.
I’d just like some hot male friends when I go on a cruise or to a beach or something. I don’t judge my friends based on their weights and if your friends do, FIND NEW ONES PLEASE because you deserve better. Sure, there are people who are lucky and find someone who falls in love with them regardless of their physical appearance.

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