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Writer Susan Walsh published an informative  article this week on how a woman  can  do her part  to keep her man secure and happy. She says that these are three common sense things that men crave to receive from women and, speaking from experience, have resulted in her own long and happy marriage. The Ma'at's didn't really know anything about Sickle Cell until their first child was born with the disease. A man who has dreams like hers and who will take the time to place his heart inside her heart.

These qualities are important to meet the emotional needs of a potential  or current husband. We know that the hormone oxytocin is released when couples touch and hug and they subsequently feel bonded to one another.  Best-selling author John Gray observed that the resentment that builds up in men in a committed relationship is washed away when they enjoy regular sexual relations. Once a woman begins regularly berating or mocking her partner in public, all romance is driven out of a relationship. He may try to hide his hurt, but the cold anger grows in his soul and soon becomes manifested in his outward actions toward his partner.

Watching a couple  that are bristling with resentment kiss in public is a painful spectacle to behold.

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