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A push press is a press from the shoulders to a locked-out position overhead, using a dip – a bend in the knees – to help drive the weight upwards. There are three main overhead pressing exercises: the shoulder press, the push press and the push jerk.
I think the most useful exercise is the push press, although it is fine to practise the others too. The key to the push press is to drive aggressively and get your torso right underneath the bar for maximum stability.
Take the bar out of a rack or clean it to the racked position across the front of the shoulders. The hands hold the bar just outside the shoulders and elbows should always be forward of the bar. If you can’t quite get your head around the notion of the hip drive, take a look at this video by Coach Mark Rippetoe, where he talks about this aspect of the exercise. The push press is a great exercise for upper body and core strength, and probably more functional than the bench press.
You can also add a push press to a Turkish get-up from the standing position halfway through the exercise.
If you feel like you might fall backwards, just make sure that your head is through the window and your body is under the bar.

The popularity of the bench press has made lifting a weight overhead while standing on your own two feet a rare event outside of olympic weightlifting.
The push press can be performed with the weight across either the front of the shoulders or the back of the shoulders. These three form a continuum of overhead pressing that starts at one end with absolutely no leg involvement (shoulder press) and finishes with quite a lot of leg involvement (push jerk). The shoulder press is pure upper body, particularly shoulder strength with no involvement from the legs. At heavy weights you are more likely to be a bit wobbly so keep everything tight and use your abs to keep your body stable.
They do not have to be pushed right up as they would be in a clean or front squat, but having them forward of the bar keeps the bar in the right position. Bend your knees to a quarter squat and as you drive back upwards, press the bar up with your shoulders and arms. He is teaching the shoulder press rather than the push press, but the principle still applies. An uneven or instable weight such as a sandbag or water barrel makes a good training tool in this exercise. Reading back, I don’t think I straightened my arms as much as I should have done, I also had a bit of paranoia that I was going to topple back, does this pass with confidence?

I am joining a new gym and there are quite a few women doing free weights – mostly mature women (over 50). A push jerk is more technical, as there is a re-bend of the knees in order to receive the bar with bent legs before pushing up into the final locked out position. If the elbows drop, the bar drops and not only is it less stable and harder to hold but you also have to lift it that extra inch further.
When you press upwards, the bar should be as close to your face as possible without bashing yourself, so you will probably end up tilting your head back slightly before driving your head forward as the bar clears your face. You want to maintain that hip angle so that you can use the power that comes from extending (straightening) the knees and hips. At the same time, the hips come back slightly so that there is a slight curve in the lower back at the end. Because there is involvement from the legs, heavier weights can be pressed than would be possible in the shoulder press and it’s more of a full body movement (although of course much of the effort comes from the upper body).

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