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This information supplements and extends the Chronology of Plays addressing or supporting Suffrage Issues 1907-1914 by Susan Croft published in Votes for Women and Other Plays (2009). There was much interest in Indian culture at the time including in the work of the Bengali poet Randranath Tagore, while the Theosophical movement  Many women like Annie Besant were attracted by its connection of social and political change with spiritual change, envisaging a new dawn where women and men would be united as equals. Chitra is an Indian princess – and her story is told by an Indian, who wrote it twenty-five years ago. There was a gratifying reponse to the attractions of the tableaux but the greater opportunity still remains for English woman to help Indian women in their efforts to provide trained Indian teachers. This supplements the Chronology of Plays addressing or supporting Suffrage Issues 1907-1914 published in Votes for Women and Other Plays ed.
This fortnight-long event included an extensive array of stalls selling everything from farm and garden produce to craft items made by WSPU members, from bookstalls selling suffrage literature to hats donated by Liberty and Derry and Toms, palmistry, a bandstand, an ice cream soda fountain and  a polling booth where women could experience how votes were cast. Their focus was the women's suffrage movement, and winning women the right to vote in Manitoba.

Before the provincial election in 1914, the Equality League held a play that depicted a mock parliament, in a society where women were more powerful than men.
It won over its audience as being hilarious and the repeat performances paid for the Political Equality League to continue their campaign. Fred Dixon strongly supported women’s suffrage, running as an Independent candidate, in the 1914 election. The Political Equality League had supported Fred Dixon once again, and Nellie McClung stood beside him on election night when he was victorious.
The Liberals had planned to introduce women’s suffrage legislation but first the new premier wanted more evidence that Manitoba women really wanted the vote. The suffragists prepared petitions that were then presented to the premier; one with 39,584 signatures and another with 4250.
This was especially monumental, as it influenced other Canadian provinces to allow women the right to vote.

In 1917 Canadian women and the women of British Columbia won the right to vote provincially. In 1918 Nova Scotia women won the right, followed by New Brunswick women in 1919 and Prince Edward Island women in 1922.
By 1925 women could vote provincially in every province – except for Quebec, who did not change their law allowing women to vote until 1940.

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