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Inspired by the movie X-Men - First Class, the artist do this excellent redesign of the real first class: Cyclops, Iceman, Beast, Marvel Girl and Angel.
Just imagine having their mutant powers in the real world… What if you had laser focus like Cyclops? Just as I was ready to give up, a friend invited me to clear my mind and spend the weekend with him and his family.
I woke up two days later in a hospital bed – weak, dehydrated, 30 pounds underweight and hooked up to wires and tubes. As I walked through the halls to the boardroom, I was surrounded by amazing movie posters: Star Wars, Alien, Titanic, Avatar. Afterwards, the chairman of Fox Studios took me around the sets, and I saw a movie poster for the upcoming film The Wolverine. I spent an incredible day with them at Comic-Con, and spent the next week on their movie set.
We seek them out, they give us hope, while inspiring us to step into a greater version of ourselves. And they show us, in no uncertain terms, that one person CAN make a difference, no matter the odds.
In the best case, superheroes are role models for standing tall, dealing with adversity, finding meaning in loss, developing abilities to serve others and turning struggles into our strength.
Mark Graunke Sr:July 24, 2015 at 6:03 pmOK, so how do we figure out what our superpower is?
As the creator of Kwik Learning’s brain training programs, I’m known for my memory and ability to read quickly. Not because they were the strongest, but because, like me, they struggled because they were different. Upon arriving at college, I vowed to start fresh, really focus, do better and make my family proud.

But with my new pile of reading, I now had twice the workload, and midterms were coming up. My problem was that I was a slow learner… but no class in school teaches you how to learn, only what to learn. Her mother had beat the cancer, and she credited it to the knowledge she received from her daughter in those 30 days. I told him it was fantastic and told him I was a huge X-Men fan and how I used to ride my bike as a child looking for their school. When I boarded the plane, I was stunned to find myself surrounded by the cast of X-Men: Days of Future Past. I shared brain tips to the cast and crew on how to speed-read scripts and memorize lines, and I got to watch these real-life superheroes bring my childhood dreams to life.
I’m not surrounded by invincible mutants who can teleport, run at the speed of sound, or shoot lasers from their eyes. They’re always discovering and developing their talents and knowledge because their next villain or challenge is never too far away. Thank you for inspiring my courage to rewrite and share my own story with the same genuine, intense & heartfelt gift. I've heard you tell some of your life story before, but it hit me at a deeper level today.
I've bought your memory and reading programs and you are truly great at helping people learn.
In fact, I learned to read by studying the words and pictures of my favorite comic books: Spider-Man, Batman, Avengers and Fantastic Four. My arms were filled with biographies of history’s leaders, as well as some early personal growth classics. Once I recovered, I spent a month reading everything I could on brain science, adult learning theory, multiple intelligence and memory.

Superheroes build strong networks of people they can trust and who compensate for their weaknesses. Feedback is the breakfast of superheroes, so successful people use their senses and smarts to learn what action is working and not working. Spiderman’s Uncle Ben once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Superheroes rarely blame others for their circumstances. Superheroes live in the present because if they’re not at the top of their game, they put lives at stake.
Just as superheroes use their powers for good in both small and large ways, successful people contribute beyond themselves. Like most of us, your deepest challenges bled you to find a way to help yourself and others. Purpose, Passion, Commitment, Focus, Never Giving Up, Compassion, Belief in Ones Self and on and on.
Even if they don’t know exactly how to get there, they let their goals and values guide their actions and behaviors – not the other way around. Pablo Picasso once said, “Action is the foundational key to all success.” Successful people act consistently and intelligently.
This also means they’re not distracted by useless pursuits – they know what’s important and prioritize accordingly.
They also act more than others, creating an almost unstoppable momentum towards their goals.

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