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Dodona was the ancient seat of the oracle of Zeus and Dione, the mother of Aphrodite, also honored as the wife of Zeus instead of Hera. The shrine of Dodona was considered to be the oldest Greek oracle, dating to the second millennium BC, according to the Greek historian Herodotus. In early times, Dodona was the most famous and respected among the oracles where prophecy was given by signs.
In later times, oracles were taken at Dodona from lots, and from the ringing of an iron basin. According to a new interpretation, the oracular sound originated from bronze objects hanging from oak branches and sounded with the wind blowing, similar to a a€?wind-chimea€™, a percussion-like instrument constructed from suspended tubes, rods, bells or other objects, usually made of metal or wood. Dodona oracle, was usually used to settle more private matters regarding marriage, children or theft, and it was famous, but being rather inaccessible.A The site was later replaced by that of Delphi.

It was in existence in the 2nd century AD and does not seem to have disappeared before the 4th.
There are several archaeological remains at ancient site of Dodona, but perhaps the most representative of all, are the ruins of Dodonaa€™s ancient theatre, which had a capacity of 18,000 and had 55 rows of seats divided in three horizontal sections separated by ten flights of steps.
Dodonaa€™s theatre was one of largest in Greece with its 130 m diameter and dates from the 3rd BC and it was built by Pyrrhus (319-272 BC), the king of Epirus, a Greek general and statesman of the Hellenistic period, who was one of the fiercest opponents of Rome. Following the Slav invasion in the 6th century AD destroyed the ancient site and Dodona was abandoned.
Puzzling Unexplained Disappearances In Our National Parks Can Missing 411 Shed More Light On The Story? It became mainly famous in antiquity as a cultural and religious Zeus shrine and oracle center, where many people traveled from neighboring places to worship Zeus and the goddess Dione, from which the city took its name.

Herodotus, but no earlier writer, mentions priestesses, the givers of the oracles, undoubtedly under some kind of guidance from the god. In front of this basin, there was an iron statue of a boy standing with a whip formed of three chains, from which some buttons hung which touched the basin. However, it never lost its reputation, and it was still consulted, also by the states of Athens and Sparta.

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