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The 00 gauge is the most popular type of model railway standard in the United Kingdom and manufacturers still produce numerous detailed 00 gauge models and starter kits.
The Hornby R1126 Mixed Freight 00 Gauge DCC Electric Train Set is a digital command control (DCC) fitted set that includes a 0-6-0 tank locomotive and four wagons. The Hornby R6369 RailRoad Breakdown Crane is a 00-gauge model that enhances railway layouts. In spring 2014, there was a model railway exhibition and this narrow gauge module system was presented in O Scale. The Select digital controller in this set can control up to 60 locomotives, run 10 locomotives at a time, and operate 40 solenoid-operated accessories.

It is compatible with all Hornby layouts including standard Hornby and the Thomas and Friends series.
It's a scene from the Wild West with locomotives of the railway companies Little River Lumber Company, Greenbrier & Big Run Lumber Company and Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad Company. The train set is ideal for beginners and those who want to change from analogue to digital because it makes an excellent base for creating a full model railway layout. This Class A1 4-6-2 locomotive has a round dome without a smokebox patch, a corridor tender, and couplings at both ends. The Hornby RailRoad range includes a variety of individual models, such as locomotives and rolling stock.

The Mixed Freight Electric Train Set includes BR 0-6-0 diesel-electric class 08 models, namely the BR 0-6-0T class J83 locomotive, and two wagons, a tanker, and a vent van. The coaches are 1977 teak Gresleys marked '22356', '22357', and '4236' respectively, with grey roofs and dark metal wheels.
The set includes a TrakMat, a third-radius track that forms a large oval and two sidings, a controller, a transformer, and leads.

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