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Standard scale model trains, also known as standard gauge modern trains, are highly collectible items with a history dating back to the early 20th century. Standard scale model trains were so named by their manufacturer because the space between the tracks of these trains measures 2.25 inches.
Many individuals who are interested in standard scale model trains will buy these items according to brand. These trains are generally considered junk or salvage items that can only be used for their parts. Many collectors add standard scale rolling stock cars to their model train sets in order to lend an authentic air to their collections. In addition to buying standard scale model trains themselves, serious collectors will also need to purchase a wide variety of accessories to round out their collections. All standard scale model train collectors will need to buy standard scale train parts and accessories at some point in time.
Many model train enthusiasts use standard scale train scenery on and around their train tracks. Those individuals who would like to buy standard scale model trains on eBay should navigate to the standard scale model trains page.
Collecting standard scale model trains is a wonderful pastime that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. An urgent need for narrow gauge locos to operate the lines behind the trenches in WW1 led the Railways Operating Division (ROD) to source locos from America as well as Britain. The model is internally gas fired and is constructed from etched brass and stainless steel.
Boiler features: Fitted water gauge glass, safety valve, pressure gauge, opening smoke box door, water filling turret in cab. Cab controls: Steam regulator, gas regulator, lubricator with under floor drain, reverse lever.
Valve gear: Simplified Walschaerts type with working expansion link and lever reverse from cab. In 1906, toy company Lionel introduced a new model train that featured two outer rails and one powered center rail. Perhaps the most popular of all standard scale model trains are those that were produced by the Lionel company. These terms help buyers understand if the trains are already in working order or if they will need significant modifications in order to be usable. They may have minor surface damage and may need some small replacement parts before they can be used. This means that they have been tested in the factory and may show some signs of scratching and rubbing but have not been used by private consumers. This is a particularly useful shopping tactic for those individuals who simply need to add a few extra pieces to their collections.

Many cars have people painted onto their windows or have miniature dolls inside to replicate the look of a train car filled with passengers. Some accessories are purely utilitarian while others are designed to add extra aesthetic appeal to a model train set.
Using the left-hand side menu bar, shoppers can narrow down their searches according to grade, train type, building type, scenery type, brand, price, and buying format. These miniature trains can be used solely for display or can be put to use as moving models on their tracks. Both Baldwin and Alco produced designs and the Baldwin 4-6-0 pannier tank was made in huge numbers. The company dubbed these new models standard gauge trains, leading consumers to believe that other toy trains were built to non-standard specifications. This difference in gauges or scales means that trains and the railroad tracks on which they run must be compatible.
In general, most sellers price their pieces according to condition, brand or manufacturer, and age.
The chart below provides definitions for each of the condition grades given to model trains. Those individuals who are shopping for collectors should evaluate the pieces that the collector already has before making a purchase. On a model train set, the locomotive doesn't provide the power but is still an essential piece that provides a well-rounded aesthetic look to any model train set.
In general, train cars are placed directly behind the locomotive with rolling stock cars added at the end of the model train. When shopping for these items, be sure to clarify that they are designed for use with standard scale trains. Standard scale train tracks are perhaps the most important accessory of all as they provide a surface on which the train can operate.
When purchasing standard scale model trains and accessories on eBay, be sure to clarify with the seller what accessories are included with each piece. They provide a perfect way for collectors to commemorate the heydey of rail transportation. Dispersal sales after the war saw them scattered around the globe with a number ending up in the UK on lines such as the Welsh Highland, Ashover, Snailbeach and Glyn Valley Tramway, many having been acquired by Colonel Stephens for his narrow gauge empire! While the standard gauge design was discontinued in the 1940s to give way for newer model trains, these items still remain popular among collectors. It is essential to carefully evaluate the gauge of trains, tracks, and accessories before making a purchase.
Other companies, such as American Flyer,, also made standard scale model trains that were very popular with buyers at the time.
Only those items made by well-known manufacturers and that are in good condition will command very high prices.

Remember that it is normal to have many different stock or train cars but it is not normal to have many different locomotives. Many serious collectors prefer to run one train with train cars and another train with stock cars. In general, it is best to buy parts and accessories made by the same company that made a given train. Be sure to clarify that all such items are in working order before making a purchase as it can be difficult to find replacement parts for these items.
Remember that it may be necessary to purchase parts and accessories to repair trains that are in poor condition. Those individuals who are interested in buying these collectible model trains will find a wealth of items offered by online retailers and in brick-and-mortar antique stores. Buyers who are new to the world of model train collecting will notice that all trains and tracks are described according to their scale or type. Pieces in decent condition and pieces made by small manufacturers will command prices two to three times less than those of premium pieces.
As the gas capacity is larger than the water capacity, a boiler top up system will be supplied. These type measurements help to define what trains, tracks, and accessories can be used together. This is due to the fact that Lionel bought out several smaller companies during the Great Depression. When evaluating the age of a scale model train, it is important that collectors determine whether the train is an original or reproduction item.
Shoppers who are unsure of how to match these different items may wish to purchase standard scale model train sets.. Although Lionel stopped making standard scale trains in the '40s, it reintroduced a commemorative line of these items in the 1980s.
These sets come complete with tracks, trains, scenery, and all the accessories needed to begin a model train collection. While both types of trains are valuable, original items will command prices 20 to 30 percent higher than those of reproduction trains.
Buyers who are unsure of how to tell reproduction pieces from original pieces should consult buying guides and publications.

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