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If anyone has knowledge regarding this collectible O27 scale car please contact me so that I can update this description with accurate information.
This is just a general question that some might have asked you or you thought it to yourself. I'm a new N scale modeler after leaving HO (lack of space and desired cars) in search of a better scale to model and build my desired layout. This is just a general question that maybe some has asked you, but I would like to ask myself. At the cathedral in Santa Vaca near where the mission once stood is a stained glass window with the manger scene featuring the Baby Jesus, the Virgin Mary and the Holy Cow, each with a halo.

The backstory person often also thinks this is an original approach, without realizing that it has been seen dozens of times before. It just means that either it is fairly evident what your layout represents, or you simply don't care about what it represents. And they seldom succeed in convince others that a pretty implausible approach actually is sort of plausible. My post isn't for stealing any ideas, but to talk about ideas or talk about your layout. In either case, you feel no particular compunction to inflict on random bystanders attempts to explain away inconsistencies and implausibilities.

Manning, bought out all of the important illinois railroad and soonafter bought out other companies. Blank outline map and for each locomotive Manning buys, it represents a railroad being bought like the U.P but instead of buying every rail line Manning buys certain lines that will help bring more travel to chicago and anywhere the line service. So far my layout only services coal, a steel mill, and a logging camp high in the mountains.

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