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Cooler Master is not afraid to take things to the level their customers desire; for instance, just look at the flip side of cases with the much larger Stacker chassis. While not everyone has enough to fill the main chamber without even thinking of parts for one or more add-on sections of the chassis, that did not stop Cooler Master. All of this depends, of course, on what your personal desires for usage are and the components you have planned to use in your build. Cooler Master has taken many of the features from the Elite series cases, downsized them to fit into this smaller case, and even added hidden features that might not be readily apparent. It is only when you actually complete the build that some of the strange openings and new layout all become very apparent as to why they are there in the first place. Even if you are not yet in the market for compact SFF gaming, this is one of that designs that may just get you planning one very soon. Taking a look at the chart provided by Cooler Master for this Elite 110, we do see at the top that there seems to be two models available, the standard version that we received as well as the AMZ version. The thing is, when looking deeper, there is no real information available to describe the actual differences in them.

From what we can tell from searching, both designs offers the same things listed in this chart. They are mostly steel, but they also use plastic and steel mesh for the front of the chassis. They have definitely shortened this design as it measures 260mm wide, 208mm in height, and is only 280mm deep.
Down both sides of the chassis, beyond the textured black paint treatment, the lower halves of those panels have passive ventilation cut into them, less for style and more for cooling such a compact design. The top of the chassis also offers ventilation, but the floor of the chassis is solid and is used as the motherboard tray. That leaves the rear of the chassis that has a PSU extension installed and also offers two full height expansion slots. The inside is where things get a bit more interesting. There are two drive racks, well, less racks and more of a steel plate that will hold storage drives.

There is a 120mm fan supplied in the front of the chassis as the only active cooling, but there is also room afforded in this design to mount an AIO as well.
There are also mounting holes for a pair of 80mm fans to be installed optionally to help increase the airflow across the motherboard from side to side as well as the air from the front fan to help improve cooling if high-end components are used and stressed to their limits. Speaking of limits, there are some in this design. Potential users must consider the 76mm CPU cooler height limitation imposed due to the PSU location.
The last major hurdle for anyone wanting dedicated graphics in their system: there is a strict 210mm limitation here, and that does limit you to the smallest of graphics.
Cooler Master had the intention to make a very unique chassis when they designed this Elite 110, but they also had plans from the beginning to make it very affordable.

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