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Because it’s the era of the Great Depression, many kids toys were hand-me-downs from their older siblings.
Dozens of toy companies went out of business due to the economic crisis.Simple things like dolls, finger paint and die cast model cars were very popular. Some even had electric headlights!Some legendary board games did come out in the 1930s, like Monopoly, Scrabble and Sorry! It’s hard to believe those games are that old!The rich kids had Erector sets, toy trains and air rifles.

They pretended and played with them!Learn a lot more about 1930s toys by browsing the authentic 1930s toy catalog pages below. It came with 64 pieces.Share your love for Toys in the 1930s Have some more vintage fun.
It’s a wind-up elephant that walks, the body is wood covered with (from memory) orange heavy paper? RetroWaste makes every effort to provide quality learning materials and access to legal purchase methods within the confines of U.S.

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