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Every year, November hits and the local grocery stores start advertising the great deals on Thanksgiving turkeys. The family-owned Branigan’s Turkey Farm is open year round and was established back in 1942. Save Mart has locations throughout the greater Sacramento area and they differ from many larger grocery chains in that they avidly support local businesses and farmers. Before you comment that Santa Rosa is not part of the greater Sacramento area, let me just point out one key thing — online ordering with direct shipping. But if you procrastinate, mostly all that is left are very small birds or ones that could feed an entire neighborhood. This family raises 18,000 to 20,000 turkeys each year without the use of hormones or antibiotics. Save Mart is one of the places who carries Mary’s Free Range Turkeys, along with other locally grown products and produce. She is a regional membership coordinator for the International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA) and writes for a number of publications in addition to publishing her own blogs. The flavor of the turkeys is different due to a combination of factors that you are not going to find too often. If you are wanting to shop for your turkey in person, check out a few Save Mart locations for a good selection of farm-fresh birds for this Thanksgiving. The grocery department features a nice selection of imported Italian foods that cannot be matched by any other market in the area. She has traveled to over 40 countries on five continents in search of the best food and wine around the globe. Although the birds are raised in the Central Valley, they are readily available in the Sacramento area. Willie Benedetti is the mastermind behind the trademark formula for producing these delectable birds. But, while you may think of Corti Brothers for your Italian deli meat and wine nights, don’t forget this spot at Thanksgiving time. The family takes extra care in processing the birds by removing all fine pin feathers and kidneys, properly storing the giblets and neck in the cavity and chilling with ice before packaging. The birds are smoked over alderwood, where they absorb the flavors that helped produce their famous trademark. The meat department features a wide selection of some of the finest meats available including turkeys. All birds are vegetarian fed, gluten free and are never given antibiotics, preservatives or hormones.
You can purchase free-range turkeys at the Corti Brothers store or just call the meat department to order one over the phone for pick up. If you want to try one out before ordering, you can visit his restaurant in Sonoma County to sample some of his beloved smoked turkey. They’re based on the first breed that existed in the United States and they breed naturally, resulting in larger thigh meat and slightly less breast than a typical bird. This makes for a quality-tasting bird but with less cooking time than a traditional turkey.

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