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2 Avenue is a unique but decrypted IND 6th Avenue Line station and is one that has the shell of two never built subway projects. All photos are by Jeremiah Cox This Website is maintained and copyright © 2003-2014, Jeremiah Cox.
The first is the shell of a station in the ceiling that was supposed to be for the Second Avenue subway passing above. The two platforms have two lines of concrete, solid, wide purple columns that look strong enough to hold up another subway line upstairs. If the strange 3 of the current construction is ever built this far south, a station will be built deeply below, not above today's station.
The track walls of the station have a purple trimline with a purple boarder and 2nd Ave written in tile one tile beneath the trimline.

The second is the middle 'express' tracks that currently terminate at the station were supposed to continue straight down Houston Street and run through another tunnel into Brooklyn and join the South 4th Street subway of the never built IND Second System.
The stop has exits at either end of the station, each at its own mezzanine and just one staircase down to each platform. Today, these middle tracks at the station with two island platforms for four track line can only be used by trains terminating from the local tracks. The deepness of the station is noticeable with slightly longer staircases than many other stations and a few additional stairs in places.
The middle tracks once were just an extension of the express tracks at Broadway-Lafayette but they were stub-ended in the 1960s when the Chrystie Street Connection was built in their place.
The western end (railway north) exit is now unstaffed but open 24 hours a day with both high and regular turnstiles (these were closed off when the stop was staffed part time) and streetstairs up to the NW corner of 2 Avenue and Houston Street and midway down the block on the southside of the Houston Street between Crystie Street (which 2 Avenue becomes south of Houston Street) and the Bowery.

The terminus was most recently used by the V train during its relatively short existence from December 17, 2001 until June 25, 2010 when it was through routed with and renamed the M train via the Chrystie Street Connection to the Williamsburg Bridge. It is still used frequently on reroutes, particularly of C or E trains when construction hampers service on the 53 Street Tunnel or Cranberry Street tubes.

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