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Iconic Glass Skyscraper in New York-The Bloomberg Tower or 731 Lexington Avenue - Homesthetics - Inspiring ideas for your home.
The crown jewel of this iconic glass skyscraper is the One Beacon Court, built in the shape of a horseshoe, was inspired by other public buildings of New York, like Grand Central Station and the skating rink at Rockefeller Center.
Fund Industry in a Newly Regulated World and listen to a panel of experts discussing these topics.
Don is Chairman of Agecroft Partners, a global consulting and third party marketing firm for hedge funds. Agecroft Partners has won 8 hedge fund industry awards as the top third party marketing firm. The Bloomberg Tower Ensemble is in fact composed of three buildings: on Lexington Avenue-a 55 story structure, on Third Avenue- a 11-story building and the 7-story One Beacon Court that links the first two volumes and merges the entire structure into a one of a kind single building.

It’s curious yet imposing shape has a powerful effect on the visitors, creating an enclosed, welcoming and protected intermediate space, between the city and the privacy of the structure. In addition, he has been quoted in hundreds of articles relative to the hedge fund industry.
This massive structure was constructed entirely of glass and steel, which allow it to integrate perfectly in New York’s environment and architectural style. Its elliptical space is ideal for vehicular drop-offs because it offers the proper in and out route.
It simple rectangular shape resembles the encircling neighborhood and the entire city as well. The dramatic, enveloping shape can be taken as a giant atrium, a one of a kind way to meet the public and allow them to enter the ensemble.

It’s not unique or revolutionary in any way but it adds value to the appeal of New York through its high rise and illuminated top. The living areas are located as high as possible to offer the maximum amount of privacy and the best view toward Central Park, whilst the public spaces like offices and shops were placed below to provide easy access. The massive building structural systems include a tuned mass damper that reduces swaying, especially due to powerful winds.

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