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I was just wondering, since I honestly can't remember, has the Belvidere area's abandoned Hercules plant property been included in WNJ yet?
I had decided we would walk some of the former Warren Railroad to Manunka Chunk, where the former Bel Del Railroad broke away heading toward Trenton.
Crossing over, we followed the railroad fill to a fence, the outermost fence within Hoffman LaRoche, a vitamine manufacterer in Belvidere area.
Soon, the rail bed went into the inner fenced area of the Roche facility and we were forced to parallel it beside the fence. Upon doing some research, I found that Hoffman LaRoche and a nearby paint factory were not the only businesses to have occupied this land. With my curiosity peaked, I decided to lead yet another trip in the same fashion as before.
Once the fence turned east, we made our way quietly back up the hill and around a vacant building housing some machinery.
After hours in the weeds, we had to find a way out, but a tributary before us, while not too treacherous was far too covered in undergrowth to cross. Once on the other side, we tried to head south a bit toward Belvidere, but we ended up in a long abandoned parking lot! We eventually bushwhacked out to Belvidere from here, but that was only one of the weird little tidbits from this hike.
We haven't covered anything Hercules-related in Belvidere in past issues of the magazine.

Well, you're welcome to use the pictures here, and if I can supply any other info I would be happy to help.
I don't have a great picture of it, but one of the weird things about Belvidere is their famous Christmas tree, which will be visible soon.
Morristown and Erie Railroad People, Paper, and Profits by Thomas Taber is a good book on the MnE.
Tom Taber also wrote the Lackawanna RR bible The Lackawanna RR in the 19th ans 20 th century. Along the WnN ROW around Charlottesburg Resevoir, down the bank by the water, you can find a single piece of panel track, rails and ties.
Closer to Green Pond Rd along the active track are the remains of the Morris County Central RR engine house. Back about 10-12 years ago, Watershed people noticed oil running into Charlottesburg Resevoir. Turns out, in the 1800's the first oil pipeline in the US ran along the RR through that area and there was a pumping station there. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results.
Lightboxes allow you to categorize groups of photos and send them to your friends or colleagues. I ran into a friend at the Prairie Whale who mentioned that the old train carriages parked on the tracks in Housatonic were being dismantled for recycling.

The old creamery ruins, two abandoned rail cars on a siding, and less weird things like a community theatre, nice town square park and more. I always thought it was weird that they would bother doing it, but it's been a tradition. The Caldwell RR which became part of the Erie was started in 1891 and built to Essex Fells. Good news, I thought, as that would put an end to the idea that they might be refitted for the new service to New York.
Now, there are vents and test wells in place there to vent any other pollution that may still be there. I thought I should take some photos for our archives and snapped quite a few, but only noticed this detail in the graffiti when I got home and looked through them. The message is right and maybe we should make this look – and Berks NYC – part of our branding!

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