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If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident, it is essential that you hire attorneys who are knowledgeable in the state laws and truck regulations where the accident occurred. Filing a claim can be complicated to do alone, and is time sensitive.  In order to successfully prove your claim, an investigation needs to be started immediately and can include truck accident reconstruction engineers, investigators, photographers and other professionals. The trucking company and their insurance company will have their own accident response team that will be dispatched immediately to orchestrate a defense against your truck accident injury claim. In 2006, 385,000 large trucks (semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, and other types of commercial trucks) were involved in crashes – and took the lives of 4,995 people, while harming another 106,000.  This is because a fully-loaded large commercial truck can weigh over 80,000 pounds, while an average passenger car weighs approximately 3,000 pounds.
The truck accident attorneys at Maynard O’Connor will vigorously pursue your claim by providing prompt investigation and aggressive representation.  We will help you get the maximum compensation for you and your family. ATTORNEY ADVERTISING DISCLAIMER: Prior results cannot and do not guarantee or predict a similar outcome with respect to any future matter, including yours, in which a lawyer or law firm may be retained. Turn of the century sugar shack once owned by Henry Uihleim on Heavenly Hills Farm in Lake Placid, NY. Our group resumed the tour down the road at the Uihleim Sugar Maple Research Extension Field Station where large-scale modern machinery operated at full-throttle reducing sap to syrup.
But to begin to understand the scale of advancement in the maple syrup industry, you have to see the maple trees. We were particularly impressed by the maze of plastic tubing used to collect sap from thousands of trees. It is no coincidence that the maple program is located in Lake Placid, a popular tourist destination. “We want to use people’s love of maple as leverage to teach them broader environmental education concepts,” says Barbara Knuth, speaking as chair of the Department of Natural Resources in which the Maple Program resides.
Even if you have visited sugaring operations before, it’s well-worth visiting this one. Disclosure – This visit was arranged as part of a fam tour to Lake Placid that included meals and accommodations at the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort.

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Begun as a resource for school, homeschool and youth groups in New York, Albany Kid now reaches an international audience looking for things to do with kids, family-friendly hotel reviews, and tips for the most rewarding vacations. New York City with Kids: Fun and Educational Things To Do, Family-friendly Hotels and Restaurants, and More!
Allied Steel Buildings is New York’s number one supplier of steel buildings and structures. New York has always been a leader in business and innovation, which is why our industry-specific Project Managers are able to deliver the perfect steel building for any use. Allied Steel Buildings has delivered buildings to residents and businesses all over New York. As we head into another winter season with state transportation departments spraying roads with corrosive de-icing solutions, some states are trying to cut their use of such chemicals by using a de-icer made from sugar beet juice. Other states and cities have been trying out beet juice de-icer, which is a byproduct of processing sugar beets, which are grown in states such as Idaho, Minnesota, North Dakota and Michigan.The trucking industry for a number of years now has been battling equipment corrosion caused by the newer de-icing chemicals. All That's Trucking blog is just that – the editor's take on anything and everything related to trucking, with the help of guest posts from other HDT editors. We offer e-newsletters that deliver targeted news and information for the entire fleet industry. Due to the complexity of these types of cases and what is at stake, only the most experienced personal injury attorneys should handle a trucking accident claim. It is clear that a collision between the two is a recipe for serious, even fatal, injuries.
The New York Maple industry isn’t yet on that scale, but it could be someday if Mike Farrell,  director of the Cornell University Uihlein Maple Forest and Extension Center at Lake Placid, NY, has anything to say about it.

However, traditional methods of converting sap to syrup can be seen at the sugar shack when New York State Maple Producers Association presents Maple Weekends, traditionally the third and fourth weekends of March. We followed Mike into the forest, where we saw an old metal sap bucket juxtaposed next to the new plastic bag system.
A number of initiatives are under way to encourage greater maple syrup production including research on better seedlings, tree lease agreements, and the development of new maple sap products–even tapping alternative trees such as birch. Our specialties range from farm equipment storage, barns, produce processing facilities, office buildings, warehouses and logistic parks, municipal buildings, manufacturing facilities, school buildings and residential workshops. The Technology and Maintenance Council of the American Trucking Associations set up a Corrosion Control Action Committee to address the issue. Now with more than 3,800 taps over 240 acres, the Uihlein Sugar Maple Field Station is the largest acreage in the world devoted to sugar maple research and extension. And carry cash, the self-serve maple products cabinet is  available anytime on the honor system. Chloride run-off in streams can inhibit plant growth, impair reproduction and reduce the diversity of organisms in streams, according to a report from the U.S. Pictured: Outgoing President John Lincoln (left) congratulates newly elected President Dean Norton. Last year, scientists in Idaho questioned whether the beet juice de-icer might be harmful for fish and plant life. The following report from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, TV station KREM points out that while beet juice is cheaper to use, it is also loaded with phosphorus, thousands of times higher than normal levels.

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