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However, we will hopefully attending a few shows as guests of Mastman where we may be able to introduce you to the Hunter Systems Emporium. In scale terms this is much larger than the rail typically used, excepting where exceptionally heavy loads are carried.
So, if you want to buy our products and we are not at the show look for Mastman, they will happily serve you.

To accomodate the differing height special stepped joiners can be used to connect new finescale track to existing code 100 rail.Code 83 track has been produced to replicate the designs of the American rail industry, featuring the close-spaced sleepers used in the US to allow for higher axle loadings.
The points follow prototype geometry and are not directly interchangeable with the code 75 and code 100 ranges.All currently produced OO gauge models have wheels that are compatible with code 83 and code 75 rail, however the deep flanged wheels of some older models, particularly from the Lima range, may strike the sleepers.
Web Stock - Peco maintain large stocks of track so we are confident that we can obtain stock within a few days and supply your full requirements quickly.

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