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In this aerial photo, emergency personnel work at the scene of a deadly train wreck Wednesday in Philadelphia. PHILADELPHIA — The Amtrak train that derailed here Tuesday night was traveling 106 mph, more than twice the authorized speed, as it approached a sharp bend in the tracks, the National Transportation Safety Board said on Wednesday. The derailment of the Washington-to-New York train killed seven people, injured more than 200 and disrupted service in the busiest passenger rail corridor in the country. Sumwalt said there is technology available, known as Positive Train Control, that prohibits trains from exceeding speed limits.
Philadelphia police interviewed the train’s engineer, who was required to undergo drug and alcohol testing after the crash, but they did not reveal what he said. The derailment occurred as the train made a hard left turn several miles north of the city’s 30th Street Station. Sumwalt said no evidence had surfaced to indicate there had been mechanical or signal problems, but he said that would all be part of the investigation. The question of the train’s speed was unequivocally answered by an initial analysis of its data recorder.
Passengers still able to walk away after being tossed about in the crash struggled to escape the mangled cars, emerging into a dark and eerie expanse of rail bed surrounded by junkyards, auto repair shops and low-slung industrial buildings.
As the twisted wreckage that had been a passenger train was pored over by investigators on Wednesday, authorities notified the families of the seven people killed and tried to account for others who may have been on board. Sad news came Wednesday night for a family who had been searching for their loved one since Tuesday night. The Associated Press said that a member of its staff — video software architect Jim Gaines, 48 — was also among the dead.
Herbert Cushing, chief medical officer at Temple University Hospital, said eight patients remained in critical condition and three patients were scheduled for surgery on Thursday. On Wednesday, rail cars strewn helter-skelter beside the tracks were being cleared by yellow front-end loaders. The challenge for authorities was in matching passenger records, determining whether people listed were actually on the train, and accounting for people who may have used 10-trip passes to board at the last minute, bypassing the passenger manifest. The White House released a statement from President Barack Obama on Wednesday offering his condolences to the families of those killed.
In Amtrak’s deadliest crash, 47 people were killed near Mobile, Alabama, in 1993, after the train careened off a bridge and fell into a bayou. An average of 31 Amtrak trains have derailed each year since 2006, according to the Federal Railroad Administration.
After that, however, investigators will look at a series of more challenging and time-consuming questions. Examination of the sections of tracks where the derailment occurred will take longer, with NTSB metallurgists likely to put them under a microscope.

Earlier this year, the NTSB lab was able to use video to piece together what happened when a prison bus drove off a highway in Texas and into the path of a freight train, killing eight inmates and two corrections officers. Descriptions of people tossed about and injured raised questions about whether passenger trains should be equipped with seat belts.
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The resources to prevent veterans from committing suicide are available if congress would vote for funding. And in another story on this newspaper’s front page, slow mail service due to funding cutbacks is being protested today in Portland and Augusta. All this while we continue to cut taxes on the very wealthy giving them an increasingly lucrative free ride and increase the funding for weapons and the U.S. ParkingLong term parking (2 hours or longer) is free and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Visitor InformationA historic and picturesque town, Brunswick mixes New England charm with a thriving arts and entertainment scene. JOSHUA CHAMBERLAINBrunswick's fomer resident, Joshua Chamberlain, is honored with a statue at the entrance of Bowdoin College.
The man accused of shooting two Manchester police officers will be arraigned on two counts of attempted capital murder. Please confirm or modify the email address to which you will have subscription offers sent. These traditional trains are not to be confused with Amtrak's faster, more expensive Acela Express trains. The daily Lake Shore Limited is the only rail connection between Boston and the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts. The train was still moving at 102 mph when it hit the curve about three seconds later and the engine and all seven cars derailed. The system is in much of the Northeast Corridor, but Amtrak had not installed it on the section of track where the derailment happened. After gliding slowly out of the station, the train made its way past the municipal zoo and turned to make a straight shot across the breadth of city. Trains are equipped with cameras and sensitive data recorders — akin to what are known as black boxes on aircraft — that measure factors such as speed.
Family members confirmed that Rachel Jacobs, 39, chief executive of Philadelphia-based ApprenNet, had been killed.
Family members said Justin Zemzer, 20, was on leave and headed to their home in Rockaway Beach, New York.
Though that was an indication that investigators were confident that no more passengers were trapped or lay dead in parts of the crumpled aftermath, firefighters continued to pick through sections of the crushed cars.

Tuesday, more than two hours after the train left Washington’s Union Station bound for New York.
Hundreds of would-be rail passengers rushed to airports and bus terminals instead on Wednesday. Of that, more than a third — roughly 11.4 million passengers — use its Northeast Corridor service between Washington, New York and Boston, according to its website. In 1943, a train traveling from Washington to New York with 541 passengers went off the tracks, killing 79 passengers.
In addition to being tested for drugs and alcohol, their work schedules will be examined to determine whether they were appropriately rested. At least one security camera on a nearby building captured some of the incident, but NTSB investigators also will collect everything they can from cellphone videos and other sources. Nine Amtrak derailments this year and congress is debating cutting the current request for funds in half. Visitors can enjoy over fifty ethnically-diverse restaurants, distinctive retail shops, a year-round Farmers Market, and  cultural offerings at the Town's many theaters, galleries, museums, and special events. Train 687 will run according to schedule.All passengers with tickets for train 685 will be accommodated on train 687. At the time of the crash, the train was believed to be carrying 238 passengers and five crew members. No cars are required to enjoy all the outdoor activities, distinctive shops, antique stores, and thriving arts scene with multiple galleries, museums, and theaters.
Sumwalt said it wasn’t clear when the engineer realized he was going too fast or how long it took him to reach 106 mph. Hopefully this comes as a reminder that it is important to pay attention to speed limits even when in a hurry. Stroll through Brunswick's quaint downtown, which features handsome mansions in Federal, Greek revival, and Italianate styles. Delve into the rich history of Brunswick's many influential former residents including Joshua Chamberlain, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Harriet Beecher Stowe, who wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin while her husband, Calvin Stowe, taught at Bowdoin College. For those with more culinary interests, with nearly 60 restaurants to choose from, Brunswick has become a premier destination for uniquely diverse dining.
Within walking distance of the Brunswick station is an eclectic mix of coffee houses, gelaterias, wine bars, taverns, sandwich shops and restaurants offering a tasty array of choices that will please every mood and palate.
However you choose to spend your getaway, Brunswick offers a wide variety of summer activities and events to relax and unwind.

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