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For five years, I commuted on a daily basis to my job in Manhattan from my home in Bensalem, PA. 1) That it only takes an Amtrak commuter train 65 minutes or less to travel from Bensalem, PA, to Manhattan's Penn Station at 33rd St. 2) That almost no one in New York looking for a home in the 'burbs had any idea at all that Bensalem, PA, existed.
So I investigated, and figured out that the problem is that Amtrak doesn't post route maps in Penn Station, but New Jersey Transit does. The fact is, the fastest New Jersey Transit train from Trenton to Penn Station runs 5 minutes slower than the slowest Amtrak train running from Bensalem, PA, through the Trenton station, all the way to Penn Station underneath Madison Square Garden in Midtown Manhattan.
Puzzled that few knew these facts, I investigated where it was that all the thousands of New York City commuters getting off the evening trains at Trenton were going. There's a huge difference between living well in the 'burbs, and living in a lettuce patch while thinking you're living well in the 'burbs. If you've read this far, I sincerely hope you'll choose your suburban home well, with full knowledge that trains don't fall into the Delaware River, and there's some utterly fine civilization just 11 miles beyond. The table below summarizes estimated times and costs for commuting from the door of the house I'm selling to Manhattan's Penn Station underneath Madison Square Garden at 33rd St.
The image above shows a satellite closeup of the small parking lot next to the northbound passenger shelter, where the New York City commuters board their Amtrak trains. There are two morning Amtrak trains that stop here to get commuters to New York City before 9 a.m. There are likewise two Amtrak trains which return commuters to Cornwells Heights in the evening. If you miss either one of these trains, you can use the same monthly pass to get to get on and off many more Amtrak trains which stop at Trenton. Right now, a monthly pass for travel between Cornwells Heights and New York CIty costs $972. Some people who use this station for commuting negotiate with their employer(s) to get the commute subsidized outside of salary.
But even if you pay full price, you do get a darned good ride, to and from New York City, in a comfortable, reclining, padded seat with lap tray.
A much less expensive option is to take local SEPTA commuter trains to Trenton, and then catch one of the many New Jersey Transit trains to New York City.
The monthly NJ Transit pass goes for $352, and the monthly SEPTA pass to get to Trenton costs $96.
And finally, you can drive the 15 miles to the Trenton station, which takes about 25 minutes. If you don't mind the driving, the flexibility of havng a car waiting for you at Trenton at all hours can be nice. Though it's quite possible to match up SEPTA trains with NJ Transit trains to get to and from Princeton Junction, the best way to get to the Princeton Route 1 Corridor is by car.
Having ridden the DC-NYC portion of Amtrak’s Northeast Regional twice a month for the past three years, I feel I should write something about it, but do so more out of a sense of obligation than any deep feelings for Amtrak at its most utilitarian. First off, compared to most other routes, the Northeast Regional is expensive – which is probably why it’s the only Amtrak line that pays for itself. Traveling in the depths of summer can be a separate challenge, especially the southernmost portions of the route, because Amtrak, as well as the freight lines it shares the tracks with, orders trains to slow down when temps rise above 90. Whatever the weather, there are normally three types of cars on the Northeast Regional: coach, quiet, and business. The Acela, Amtrak’s least-slow train, plies the same route as the Northeast Regional and can save you a little time, though at greater cost. Like many Amtrak trains, both the Acela and the regular Northeast Regional claim to offer wi-fi, allowing you to surf the net while you cruise the rails.
Why Amtrak doesn’t allow people to wait alongside the rails at Union Station, like Metro does not 50 yards away, or Amtrak itself does at nearly every other station, is beyond me. Boarding in DC, once you pass the ticket agent, becomes a mad dash down the platform as people scramble for seats (there’s no assigned seating).
Once rolling north (be sure and wave to the poor saps stuck in traffic on 95), the DC suburbs (New Carrollton) are first up, then BWI airport, before pulling into an area of Baltimore that could charitably be described as offering good deals on fixer-uppers.
If you decide to get off in Newark, instead of going all the way into the city (as many do), prepare yourself for one of the visual, auditory, and olfactory treats of the age. As for NYC’s Penn Station, and points farther north, that’ll have to wait for a future posting.
My wife and I (from Australia) will be using the NER train from DC to NY on a Friday morning in June leaving 9.20am and we want to use the quiet car.

The comment from Marisa above says one can arrive 10 mins before departure whereas your comments suggest that there are long lines. For an older couple wanting to sit together on a daytrip between Wilmington, De and NYC, and back what would be the best train departure times for the most available seating? Web Producer job in New York, New YorkThe Open Society Foundations work to build vibrant and tolerant societies whose governments are accountable and open to the participation of all people. Amtrak suspended New York City-bound trains from South Station after a Metro-North train derailment in Connecticut last week.
BOSTON Amtrak service from Boston to New York is suspended indefinitely due to the derailment of a Metro-North train in Connecticut on Friday.
Greyhound Bus spokesman Timothy Stokes says the company has seen more passengers since Friday. Amtrak is providing bus service for customers from New Haven to New York’s Grand Central Station.
HAVEN (WABC) -- Metro-North Railroad says more trains will  CommutePlan is built using a flexible model - it was rolled out for Metro North. MTA Metro-North Railroad, the second largest commuter railroad in the United control of Conrail commuter operations in the states of New York and Connecticut For more information about Metro-North. Bronx The 4:27 p m train from Stamford to Grand Central Terminal will depart The Darien Times, 10 Corbin Drive, Floor 3, Darien, CT 06820. New Haven & Hartford Railroad lines from Grand Central into Connecticut every other train terminates at North White. Bensalem is 11 track miles farther away from New York than is Trenton, but its trains get there faster!!
Many, it turns out, were driving across the river to houses in Bucks County, PA, not far from my own home.
I honestly think that most of the people making New Jersey farmers comfortably rich in their golden years (by planting suburban dream homes in old turnip fields!) either don't understand what they're buying into or don't realize they have alternatives. If you go in by Amtrak from Cornwells Heights and miss the direct return trains, take another Amtrak train to Trenton, and then pay $4 to take a SEPTA train to Cornwells Heights. There may also be ways to pay for it with pre-tax dollars, so that may be worth looking into. It can also get crowded, forcing people to roam from car to car in search of a seat or, as I did one Thanksgiving-eve, sit on the floor between cars, surrounded by fumes (the tunnel into Baltimore was especially pungent) and the occasional snowflake. This plays havoc with the schedule and frequently leaves you standing in a line of footsore, irritable passengers at Union Station or, worse, at an outside-only station in the broiling sun. Business costs extra and will get you a little more space; coach and quiet are the same price. I’ve rarely found the Acela worth the price, but the difference between it and the normal train does occasionally narrow enough for it to make sense, especially since Acela tickets can (depending on the length of the trip) generate more reward miles. The service is so slow and irritating I normally turn off my phone’s wi-fi during boarding. In DC, Union Station (the front anyway) is beautiful, though large parts are still covered in scaffolding due to last year’s earthquake and resulting repairs.
It’s a busy station, serving not only Amtrak, but also DC’s Metro system, bus lines, and local rail from both Maryland and Virginia. It’d solve the problems with overcrowding in a single stroke, and do it for far less than their laughably audacious plan to spend seven billion dollars (yes, “billion”) on a station overhaul. Though, unless it’s a holiday, you should have no trouble finding a spot, so don’t stress if you’re near the back of the line. After Baltimore comes the longest stretch without a stop, save for the occasional train that pauses briefly in Aberdeen, MD, before hitting Wilmington, DE and then Philadelphia.
I’ve spent time in SE DC (before the ballpark), Detroit, plus warzones and a fair chunk of the third world, and Newark’s train station easily joins those illustrious locations as one of the lousiest spots on the planet.
I hope you’ve found what’s here useful and, as always, please feel free to post a comment below. What time before the departure time of 9.20am should we arrive at the station to give us a good chance at the quiet car please? Also, per the article, in DC everyone is kept waiting in the station rather than alongside the tracks. As of this morning, Greyhound, Peter Pan and Megabus still had tickets available but most were for afternoon trips.
Passengers still have to get to Penn Station, Amtrak’s typical New York City stop, on their own. Apparently the ship was in an awful state (no working guns, engine only partially working etc) and was taken by a DPRK force of only 7 troops.

Actually, though, Amtrak provides service from much of North America, and regional rail systems in Los Angeles and San Diego make getting around by train a very reasonable alternative to autos and planes. The royal adventure of travelling by train will fill you with great joy and excitement, through out the journey. But many others were laying down big money to live in outsized, expensive, freshly minted new homes located in unlikely developments stuck in former corn fields outside Trenton. There are empty spaces where you can park within 10 feet of incoming trains, and it only costs $1 per day to park there. The reason for these “go slow” orders is that heat can cause a “sun kink” that misaligns tracks and could, in a worst case, cause a derailment.
By saving a little time, offering decent rewards, and with roomy business class as the Acela’s base class, the line has a fair number of supporters – don’t expect more empty seats just because it costs more.
Per a recent article in the Times, I’m not the only one having problems connecting with Amtrak. Worse, the station seems utterly clueless as to how to deal with the lines, which regularly stretch halfway down the concourse.
Though, if they insist on the seven billion dollar plan, they’ll hopefully update the men’s room, again, only this time leaving out the worst hand dryers on the planet. On a side note, if you sit in the last car, especially on Friday evenings, you’ll usually find several Amtrak workers onboard. Wilmington’s redeveloped areas, including the station, are some of the nicest of the trip – note to Baltimore. Aside from a bomb scare in Manila, I’ve never seen as many police warily walking around as in Newark. Once the gate opens and you pass through, it can be a semi-polite running of the bulls as people race down the platform to a seat (often, in the quiet car).
Since the end of the conflict in Liberia in 2003, funding from Ireland has focused on recovery and development interventions. Amtrak has not yet announced when they plan to start full Northeast Regional service again. I heard stories of grown men giving each other high fives over landing homes in desolate old potato patches. The big parking lot in the middle is nearly full, and the auxilliary lot on the left is empty. Four shuttle buses are shown at the right side of the picture waiting to take departing passengers back to the huge free parking lots on the other side of the tracks. If I had a buck for every time some incredulous new passenger asked me if this really is the line for the train to New York, I’d pay for the station refurbishments myself. Overhearing (or joining in) their conversations, many of them quite loud, affords greater insight into Amtrak operations than anything I’ve yet come across. A key with Philly is this is where a lot of people get off, so if you need to change seats, or angle for a row all to yourself, do it here. Our desire to stay in NYC is only two hours, then back to Wilmington, then a drive from our car parked there to our motel in Newark, De. If a lot of the cheaper tickets are still available, there are likely still a large number of open seats. This site uses the Basic Maths theme for WordPress, designed by Khoi Vinh & Allan Cole.
And they (both conductors and regulars – who search out the quiet car) take this very seriously. Shortly after Philly comes Trenton, then, occasionally, Princeton, before hitting northern Jersey’s Metropark and Newark, and then on into NYC. Perhaps the openness to free-flowing public urination came out of necessity, since the bathrooms are typically filled with angry bums and loud drugs-for-sex deals. There is a cross-over bridge ramp from Iinerstate 95, visible at right, going directly into the parking lots.
Several times, I’ve seen conductors bounce people from the car for being loud, or having loud children. On a brighter note, should you ever find yourself in need of exchanging drugs for sex, including with a semi-friendly colony of trannies, Newark’s train station has your back, so to speak.
The southbound station house and passenger shelters are set close to the tracks below the lower left end of the I-95 bridge ramp.

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