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Whittle Shortline Railroad is based in Louisiana, Missouri and creates trains from reforested birch hardwood. When the business outgrew the family home, it moved into and renovated the Frisco Hotel in Valley Park, Missouri, the former hangout of the Frisco Railroad. The company makes a range of specialty train sets, from Chicago’s Metra to the Canadian National Train. Fortunately, they are backlogged and can’t fill any new orders before Christmas 2007. Maple Landmark produces a range of wooden toys made primarily from local rock maple, and some pine and cherry.
My son (age 4) insists that they are actually called the Little Shortline Railroad, and if you try to correct him he just points out that the trains are very little.

I wish that I could pick up some of their train cars to replace the Thomas the Train stuff that was on my nephew’s list! Amtrak Three Car Superliner Train Set by Whittle Shortline Railroad Company replicates Amtrak's Passenger Train System in outstanding detail. Our site is undergoing annual maintenance this month, which may cause certain pages to load slowly. The Mega Trains™ line includes the Diesel, Steam Engine, Boxcar, Caboose, Hopper, Tankcar, and Tender. Like every good family-owned business, this one started when a wife gave her husband a compound mitre saw. It traces its origins to a kid and his woodworking hobby in his parent’s basement in the 1970s.

Each train car is shaped in a different letter of the alphabet in bright primary colors (natural wood and pastel colors are also available).
Buy one for your infant and display it until your child is old enough to play with the train. I’m thinking from the perspective of an American toy manufacturer who is competing on a very uneven playing field.
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