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According to experts, single women looking for a happy, secure boyfriend should look for a man with a sister or sisters.
Pro Tip: When surprising your son or daughter at college, make sure you know their correct dorm room number. After waking up from an operation, and still hopped up on anesthesia, this kid tells his mom that he and "his boy, Rocco" killed people in Dubai. The MTA has beta launched iPhone and iTouch versions of the widely popular subway countdown clocks which provide real-time train arrival information for all stations on the and 42 St Shuttle lines.
Now available in the Apple App Store, this free-to-download app shares the same features as the desktop version - just select your subway line and station and get the next train arrival times in both directions. The app covers the 153 stations where the MTA has installed countdown clocks that provide arrival estimates in minutes for upcoming trains. Easy to load and easy to use: The opening screen displays icons for the subway lines served by the app. Easy to refresh: The arrival time estimates can be refreshed anytime by touching the icon in the upper right of the screen. When you are traveling, there are so many new and exciting things you want to tweet about, to remember, to let your friends know… so why would you limit yourself? Simply use KeepGo services and you will have unlimited twitter capabilities everywhere with thousands of other things you can do from your iPhone, just like you are used to doing back home. Tip: If you are trying to create an account using your iCloud email address, you will receive a prompt telling you that your email address is already an Apple ID. Tip: If you are creating an iTunes Store account using an iTunes Pre-Paid Gift Code or Gift Certificate you are not required to enter in your credit card information. To modify or change your account information such as Apple ID, payment information or billing address, tap on your account name located at the bottom of the page once you are signed into your account. Tip: To sign out of your iTunes Store account, simply tap on your account name from the bottom of the page in the App Store or iTunes Store.
For the majority of smartphone users, this small handset became an essential helper in performing everyday routine tasks. I am dividing my recommendations into 4 categories – transportation, communication, adaptation, and entertainment.
If you are traveling, then you are on the move; and if you are on the move, then you use public transportation.
As a tourist you will use various types of transportation – being prepared can save you a lot of time, money and hassle! You’ll probably want to stay in touch with your loved ones (or your boss), so don’t forget about communication. There are a lot of different applications that can make your “useless” time more entertaining. We at KeepGo provide our customers with local and global data SIM cards, smartphones and internet devices (like MiFi or modems) for their destination country before they travel.
If you are traveling abroad with the rented iPhone from KeepGo, you need to set your carrier settings to the settings provided by us. Myself and three of my close friends recently spent 4 days driving over 2600 miles around the windy roads of Europe all in the name of Charity.  We were willing participants in the 2010 Screwball Rally where over 50 teams took a car worth no more then ?750, decorated it and then took it on a road trip of Epic proportions – from England, through France, over the Italian Alps and homeward bound via the Swiss border and the amazing German Autobahn. This was our trusty chariot:  A 16 year old BMW complete with go faster stripes and the emblem of everyones favorite robots in disguise.
Being quite partial to documenting epic adventures, I was interested in finding a way that could enable us to tell and record our story through the use of live blogging.  Having been burnt by international data roaming charges in the past, I knew we had to find an alternative to the standard O2 roaming charges for data. They solve a very real problem and provide a real alternative to paying the extortionate roaming fees from your local service provider. I’m not going to lie to you:  their website made me feel a little uneasy and despite having all the correct security seals under the hood. I googled “KeepGo review” and found a few forum posts.  Some of the replies were cross posted across multiple forums by new users, further fueling my concerns that I was about to take a ride to Scam Town.

Despite all this I thought I’d try to email them with a proposition:  They give me a couple of cards for a week and I provide the internet some real world evidence that this whole thing is a genuine business that is solving a very real and expensive problem.
To my amazement someone replied to my outlandish request and about a week later I was provided with two complimentary sim cards and a weeks subscription to the World Unlimited Package.
The sim cards were FedEx’d from the US within a week and with plenty of time before my trip (my only job now was to not lose the things!).  As I recall it, the sim cards arrived in an envelope (which has to be signed for) and had some note confirming my activation. The whole thing is very impressive.  The KeepGo sim continuously jumped onto the local network with the best 3G coverage automatically which is a real saver in terms of hassle and cost if you were going to multiple countries.
The phone worked just as normal and it’s nice to know that you can browse the internet and use data as much as you want (there is a 7GB a week limit, which is quite massive in reality) without fear of receiving a massive phone bill when you come home. Our usage was on the high side as we were live blogging our process by emailing photos and messages to our the Posterous site we had set up.   The internet as also a faithful friend when driving such long distances fueling us with interesting facts and news on the lonely road. Having a data enabled smart phone helped us in more than one occasion, especially in finding the camp sites which were supposed to be our homes for the night. As soon as we changed sims, we reset our usage stats to see how much data we would actually use. Shortly after your sim card expires you are sent a full invoice with your final balance.  This is a nice touch and our final bill was around $11 mainly from some SMS back to the UK. The guys at KeepGo have a very good product that helps to lessen the cost of international roaming fees.  You get clear transparency, pay up front and enjoy your smart phone the way it was meant to be used. It’s worth looking at if you are visiting multiple countries and want to use data on your phone (you’d quickly burn through the 5MB a day needed to make it a more cost effective solution). Even though it’s so much better then paying international data charges, the product itself is still quite expensive at around ?12 per day (although this will vary depending on how long you have the service for and how many sim cards you order).  The $55 delivery to europe also seems a little excessive (the sims arrive in a letter sized envelope).
I decided I want to blog my experience, got excited and then again the cold, hard hand of reality slapped me out of my digital fantasies. I felt safer with the knowledge but knew this moment could not last forever.  I’ve been burnt by huge data roaming charges in the past so this was a scenario where every second does truly count.
So with my iPhone data plans sorted, I present to you the apps I’ll be using to make our adventure run as smooth as possible and how this little box of magic will help us share the stories with the world – live and direct! No cross country, border spanning, drive can ever be called a Road Trip without some tunes. The Arizona student, who attended Red Mountain High School, exposed his genitals in his high schoola€™s varsity football team photo after being dared to do so by a teammate.
Select a line to see all the stations it serves, then select a station to see real-time arrival estimates for up to nine trains approaching that station from each direction. You are best keeping it this way, otherwise you run the risk of meeting an avalanche of data roaming charges. Then twitter will reply and ask you if you want to sign up for a new account, or if you are an existing member. Besides, if you want to tweet, wouldn’t you just rather use the twitter app, like a normal 21st person would? Choose the appropriate store by tapping on Store, and select the country in which you reside. After you have read through the Terms and Conditions(congratulations, you are the first one, ever!
Once you agreed to the terms and conditions, you’ll need to input your preferred email address and password along with answers to some security questions. Once you have filled out all the fields for your billing information, tap Next to complete your account creation. The iPhone, for example, has over 500,000 applications(!), so how do you choose the only few that will suit your needs the most? However, based on my experience I can give you several tips on how to build the correct kit that will help you abroad the most. Hotels usually charge outrageously high rates for their internet usage, so find free Wi-Fi zones and browse the net there.

We recommend Skype or Viber – they are free, allow texting, and will save you a lot of money on long distance calls! Pre-install Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and make them all envious (and don’t forget using the location features to check-in to show them in real time where you are). In some countries the weather is unpredictable, so check out weather prediction applications.
Use this application before your trip, but also take it with you – you will probably discover additional important dates. Instead of considering this time as wasted you can download applications that will help you spend this time more pleasurably.
Don’t think that you will be watching on-line content, because usually you won’t have good internet connection while on the go. If you’re going to travel with an iPhone, browsing “games” and “entertainment” directories in  Apps Store is highly recommended. In doing this we allow our customers to avoid expensive 3G roaming fees from their carrier and enjoy unlimited internet everywhere. Speeds were no worse then normal and we had some problems on the long stretches of motorway, but this was to be expected.
Note that this usage profile is quite high (emailing a photo every half hour, browsing and map usage). The photo was then published in the schoola€™s yearbook a€” somehow without a single person noticing. For simplicity, stations that serve multiple lines show all trains combined in a single list.
It also means you can not post to Twitter, like you are used to in the US using AT&T 3G internet. Send your username, when twitter sends you a request for your password, reply with your password (remember, it’s key sensitive). You can opt to have the Terms and Conditions emailed to you for easier reading by tapping Send by Email. The email address you provide will be your new Apple ID as well as your iTunes Store account username.
Suddenly, when you are overseas, knowing where to go and where to stay becomes crucial; and your loyal assistant is there to help you anytime, anywhere. For example, you can connect your home computer’s hard disk (using Folders app) and download files to your iPhone, or you can check your bank account and stocks while abroad (be careful not to use unlocked WiFi hotspots when entering private and confidential information). If you are on a business trip, check out dictionaries with professional language vocabularies for your field. This backup will be copied to your rented iPhone and later will be used to restore your iPhone.
At this point, iTunes will present you with options as to which backup to restore from, choose the one you did in the previous step. Twitter will again send you a reply asking you to confirm the request to use your phone to tweet, so you will need to send OK to the same number, and you are done! We need them all the time – to read emails, take photos, check the weather, browse the web, to play, to listen, to record everything around, to memorize… and sometimes even to call! Knowing what locals think about a restaurant or a hotel will steer into the best places your vacation place has to offer. Please note: It will restore all settings, though it will not yet restore all content you had on your iPhone.

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