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One morning, the Fat Controller comes to Tidmouth Sheds with a special job for Gordon; he is to take the newly-elected Mayor of Sodor on a tour of the island. Emily goes to collect the Express from Knapford station, however she departs too soon, not realizing that she's left the brake coach behind. Soon, Emily needs to take on more water, but James is at the water-column first with his slow goods train.
Very soon, Emily is approaching Brendam, the final destination for the Express, and she thinks that she is "as good as Gordon". This time, Emily waits for the other engines to pass by, and waits at the stations for her cargo to be unloaded. A deleted picture shows that Percy was originally to have a larger role when Emily needed more coal.
After James helps Emily to the docks he leaves to take the express, but then he is seen later helping Emily to the water tower.
Gordon is delighted to be given a special job, but he is quick to realize that someone else will have to take the Express in his place.

Emily manages to get to Kellsthorpe station right on time, and she declares that she is "as good as Gordon".
The Fat Controller tells Emily that he requires an engine to pull James' slow goods train, which Emily volunteers to do, as she wants to learn patience. Later, at a signal, she meets Thomas with Annie and Clarabel, and explains that she is learning to be patient, even though she wants to learn it quicker.
However, on the way back, Emily has to stop at a crossover to allow Edward to pass with a slow goods. So, James takes Emily to the nearest water-column, and after her thirst, Emily takes on more coal. However after the Fat Controller leaves, Gordon begins bragging to Emily that he can get the Express across the island and back before teatime, and he is quite sure that Emily won't be able to achieve that. Once again, impatience gets the better of Emily, and she sets off without taking on more water. Then, James arrives with the Fat Controller aboard his footplate; he scolds Emily for being far too impatient, especially with stranding Bertie's passengers at Maithwaite.

Thomas, having heard Gordon's boasting many times before, thinks that Emily may find it difficult too. When Emily arrives at Maithwaite, she is due to make a guaranteed connection with Bertie; but as he's running late due to a flat-tyre, she has to wait.
Determined to be on time, Emily speeds up, unknowingly giving her passengers an uncomfortable ride.
However, Emily's impatience gets the better of her, and even after counting to ten twice, she decides to leave, thinking that she won't be "as good as Gordon".

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