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Personally I would avoid anything that is NOT the higher end available from the manufacturers (Spectrum, Genesis, etc) If that Bachmann isn't a Spectrum, in my book it is trainset quality, and may or may not run acceptable.
Athearn has announced three products for April 2011 that are expected in hobby stores in November.
First is a 50 foot PS1 double door boxcar available in Conrail, Seaboard Air Line, Southern and Western Pacific schemes with three unique road numbers each. Next up is another run of Athearn’s ethanol tank car now available in GATX-Soy Power, Procor Green and TILX Global Ethanol road names in single number and three-pack variations (all with unique road numbers). Lastly are 28 foot double trailers and dolly’s available in Consolidated Freightways, Roadway, Roadway Express, YRC Worldwide and Owner Operator schemes. The only fear I have if in fact they are all metal is that the paint will chip off like it used to do with my matchbox vehicles when I was a Kid.
I don't think the detail level on the car could be as good as plastic tooled cars but for the gondola its acceptable maybe. Athearn will start ramping up production as tooling is updated and production cycles open up.

FYI, I updated my initial post on this thread as one person here thought that I worked for Athearn.
I didn't want to mislead anyone to think that I worked for them or could take requests for future products, etc. The Athearn Representative went into a song and dance about how difficult this would be to do and ra-ta-da-ta-dahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
These super detailed models were a runaway hit in the past and feature near-brass detail and Tsunami sound decoders.
Models will all feature machined wheelsets (new), McHenry knuckle spring couplers and etched metal roof walks. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
With Ajin on the way out, I suspect we may see less N scale for a bit while the Chinese factories take up the slack.
The new run should be available at your local dealer or hobby store in December with an MSRP of $479 for the Challenger and $499 for the Big Boy.

I have bought from Roundhouse parts from the Roundhouse that fit the older MDC 2-6-0s.Right now Bachmann does not have a Spectrum 2-6-0 that I know of.
From what I understand, some injection mold dies can be used for low temprature metal (zinc for instance) if they were made with steel.
I think the trobble would be to correctly (and consistantly) cast the metal lacing at the bottom. If I were Athearn, I would probably weld in the lacing and cast the basic tructure in Metal, then add seperate plastic parts.

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