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Model railroad information - steam locomotive, Crossing gate articles; the following articles were written for a local newsletter. Model railroader is the world's largest magazine on model trains and model railroad layouts.
Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Following the success of its National Railway Equipment (NRE) GenSet I, Atlas has added the NRE GenSet II to its HO scale Trainman Plus line.
At first glance, the Atlas Trainman Plus GenSet II may look a lot like the firm’s GenSet I we reviewed in the March 2011 Model Railroader, but there are substantial differences. If you are already a subscriber to Model Railroader Video Plus you must log into your account to view this video.

Sign up for the Model Railroader Video Plus newsletter to receive special offers from MRVP and its marketing partners. The ready-to-run locomotive features a newly tooled shell, thinner-profile handrails, and cab roof details. The locomotive, like the 3GS21B from 2006, was designed with the environment and fuel savings in mind. This ATLAS building supply company lumber yard trackside layout accessory has been previously enjoyed.
The last three (3) bottom photo(s) display, in detail, the entire lot of buildings and structures that were displayed on a layout. National Railway Equipment’s website notes the GenSet design has reduced emissions, noise, fuel consumption, and maintenance costs compared to traditional locomotives.

The chassis, trucks, fuel tank, and battery boxes appear to be the same as those used on the GenSet I. 1293 features a vertical nose-mounted headlight (the area on the cab where the headlight could go is plated over), ditch lights on top of the anticlimber on both ends, and blanked out horizontal windows on the back of the cab. In addition, the battery boxes (between the front truck and fuel tank on the model) are recessed too far.

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