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The Atlas GP40-2 is an excellent model of this locomotive, offering smooth operation, fine details, and detail options to match different prototypes. The GP40-2 was introduced by the General Motors Electro-Motive Division in April 1972 and production of a total of 861 units continued through December 1986.
Fewer GP40-2s were sold than either the earlier GP-40 or its dash-2 siblings, the GP38-2 and SD40-2. Our sample model came decorated as Atlanta and West Point number 733, a GP40-2 built in November 1974 as construction number 73681-1 with Phase 1 details including an 81” short hood and wire mesh radiator grilles. Atlas makes several alternate sets of detail parts for this model, and includes those appropriate for each decorated prototype offered.
The paint on our sample was smooth and evenly applied, and the white lettering was crisp and opaque. The Atlas GP40-2 is available in both the Master Series Silver decoder ready version with an NMRA 8-pin plug, or in the Master Series Gold version equipped with a dual-mode decoder and a QSI Quantum sound system. Message: Does that mean the hood kits will be coming as soon as these projects are done and orfers are receyved for these projects first? Message: Guys,We've already started design and a few components are being released early for the hoods. Message: Railflyer is a win win situaation for everyone,prototipical models surethey cost more than RTR models but they still cost less than the brass models will run better and look better,if they weren't HO Scale you would think they were the real thing. Message: Sounds like a winner to me Christopher,prrototypical Milwaukee Road and Roc Island SD40-2's and anything else tat the modeler wants. Message: quote:Originally posted by railflyermodelI really admire what you're trying to do with this venture, but could you give us a ballpark figure on what a complete locomotive (made entirely of your components) is going to cost?
Message: Guys,Changing the height of the frame to make up differences among some classes is not that hard to accomplish. Message: So how much would this cost me if I wanted to do a complete Milwaukee Road GP38-2 if I purchased everything I could from you? Message: I could be wrong, but my take on this is that the Railflyer products aren't intended to compete with RTR Kato, Atlas, etc. Message: Robb,What is your agenda here?For a guy who is prototypical based, you should be well aware that this project is what scale modelers have been waiting for.
Message: Good grief you guys, these are model trains, not missile plans we're guarding from the Russians.

Message: Taking no sides, but before anyone jumps on Chris regarding his contention there being no such thing as an I-beam - he is correct - technically.
I then used slate grey wash, and sprayed them about five or six washes of them in two hours. All other components for this project have been finalised and production of them has commenced or has been completed. Judging by what you have on your site I would guesstimate it to be well in excess of $300 per unit.
It seems that these will be well over $300, then you need a slew of Cannon parts to finish them off ?, and not to mention some motor & trucks so we can run them.And that's for KITS. Most others are still around $100.Who pays retail anyway?Tower55 is $300 for a completed, painted, sound & DCC. I also build models for myself, sure time & money are considered, but not as critical as the situation where my customers, who are also excited, are going to want some of these.
All this is going to make Railflyer Model Prototypes a stronger company especiallyonce the smaple units are bilt and you post them on line. If any images that appear on the website are in violation of copyright law and do not agree with it being shown here, please contact us and We will remove the offending information as soon as possible. Keep up the good work Chris and look forward to the pre-production pictures of these units.Hope the decal manufacturers getall the decals available for these units.
Until we see final numbers for these Railflyers, there is NO comparison to ANY locos on the market now.Besides, parts are not the expense, LABOR is!Even if you spend a couple hours per night "dabbling" with these things, you still want a reasonable project at a reasonable price. The first phase GP50 frame is not the same as prior -2 frames, or even -2s built concurrently. In designing steel structures, the "official" technical AISC designation for the four major classes of rolled I-shaped sections, are "W", "HP", "S", and "M" beams. This year the layout is still a circle, next year I'll expand it to a dogbone or figure 8 with spurs. No firm date but it will likely be early next month.We have commenced injection mold tooling on the following projects as of today. As soon as Intermountain, Genesis and now Athearn RTR with separate grabs & details,and see through roofwalks, made those old things look bad.
Steve Church Milwaukee Road and Rock Island Iowa Division Best of luck Christopher keep up the good work your parts and bundle kits look great.

Companion rolled sections that represent half (vertically) of such a beam SHAPE are channel sections, with a "C" or MC designation. I know I did overkill on the wiring, but I wanted to make sure my track had consistent power. It took searching out Youtube to find out you have to FLOOD scenic cement (I used watered down Elmer's Glue) to make it work. I have many guys who purged ALL their older Athearn cars in favor of the newer fine scale models.I have no problem with Railflyer developing their own drive system, as long as it's compatible with the other mainstays of this hobby. Ric Hamilton and others have played a huge part in supporting and supplying the research data for these projects. When viewed from the side the open area of the step well and frame would all measure out at the correct increased height.
We use very few rolled I-section beams in shipbuilding - virtually none in fact, and where they are used, they are largely used for stanchions, or what you'd likely refer to as a vertical "post". Our photo-etch kits that are also long overdue such as the snow-shields are just around the corner. I will not coment on that, other than your suggestion an inferior FDM process shows a lack of understanding. This will enable both cut and raised detail on either side of part to ensure a great replica.The web-site is up again though it's an interim rush job. Us custom guys will want to build dozens, hundreds in my case, as long as they make us a buck and don't make us nuts with overly complicated assembly or break when you breath on them.It's all about balance. Not all available in-stock or new products are up yet.We expect to concentrate our development on our drive system and trucks in November as our next release in the modular locomotive system. Getting you to admit your involvement does not affect a project that has been announced and already in progress by that company.

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