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It would appear that the growing demand for white cars continues, great news if you are the proud owner of a white car hoping to sell it. Having almost fallen off the radar a decade ago, sales of white cars have bounced back with a vengeance in recent years, with figures released last summer showing an eight-fold increase.
Now, Britain’s largest car dealership, Pendragon, reports white cars as being one of the top five colours for new buyers. It has often been said that the colour white symbolises many positive aspects of human culture, in particular purity and cleanliness, but some consumer experts believe the reasons for the ‘white car revival’ are more tangible and rather less romantic, with cost being a crucial factor. Because white cars tend not to be metallic or pearlescent, they are invariably between ?300 and ?1000 cheaper than their flashier counterparts, while it is widely-claimed that white cars can lead to lower fuel bills because it reflects sunlight, thus cutting the need to switch on air conditioning.
With white cars again likely to be ubiquitous at the summer’s big motor shows, the renaissance should continue for the foreseeable future but one sector who have yet to be convinced is the police. The body kit parts for the Audi R8 are from the PPI Razor line, featuring new front and rear air vents, a front air dam, side skirts, and a rear diffuser all made of carbon fiber. Audiaudi r8audi r8 tuningaudi r8 valkyrieaudi r8 valkyrie tuningaudi tuningsr auto carssr auto tuningMore cars you will like.. Finally, the revolutionary changes around 2017 Audi A9 is possible to come to make it as the most luxurious sedan from Audi.
For you who need something more that what Mercedes-Benz S-Class could offer but you cannot afford the Rolls Royce, we recommend you to wait 2017 A9. With the arrival of 2017 Audi A9, it means that the company will go forward to have the same class as BMW and Mercedes. Audi prepares some cars that will be redesigned in future and among those cars, you can find out the name of 2017 Audi RS5 on their list.

Since it is planned to come out with sporty look, 2018 Audi A6 will be featured with the sporty yet sharp headlights. For automotive lovers, perhaps they would not be surprised by the latest rumors for the upcoming 2016 Audi RS4 that could be sometime in 2015 or 2016. As one of the best selling sedans in its class, the 2018 BMW 3 Series will get improved comfort in its department.
Don’t teach Audi to make luxurious car with spacious design and great engine execution in satisfying fuel efficiency since they know how to make it.
Get a perfect appearance and effective engine performance through the new 2017 Mitsubishi 3000GT that will come out soon for its fans. Modern market needs modern cars and the automotive industry seems going to go in a tight competition with some new cars that got a new development.
2015 Pontiac G8 is recently one of the hot topics especially for automotive fans and sites. Volkswagen has produced 2017 VW Jetta since 1979 to cover the competition among sedan segment. It has also been said that white cars tend to hide dust and scratches better than dark metallic versions. The introduction of sleek, pristine, white iPods and iPads has been credited for causing a major shift towards all things white, with cars being no exception. They continue to try out different colours for their patrol cars because of poor resale prices on white models! The tuners started off with wrapping the car with matte black car wrap, then added a series of carbon fiber aero parts from PPI.
The exterior styling was finished with a set of H&R lowering springs to improve the handling.

From Katie Price or Amy Childs in their white Range Rover’s to Paris Hilton in her ?300,00 white Lexus LF-A supercar, celebrity mags and and reality TV shows are giving the impression that, certainly among the ‘idle rich’, white cars are a ‘must-have’ fashion accessory of the moment. After the body work was completed, they smoked out the front, side, and rear tail lamps for added stealth appeal. For the interior of the Audi, SR Auto hooked up the cockpit with a mix of black leather, alcantara, and red stitching for the seams. It wouldn’t be complete without a black set of wheels, so a new set of 20-inch Advance One ADV alloy rims wrapped in high performance tires round out the Audi R8 package.
Carbon fiber trim was also installed all around the inside to complement the custom fabric work. These ADV1 wheels are finished with a matte black face and a gloss black lip for a stunning look.
We only wonder whether the company will make this new model will be more expensive than $160,000 or not. The Sport version of this sedan will be presented with petrol twin-turbo engine V8 to produce 600 horsepower.
What makes the car will be launched by the company is because the bigger demands of luxury sedans.

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