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In my short time driving (3 years) I have driven a Fiat 500, Renault Clio, Smart fortwo, Mercedes C220, BMW 3 Series and an Insignia.
I got a regular Zetec S as a hire car about a year before I had this and fell in love with it. The engine is good (diesel 1.6) but it is let down by build quality and after service work.
Bought it from Polar Ford in Warrington and at the first service I was so p'd off with the technicians at the customer desk I decided there and then never to deal with that company ever again.
Fuel cap - went out of alignment in the first 12 months and the Ford recommended solution is to cut a piece of plastic off of the cover mechanism..
Rear view mirror - got a camera in mine which works great, but the mirror itself developed a strange refraction line across the width and basically was told it isn't covered by warranty - in fact, all my problems have never been covered by warranty which seems to be the de facto response from Polar Ford. Bonnet - the right side of the bonnet has gradually fell down so it now rubs on the wing bodywork, but there is no way of adjusting the alignment that I can see. Speed - no way on Gods earth is the speedo ever going to register the actual speed of the vehicle.
Reverse gear - slips out of reverse gear with regular occurrence no matter how hard and positive you think the gear change was.
Battery - after 29k miles the battery decided to do a Dodo impression and refused to even engage the starter.
Suspension - makes for lively driving in the wet with totally imbalanced proportions front and rear. Suspension is not set up correctly and I would recommend taking it to a suspension specialist to get it sorted before it spits you off at the next wet roundabout. Excluding the servicing (which is a total rip off) the fuel costs are better than say a Jeep Cherokee. Ordered a 2014 reg Ford Fiesta Titanium X with 1.0 Ecoboost that has 125bhp in 3 door black and delivery took 7 weeks. Bought this car new with only 20 miles on clock in September 2015, although it was registered by dealer in March 2015. Call (830) 629-4843 for more information on this or any of our classic 1950’s inventory. Subscribe to Motor Sport Magazine's Alfa Romeo newsletter to get the latest cars right to your inbox. Click Submit and then check your email inbox for our activation email; please follow the instructions in the email to confirm. Here at Silverstone Auctions we are huge fans of the Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV and it is with some excitement that we offer one of the rarest model variants of this fantastic little coupe, a right-hand drive automatic.
On its launch in 1972, the 2000 GT Veloce retained its predecessor's (the 1750 GTV) coachwork but with minor detail styling changes, and came with improved performance courtesy of its torquey, 132bhp engine.
The throaty and torquey 132bhp original engine we are informed by the vendor, is mechanically perfect and the automatic gearbox works smoothly.
Freshly serviced and supplied with an MoT, this unique GTV offers the enthusiast an effortless Alfa Romeo driving experience with all of the benefits and none of the drawbacks. Be kept up to date by Nigel Roebuck, Mark Hughes and Damien Smith as well as updates on the new archive.You can also gain access to exclusive web content on the Motor Sport website.

The Toyota Vitz is a line of three- and five-door hatchback subcompact cars produced since 1998 by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota. This mini vehicle Vitz 2013 by Toyota is luxury ride in comparison to the other mini cars of the same budget.
Pls can you tell me new vitz 2012-13 1000 CC price in Pakistan and color range availability. Subscribe to Motor Sport Magazine's Jaguar newsletter to get the latest cars right to your inbox.
Presented arguably in the best colour combination of Metallic Blue with gorgeous Cream leather interior, this particular 1988 XJS V12 Convertible automatic was first registered on the 1st of June 1988.
Described by the vendor as in superb original condition, with everything working as it should be, this car must be of serious consideration. The vendor informs us that on the twist of the ignition key the 5.3-litre V12 fires instantly. If the Eighties styling of the XJS Convertible ticks your box and you want a classic that combines a stylish driving experience with the ability to deliver you to your destination unflustered, this car maybe the one for you.
When I came to buy it, the added little touches of the Red Edition had me sold to pay the little extra, plus when I come to hand it back for a new one it will be worth a little more. I can drive economically and struggle to get over 50mpg (average journey) without coasting for half of it. Be prepared to be overtaken on the motorway by every other vehicle if you think you are doing 70.
I have myself narrowed this down to 2 fuses in the main box - firstly the hazard warnings fuse (15A) and secondly the security system fuse (30A?) which incidentally seems to control just about everything else in the car too as well as the security.
I know how to drive a car economically and have successfully managed to do that with all the other cars I have owned. We are told that only eight examples were produced in right-hand drive with automatic transmission and quite possibly there may be only two left in existence. The bodywork in Farina Red shows no sign of the scourge of Alfas, the dreaded tin worm, and the interior is in a good unrestored condition.
In fact, the vendor who has driven it in central London, and is no stranger to exotic cars, informs us that it was a greater pleasure driving this Alfa than many Italian supercars and at a tenth of the price. Now individuals who just have to go to their offices and on picnic with their small families, love to own a small vehicle just like Toyota Vitz.
As concerned to the external beauty of Toyota Vitz, the front head lights look as beautiful eyes and overall exterior body is aggressively designed. The original toolkit is present, as are the original handbooks and service books showing eight service stamps to 23,375 miles.
It's absolutely perfect for city driving where getting those little advantages from the lights make the difference between on time and late. If you don't bodge it be prepared to take your time at the filling station pushing and pulling at the cap until it pops open. This showroom condition example offers the highly unusual distinction of being in original right-hand drive with the ZF automatic transmission working faultlessly. The black Alfatex upholstery shows a light patina consummate with it being just shy of its fortieth birthday.

We are told the car drives silky smooth with excellent oil pressure, the bodywork and wheels look unmarked and the original registration plates are present as are the original rear window decor from the original supplying dealer, Doves Jaguar of Croydon. Acceleration is described as brisk, with a wave of torque available to thrust the car forward and the automatic gearbox described as a pleasure to experience.
The black wheels are fantastic and the red interior lighting that nobody needs, but you will after you have it. The gearbox is nigh on perfect, mine feels a touch stiff going into reverse but that is the only fault with the performance I feel. The comprehensive history file includes the original bill of sale and a valuation letter from the Alfa Romeo Owners Club from 2005 states "TJT 347R is one of the finest examples of Alfa Romeo Giulia 2000 GT Veloce in this country.
Imported to the UK and first registered on the 1st December 2001, the car has been maintained without thought of expense and shows its age beautifully. The previous exterior body was a cute and jellybean which is now replaced with a bigger one having sporty grill.
In a country where the best selling car is a Fiesta if you want to be individual and get a great car this is the way to go, I've literally seen 2 since I have owned it but a lot more black edition versions.
Impressed with the over boost feature which kicks in if I put my foot down the revs are over 3000 rpm so useful for overtaking and getting out of trouble. I wouldn't have chosen the Fiesta if I had known what the real mileage per gallon was going to be!!!
This car has the extremely rare automatic gearbox option, the only known example to the 105 Giulia Register in the UK. Best thing is my insurance has reduced dramatically and I won't need to pay for tax ever on this vehicle.
Also, since buying it only 5 months ago the cruise control (which has only been used about 3-4 times!) has totally packed in! It made for a very fine open top grand touring car, exceeding the specification of home grown machinery and being much cheaper than the equivalent and high profile Mercedes SL.
Would definitely recommend the Titanium X as the heated seats are a dream as well as the sat-nav which is excellent. Also to note, as my car was delivered at the end of March 2014, Ford have made some slight changes to the a few models of the Fiestas, i.e.
Managed to get ?1,500 discount from M53 Ford Ellesmere Port and would highly recommend them. I'm also looking to get a detachable tow bar fitted and trying to find places that will do it without cutting the rear bottom bumper to tow a jet ski. Very glad I went for a Fiesta rather than a BMW 1 series which I considered at one point as personally I think they are very good cars.
However the Fiesta exceeds my needs and expectations for much less money meaning I have more money to enjoy life.

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